The A Nerve and Ecstasy

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The A-10 nerve is sometimes called the "hedonic nerve" because of its connection with pleasure. Since this nerve extends from the hypothalamus to the frontal association area of the neocortex, it controls sensations of pleasure of every kind, ranging from pleasure in eating or sexual activity to creativity and even complete enlightenment. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter for the A-10 nerve. Futhermore, the A-10 nerve lacks any autoreceptor, which would normally act as a "braking system," controlling negative feedback in and around the frontal association area of the neocortex. Oki writes, "Dopamine acts in the association area of the frontal lobe differently than it does in other parts of the brain. Experimental results surprised me. Here is my hypothesis on creativity: Sufficient secretion of dopamine frees a human being to practice trial and error, and allows the creativity full play. If my hypothesis holds true, the theory that excess secretion of dopamine causes mental disease and schizothymia could be correct, and the old saying, 'No great genius was ever without an element of madness' can be seen to have a neurophysical component."

Oki states that the A-10 nerve controls the sensations of pleasure—which are a basic, guiding principle for humans—encompassing sexual desire and the appetite for food as well as the desire for enlightenment.

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