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Relaxation activity

Relaxation is a conscious mental activity largely discussed in internal disciplines however I would like to inform you that the concept of relaxation in Dachengquan is completely different from those you may expect in any other discipline. Concrete relaxation process is initiated from the conscious monitoring of some parts of the body, following and examining by yourself the physical exertion produced by each fiber of these muscles. Progressively through this conscious command of contraction relaxation of resting muscles, you will improve and refine their responsiveness, contractive ability and of course their relaxation ability. Once your muscles are more familiar to their deeper relaxation state, in return your brain functions will also improve and understand from their side a deeper relaxation state. time, you will gain in endurance and general power. After shortening its relaxation cycle, it has more time to relax and regenerate itself. This will improve the energy consumption...

Shank contractionrelaxation method

Shank contraction relaxation method is strengthening shank and foot muscles, improving considerably their responsiveness, elasticity and power best basic training method this is the very fundamental brick with which you will start to set up the Second kinetics of physical exercise in your body. Any posture of Healing post and Combat post can by coordinated with Shank contraction and relaxation method to training. Let's take an example Healing post (same as Figure 3-21). Chest slightly withdrawn and hands expanding embracing, hold your posture without moving. Now use your mind to control and order consciously muscles of front and back shank to contract just once and after relax, after resting, contract again once with power and relax again. You can after repeat alternate between contraction and relaxation. Let's go deeper in Shank contraction relaxation method a) Single shank contraction and relaxation method Single shank contraction and relaxation method requests you to use your mind...

Pure contractionrelaxation PCR activity

Song is the Chinese character referring to muscle relaxation, Jin is the one for muscle contraction. Song Jin happen when we are consciously ordering resting muscles to execute their contraction relaxation cycles this is in fact the training of higher mental functions in relation with the Central Nerve system that what Second Kinetics of P.E. is about. Second Kinetics of P.E. is the only way tested and validated over thousand of years from Ancient China to train and reinforce the higher mental functions. This training should progressively lead you to a fully refreshed, bright and concentrated mind. Contraction relaxation activity is a primary form of mental mind activity in ZZ. From the situation where all joints are maintaining their bending angle, you are in the best way to train more systematically each group of muscles. Later once you've built a solid basis, you can start pull tightly tendon activity, pulling and hanging activity, which are, although also other kinds of...

Consciousness and Relaxation

Chi Kung serves to create a state of relaxation which enables the practitioner to return to their natural state . Then the deeper layers of the brain can be opened up and the creative powers of the unconsciousness mind, where all originality and creativity lie hidden, become available. Relaxation is not static. Rather, it is an expression of the dynamic balance which comes about when one is aligned with the force of gravity. We experience the pulls of the opposite forces within oneself the force which pulls up and the force which pulls down and the forces from the different directions of the Universe that are electrical and magnetic fields. Chi Kung is the art of being and entering in balance though the process of mutual adjustment of body, mind and breathing. Our posture is an expression of this balance and so internal pressure and power are generated.

More about the contractionrelaxation activity

Studying Zhang zhuang is the first step in acquiring a whole body bursting power, you should first understand separately each important part of the body involved in the whole process. In the beginning you should just focus on contraction relaxation of some parts of the body, this will help you to understand contraction relaxation process locally and gradually you will understand how to reach a whole body contraction relaxation. Reaching a whole body interconnected requires you to work out separately and in finesse each part of this entity. The general idea in Dachengquan training is to build up an powerful and unified body mind entity as you would do for high buildings, starting bottom up, from lower limbs and gradually upper levels. When you are starting a higher level exercise you will experiment new sensations in the exercise itself, the nature of this exercise having evolved as well the principle to be applied. Basic principles of Contraction relaxation activity 1. Train one leg...

Comments on Upper level relaxation lower level contracted during contractionrelaxation activity

- Another aspect is that lower limbs should be in contraction to strengthen and enable them to exert sufficient power. This is when lower part of body foot, calf, thigh, buttock, belly and waist etc.resting muscles are in contraction relaxation activity while upper part of body shoulder, arm, chest and back muscle should be keeping relaxed, not stiffening, thorax breathing muscle not overstimulated to avoid suffocation and oxygen depth. 1. Calf muscle contraction relaxation activity Assuming post standing, upper limbs keep complete relaxed, contract once consciously and actively calf resting muscle and keep it relaxed for a certain time, after proceed again contraction. You can repeat with one fast, slow or lasting contraction then relaxation again same type of contraction again relaxation. In the beginning you can only practice a few times or slightly more with ten times, but gradually you'll be able to increase up to hundred, and even several hundred times before being tired. 2....

