Part Three The Ultimate Reality

XX — Transpersonal Psychology

The Freedom Principle and Independence from Authority 124

Transpersonal Psychology 125

The Spectrum of Consciousness Within Qigong 125

Lao-Tzu and Ken Wilber 126

The Ocean of Unity Consciousness 127

XXI — The Evolution of Consciousness 130

Past Life Therapy 130 Wisdom of the Ancients 132 Death the Road to Rebirth 135

XXII — The Three Mysteries 137

Develop Your Own Paranormal Abilities 137

The Three Mysteries as Qi Training 138

Kukai's Experience 140

Mystic Verse: The Mantra 141

OM Qigong 141

Experience It Yourself 142

The Whole Body as Chakra 143

The Heart Sutra of Kukai 145

The Technique for Reaching Emptiness 147

The Last Step 148

XXIII — Samadhi to Emptiness 150

The Finger-Counting Method 150 Non-Thinking and Consciousness 153

XXIV — The Gate to the Light

Lao-Tzu and Nothingness 156 Nothingness and Physics 159 The Ultimate Truth 160

References Cited 163

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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