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The AMI machine is capable of measuring meridians electrically. I invented this machine to prove that external qi is not diminished by being released. Yet I still also hoped to find a master who would say that our external qi is not diminished when we release qi. Meanwhile I continued my own training and research, in an effort to improve my own external qi ability.

In autumn 1989 I was in Peking to attend the first international Qigong Science Council. My presentation was titled "The Different Qi Flow in Men and Women." My theme caught people's attention, and the paper was published in the magazine "Zhong-Hua [Chinese] Qigong."

An encounter with the unparalleled master Zhao Guang was the most memorable incident in my own development. Our Japanese group visited the qigong department of Xi-Yuan Hospital. I was communicating with Master Zhao Guang by writing down Chinese characters which we Japanese were unable to pronounce in Chinese, but the meaning of which we understood, since these same characters are used in our language. I asked him what he thought of the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit methods. He glanced at me with a smile, then wrote down that he did not practice these methods. I was very confused. He seemed completely unconcerned about the Macrocosmic Orbit! Next I asked him to sense my qi. I gripped his hand and used my full power to send him external qi through the Macrocosmic Orbit method. He smiled and again wrote something down. The note said, "I don't feel anything."

Isn't this the man they call the "master of masters"? It was so strange, I thought. I finally remembered to turn on the "qi computer" in my brain to try to sense the extent of his qi power. What I "saw" was, to my surprise, an unbelievable flow of qi through him. Qi was blowing up from the top of his head, forming an inverse triangle and at the same time it was also flowing into him. In addition, a tremendous amount of qi was flowing in and out through the acupuncture point Xian-Gu, in the shape of a pyramid. Even though I sent him qi, it went straight through him, as if his body was transparent. When I tried to receive qi from him, it rushed toward me like a huge wave. The whole time I was trying all these things, he just stood there smiling as if nothing was happening. When I closed my eyes, his very molecules seemed to have dissipated through the air; it seemed as if he was not there. Even when he was standing there in a quite ordinary way, he was releasing strong and wonderful qi that appeared limitless.

Suddenly the meaning of his words flashed into my mind, and I intuited that what he meant was: You seem to know what the Macrocosmic Orbit is, but you still have a long way to go, because you rely on your power. You must understand that there is a stage in which one himself becomes the Macrocosmic Orbit. His phrase, "I don't feel anything," meant that my external qi simply went straight through him, because he was completely united with space. Master Zhao Guang was a true master. When we told him that he was like Lao-Zi, he smiled again, defecting our praise. Then, he raised his hand, crooked the little finger, and said, "Maybe just a little."

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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    How does running energy thru meridians macrcomic in and out of brain cause spiritual mutation?
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