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Shuji Inomata, M.D., chief researcher of the Electric Technical Research Institute and president of the Japan Consciousness Engineering Organization, reports on qi from the viewpoint of New Age Science. He maintains that qi spirals clockwise. His basic proposition is: Consciousness/mind and mass/matter do not reciprocate directly. But when consciousness controls the current of physical time, positive and negative Shadow Energy flow in. There are two kinds of Shadow Energy: yin and yang. These are called qi, or prana, in Oriental philosophy. "We have recently begun to consider possible practical uses of such energy. This suggests that the Oriental world view of the unity of consciousness and body is being put to practical use, despite the viewpoint taken by much of Western medicine that maintains that mind and body function independently. As the Heart Sutra notes, "Form is no other than emptiness, emptiness is no other than form" (for more on the Heart Sutra, see also page 145).

Therefore, the space around us, sometimes referred to as a "vacuum," is not empty space, despite widespread belief to the contrary. It is full of positive and negative Shadow Energy, or "consciousness," from which we can obtain unlimited energy. In Figure 12-3, Inomata shows the equation of consciousness, mass, and energy. Consciousness, shown here as Q, has been the focus of the traditions of religion and psychology alike. He explains that Q is pan-psychic consciousness— i.e., even a little rock on a country road has it. This is still more fundamental than the subconscious of Sigmund Freud or the collective unconscious of Carl Jung. However, my opinion is that it includes Jung's concepts of the collective unconscious and synchronicity. Qigong is a technique for controlling the mind and for allowing phenomena of energy to occur by using sensations of qi. For this purpose, needless to say, the Microcosmic Orbit method—which is an exercise intended to improve the physical health—is not enough. It is also absolutely necessary to master the Macrocosmic Orbit method.


C: Speed of light G: Gravitational constant Q: Shadow electric charge

(consciousness) M: Gravity mass and inertial mass E: Energy

Figure 12-3 Relationship among consciousness, mass, and energy.

Inomata states, "Scholars of Far Eastern studies insist that space is full of qi, or prana. Their theory can be called literature or philosophy, but that does not make it science." He explains complex electromagnetic theory in his book Nyu saiensu no paradaimu (New Age science paradigm). If I rephrase his views in my own words I would say that "Qigong practitioners insist that space is full of qi, or prana. Their theory can be called literature or philosophy, but that does not make it a real qigong method."

We are on the verge of a new era. I look forward to the day when people whose consciousness is remarkably advanced will be able to sense qi and heal one another, and when qi is generally accepted as a part of reality and as an instrument of greater awareness.

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