Relaxation Letting Go Surrender and

In some religions and spiritual paths, there is a great emphasis on surrender and letting go. This is actually a form of relaxation. Taoist practices emphasize relaxation, letting go, and emptiness. When a person is relaxed, the muscles are open, the breathing is soft, and the energy can flow through the channels of the body. There is no resistance and no fighting. This allows the creative and higher forces to flow into us.


Relaxation is one of the major keys to success in Chi Kung. You should remember that ONLY WHEN YOU ARE RELAXED WILL ALL YOUR CHI CHANNELS BE OPEN. In order to be relaxed, your Yi must first be relaxed and calm. When this Yi coordinates with your breathing, your body will be able to relax. In Chi Kung practice there are three levels of relaxation. The first level is the external physical relaxation, or postural relaxation. This is a very superficial level, and almost anyone can reach it. It consists of adopting a comfortable stance and avoiding unnecessary strain in how you stand and move. The second level is the relaxation of the muscles and tendons. To do this your Yi must be directed deep into the muscles and tendons. This relaxation will help open your Chi channels, and will allow the Chi to sink and accumulate in the Dan Tien. The final stage is the relaxation which reaches the internal organs and the bone marrow. Remember, ONLY IF YOU CAN RELAX DEEP INTO YOUR BODY WILL YOUR MIND...

Self Qigong Exercise as Accessory Treatment

(1) The Psychosomatic Relaxation Exercise Take a sitting or lying posture. Relax the whole body step by step by means of concentrating the mind on one part after another, while saying relax silently, in the order of the head, shoulders, upper limbs, back, waist, hips, chest, abdomen and the lower limbs. Carry out the relaxation 3 5 times with natural respiration.

Relaxed And Quiescent Recumbent Exercise

Proper relaxation of the body, natural breathing, and a peaceful mind are necessary for practising this exercise. It is suitable to the elderly and weak people, neurastheniacs, and people who have no time to exercise at daytime due to a busy work schedule. Practise it before sleep every night, during the night if sleeping unsoundly, and after awakening in the morning. Relaxed and Quiescent Recumbent Exercise quickly inhibit the cerebral cortex and regulate the function of the autonomic nerve, promote the passing of qi and help unblock blood circulation, and thus reinforce the physique and cure disease.

Philosophical Foundations

The concern of Tai Chi Ch'uan is with the cultivation of Chi. This is accomplished through relaxation and breath control. Through this process the entire body is revitalized and the individual is, thus, bom anew. He is like a newborn babe. But Tai Chi Ch'uan is not merely concerned with the revitalization of the individual's body, but with his spiritual development and enlightenment. If man is able to flow from positive to negative and from negative to positive, he will be in harmony with the universe. To be in harmony with the universe is Yin and Yang in succession. Yin and Yang in succession is called Tao. It is the goal of the student of Tai Chi Ch'uan to become one with the Tao.

How This Form Will Help

This form, created in the 1950s in China, is a wonderful series of movements designed to work your joints, muscles, internal organs, and energy system. It is a useful form for relaxation and stretching, can be adapted to seated or even prone positions (see Chapter 8), and can be used as a learning vehicle for subsequent Qigong forms. This has always been the first Qigong form taught to students in my schools.

Wired for Stress Programmed for

We may be wired for stress, but, according to Andrew Newberg, M.D., we are also wired for spirituality. In his book Why God Won't Go Away, Newberg describes information from brain-imaging data collected from both Tibetan Buddhists and Franciscan nuns, practicing meditation and contemplative prayer, respectively. A SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) machine shows the way that blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, which correlates with neuronal activity, indicates how people register a transcendent or mystical experience. Newberg found that when the brain is denied typical sensory information, the censor of conscious thought is unplugged, and thus space and time are perceived differently. Meditators often describe this enhanced conscious state as having touched infinity or being one with everything. The clinical search for the cerebral G spot in the brain has led to a new discipline called neuro-theology, the study of the neurobiology of spirituality. Meditation of any...

