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The Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test can also be performed alone. I discovered this possibility quite by accident. One day, a tester was about to perform the test on me, and I noticed a change in the strength of my fingers even before he touched my hands.

When you master the following Self Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test, you can ascertain whether an object has positive or negative qi energy.

1. Form a ring with the thumb and the index finger of your right hand, and apply strength to it. Feel the pressure of your fingers and of the muscles of your arm.

2. With your left hand, touch the object that you want to check, imagining that you are inhailing qi from it. You can check any object this way, such as food, drink, medicine, etc.

3. If the object's qi is positive for you, you will be able to maintain the strength in the ring and in your arm. If it is negative, the strength will leave both the ring and your arm. For instance, try it with a cigarette in your left hand, to experience the decreased strength of the ring.

However, you need to be sensitive enough to feel subtle changes in your muscles, and you need to have a positive attitude. You must also have a desire to master the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test. If you assume that it cannot work, then unfortunately the test will not. Before you try the test by yourself, increase your confidence by doing the standard Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test with someone else.

Enjoy the test with your friends. Learning from someone else is usually the fastest way to learn. Once you master this test, you will be sure of the reality and the nature of qi. Try this test whenever and wherever you are. It will help increase your sensitivity to qi. You can use it with foods to learn with certainly what you should and shouldn't eat. Checking a cigarette with the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test is likely to make you want to quit. Checking medicines, however, is not always reliable, since some medicines have the intended effect only on certain internal organs or infected areas, and could do harm if applied to the entire body.

Take the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power test for fun and exchange opinions with your qi friends. If there is consensus among you, it can be said that you understand qi quite well. (For further information, see also Chapter XVIII, the section on "The Qi Consensus Method.")

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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