The Future of the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power Test

In the future, when our society recognizes the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test, we may see a paradigm shift. At that point, people might very well begin to assess the value of health food, medicine, or even ordinary foods on the basis of qi energy. Exaggerated claims in advertising will no longer be acceptable. Pesticidal traces or additives in food will be easy to spot. Experts in this test who also have medical training will be able to perform cancer screenings and to help detect cancer in its early stages. It is imperative that we continue to conduct rigorous research into this test.

When a tester performs this test, most patients who have never experienced the test before have some doubt that his or her strength is actually being controlled simply by the tester's pulling on the fingers. But after trying the test several times, patients usually notice a change in their own strength. Yet there are always some who remain unconvinced. If we had a machine we could use to measure the strength of our fingers ourselves, we might be more readily convinced. Someday someone will invent such a machine.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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