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It is not easy to measure the qi of a location. You may wonder how it is even possible to verify that a location has been successfully purified. The qi consensus method is useful for this purpose. In this method, more than one person must judge a certain qi phenomenon independently, without discussing it previously. The judges are required to have a certain ability to recognize qi. No one person's judgment should be valued more highly than another's. This is the qi consensus method.

Interestingly enough, when I try this method with my qi friends, the rate of our agreement on basic recognition is extremely high. Furthermore, we notice things that we had not noticed before. Thus, we are able to draw conclusions that are reasonable. People who are not convinced by the qi consensus method have a tendency to lose themselves by following authority figures. These people insist that neither the invisible world nor any phenomena that have not yet been scientifically verified even exists, but as soon as they encounter some incomprehensible phenomena or unfortunate turns of event, they change their attitude totally and follow someone who seems at home in the invisible world.

The qi consensus method makes you maintain your unhampered reasoning, and at the same time it helps you to progress in your ability to recognize the invisible world. For this reason, it is important to have friends who practice qi with you. Friends with advanced qi ability can give you advice. This is important, because you will need to talk openly about qi with someone when you enter the qi world. It is also important to know an advanced practitioner who can advise you, especially when you cannot achieve consensus with others at your qi level. You also should know what kind of person would be an ideal adviser for you. The following are points to bear in mind when judging whether someone would make a good teacher:

1. He or she should neither make a show of authority, nor demand too much formality. Remember too that a license or certificate doesn't mean much.

2. Better teachers have less need to emphasize secrets or special talents. If an advisor requires trainees to have secrets or special talents, this suggests that he or she is not capable of bringing qigong techniques taught into general usage and thus of making them useful to society.

3. An advisor must be someone whose life would be exemplary even if the qi component were not taken into consideration. If one depends only on qi ability, it is hard to live a useful life in the real world.

4. An advisor must be aware that qigong is not just a Chinese technique. An advisor should study various spiritual traditions from all over the world, including Shintoism and esoteric Buddhism; these traditions have a great deal to offer qi practice.

Distinguishing good and bad qi is not difficult: Inhale, visualizing that you are absorbing positive qi energy from certain things, people, places which release good qi. Try this with negative qi too. How do you feel? Does it not seem that you are able to inhale more energy with the positive qi?

This is one way to learn whether the qi energy of certain things or people is good or bad for you.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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