Positive and Negative Qi and Breathing

If at some time you are unable to do hand-dowsing because an object cannot be touched, try the following steps.

Make qi balls between your fingers and on the Lao-Gong acupuncture point.

Ball Chi Gong
Bring all the balls together to form a single qi ball.

Figure 8-1

Make a qi ball with one hand.

Figure 8-2 Effects of positive and negative qi.

Muscle strength

Muscle flexibility




Blood flow




Positive qi





Is easier


Is enhanced

fs milder


Negative qi





Is more difficult



Is rather unpleasant

Stop growing

1. Relax and breathe normally several times, paying particular attention to your inhalation.

2. Become aware of the third eye, or Ying-Tang. Look at the object that you want to check, and imagine that you are inhaling its qi.

3. If you feel that you are able to inhale deeply, down to the bottom of your stomach, you should consider the object's qi to be positive. On the contrary, if you feel that you are unable to inhale deeply, as if you were being choked, the object's qi is negative for you.

Practice this method step by step, using paintings, pictures, people, and places, as you like. Soon you will begin to enjoy some success. For instance, when you are at a sushi bar, you can choose pieces of fresh fish that have the highest amounts of qi energy, by using this breathing method. This is a good way to remind yourself of its effectiveness. I enjoy doing this with my qi friends. Interestingly, everybody chooses the same kind of fish most of the time. (The only drawback is the bill—you are likely to choose the freshest pieces, and these can be pricey!)

Checking a person's qi is not so easy because a person's emotional state and overall condition fluctuate constantly, and their feelings toward you also matter. If we think of the old saying "like attracts like" for a moment as a qi phenomenon, people whose vibrations fit well together can "breathe" together naturally, and such people tend to gravitate unconsciously toward one another. It's also true that something that has positive energy for you may have negative energy for someone else.

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