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Toshihide Hisamura, whom I introduced as a psychic in the preceding chapter, gives concrete form to Inomata's theory. His performance is, one might say, the tangible expression of Inomata's theory. Hisamura has highly developed psychic abilities. He has at his disposal extraordinary paranormal abilities and he demonstrates his powers easily and without exhaustion. As I mentioned before, he can make objects float, bend spoons by throwing them into the air, change a spoon into a fork merely by holding it in his hand, use psychographics, ESP, and many other psychic phenomena. Most people are so astonished that they cannot believe their own eyes. Furthermore, he can repeat his performance as many times as he is requested. Psychic people usually limit the number of their performances, for fear that they will not always achieve the same results. They are often exhausted after a performance. Hisamura's "real job," however, is operating a small coffee shop, where he performs for about an hour, two or three times, after all his customers have finished eating. He does not stand on ceremony or demand authority as a result of his psychic power. He does not charge for people to see his performances. The only requirement he makes is that customers order something from the menu, like a soft drink or a plate of rice curry. He makes a living on the income from this small coffee shop, where he works very hard all day preparing the food he will serve that night. You might wonder why Mr. Hisamura does his psychic performances this way, after cooking all day in his shop. He could probably become well known and wealthy if he were to publicize his ability. I have heard some people remark, while watching his performances, that they would try to make a fortune in the lottery or at the racetrack, or perhaps control other people's minds, if they had Hisamura's psychic power. But I know that Hisamura simply does not want to use his abilities to avoid any of the demands or rigors of ordinary life.

I think Hisamura's performance sends us a silent message. When I observed him closely, I could sense his energy of consciousness as vibration, and the barricade of my own subconscious began to diminish gradually. Every time I have met him, I have been impressed over again with the mind's endless, untapped potential.

You may also have heard of Saibaba, from India. He materializes jewels, watches, etc. from empty space. People who have met him say that he has all kinds of psychic power. In Japan, there are several people I know personally, who can materialize things from space. Unlike Saibaba, they are quite ordinary people, and are willing to demonstrate their psychic performance for me. Seeing them always makes me feel as if human beings are actually meant to have limitless abilities.

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