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You may have seen performances by people on television demonstrating their ability to bend spoons with the power of the mind alone, or you may have read about it. Why not try it yourself? But be aware that you will need stronger powers of visualization to bend a spoon than you needed to change the taste of food.

Using the Microcosmic Orbit method, gather qi energy at an acupuncture point: Shan-Zhong, Jiu-Wei, or Qi-Hai. Alternatively, you can use the Macrocosmic Orbit method, if you have mastered it. Choose whichever of these acupuncture points you prefer. Then, change the qi energy into a sensation of heat. (Note: If you wish to gather qi using the Macrocosmic Orbit method, your lower body should be the point at which you gather the qi.)

Next, visualize this heat "mass" passing through your arms and on to the neck of the spoon. After repeating this step several times, you will feel heat and some softness gather in the neck of the spoon. Next, concentrate qi energy into the acupuncture point Yin-Tang (in the middle of your forehead) and look at the spoon from the side, vividly visualizing it as being completely bent. Keep in mind an image of a beam of light streaming from your Yin-Tang, that will bend the spoon. Giving a "command" to the spoon may also help. When you are able to picture the spoon completely bent, pull it lightly with one finger. The spoon will bend like chewing gum, provided that you have vividly pictured this result. There is nothing supernatural about bending a spoon with external qi. For that reason, the spoon will not bend by itself, as far as I know, and you will need to pull on it slightly in order to bend it.

Maybe you have heard of people being able to carry extremely heavy objects out of the house during an emergency such as a fire. Bending a spoon is somewhat similar. It is done by activating a hidden power of which you aren't usually aware. In itself, bending a spoon with the power of the mind may sound meaningless, but the point here is simply to have an opportunity to know your hidden power.

To build your confidence, try using a thinner spoon at first. After you succeed with thinner ones, work with spoons that are too thick to bend by force alone.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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