Non Thinking and Consciousness

Now we are standing at the entry to Emptiness. I am calling step 5 "the samadhi of non-thinking." If you can visualize finger-counting for ten rounds, step 5 will be easy. After practicing step 4 in the three-dimensional television of the brain, all you have to do is abruptly switch the "television screen" off. This may be easier if you inhale once deeply and then exhale very deeply (in the Raku-raku breathing method described in Chapter III), with your shoulders relaxed and buttocks slightly tightened. In this stage, although the brain is functioning coherently, you should not be thinking of anything. You may feel as if the inside of your brain is blank. Descriptions of this stage differ from one person to the next. After you complete this stage, perform step 4 again and you should be able to enter deeper samadhi (Figure 23-3), but this time you are conscious. Then, turn off the "television" again for even deeper samadhi of non-thinking. Step 7 is to repeat samadhi under conditions of consciousness and non-thinking.

If you visualize something—a goal for instance—clearly while in the samadhi of non-thinking, the object that you visualize will become reality. If you enter ever-deeper samadhi of non-thinking, you will be in the world of Emptiness.

Enter the samadhi stage and experience Emptiness, turning the imaginary television set on and off.

This method is unique. You won't find it anywhere else, even in Xian-Dao, the martial arts, the medical arts, or Yoga. It is a technique for making the brain fully functional and coherent. Nowadays, various methods of meditation and training in visualization are popular, but none is more effective or powerful than the method which Kukai devised more than a thousand years ago. The more you learn this technique, the more you will realize how excellent it is. It is no exaggeration to say that the physical exercises of qigong exist in order to build the foundation that brings the Grace of the Three Mysteries into effect. As long as we human beings have a brain and a physical body, I can

Enter the samadhi stage and experience Emptiness, turning the imaginary television set on and off.

Qigong Pain Free

Visualization materializes.

Figure 23-3

Samadhi of thinking and non-thinking.

assure you that there will be no other method that can rival training in the Grace of the Three Mysteries, in terms of the higher level of consciousness which it makes possible. Someday someone may invent a method that is superior to Kukai's technique, but the only margin for such improvement that I can imagine is if the human sense of eyesight, sense of hearing, and sensation could all be developed and magnified by means of, for instance, computerization.

Actually various technologies that stimulate the brain by directing light or sound to it, including the "brain machine" and virtual reality, are available today. Yet none of these rivals Kukai's techniques. Even now, more more than a thousand years after Kukai lived, no system has been developed that would equal the effectiveness of the basic concept of the Three Mysteries and the grace with which we visualize a supreme target.

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