Flexibility Exploration

As soon as lengthening begins, it may induce a sigh of release, which would indicate to a skilled Qi Dao practitioner that the body-mind is ready to let go of the internal issues that were causing the external tension. As you pay attention to your own body language through touch and movement, you will notice that your whole body-mind responds much more favorably to lengthening of your muscles than stretching them. After a few repetitions of this maneuver, I suggest to assess your level of wellness once again. Most likely, you will find this particular part of the body resonating with 70 of well-being, if not even higher, which will naturally translate into greater relaxation and flexibility.

Big Python Softens Its Body Dah Maang Roan Shenn

Shoulder Circling Exercise

After you have cleaned your body, you now visualize that you are taking in Chi from the heavens through your Baihui and pushing it down through your chest to the Lower Dan Tien and finally through the bottoms of your feet into the ground. The motion of this exercise is simply the reverse of the previous one. Again, the relaxation of the chest is very important. When you inhale, open your arms out in front of your abdomen (Figure 3-64), and circle them up until they are above your head (Figure 3-65). As you exhale, lower your hands palms down in front of your body while visualizing that you are pushing the Chi downward until it is below your feet (Figure 3-66). Repeat the movement ten times.

Qigong Training Theory

That the relaxation of your body originates with your Yi. Therefore, before you can relax your body, you must first relax or regulate your mind (Yi). This is called Shen Xin Ping Heng ), which means Body and heart (mind) balanced. The body and the mind are mutually related. A relaxed and balanced body helps your Yi to relax and concentrate. When your Yi is at peace and can judge things accurately, your body will be centered, balanced, and relaxed. Relaxation Relaxation is one of the major keys to success in Qigong. You should remember that only when you are relaxed will all your muscles be relaxed, and your Qi channels open. In order to be relaxed, your Yi must first be relaxed and calm. When this Yi coordinates with your breathing, your body will be able to relax. In Qigong practice, there are three levels of relaxation. The first level is the external physical relaxation, or postural relaxation. This is a very superficial level, and almost anyone can reach it. It consists of...

With the Standardized Form of Pa Tuan Chin

Chi Kung Breathing Exercises for Health, Relaxation and Energy. By Geoff Pike and Phyllis Pike. Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1996. 272 pages. ISBN 0804830991. Section Six, pp. 122-146, on Pa Tuan Tsin -Eight Precious Sets of Exercises. Relaxation (Sung, Song) Links, bibliography, quotes, notes.

Review Major Points of Microcosmic Orbit

After you feel calmed and concentrated and the energy is experienced in the abdomen you can practice progressive relaxation. This is accomplished by the method of smiling in the eyes and extending the feeling to the rest of the body, as has already been described. When you have completed this, down to smiling in your toes and fingers, use the index finger of your right hand to point at your navel. This is to be your point of concentration, unless you have high blood pressure.

Stretching tendons activity

Stretching tendon activity is a high level form of mental activity during contraction relaxation exercise. It involves more than two limbs while combining resting muscles in a single stretching, tendons are like elastics which two extremities are using force in the same time or one extremity fixed and the other using force, then suddenly exert a pulling tightly contraction relaxation movement. All limbs and resting muscles are unified to create an homogeneous entity, while maintaining angle in knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint and elbow joint, your whole body may stretch upward, downward, leftward and rightward, always inducing in a general direction of stretching and in the same time in the opposite direction, one contraction one relaxation or one stretching one contraction in a jiggling activity, in Huangdi Nei Jing - the fundamental TCM treatise, this was called One muscles unified as one physical exercise. As we indicated in the beginning of this paragraph, Stretching tendons...

Classification of physical strain

It is only through conscious stimulation of nerves and muscles that the practitioner will obtain desired reaction from his body. This reaction is in fact the contraction relaxation of muscles involved in training. And from these contractions cycles will appear physiologic functions changes such as blood circulation increase, respiratory and heart rate acceleration, etc. During post standing training, the internal body is slightly aching, tingling, swelling Bones muscles are in continuous cycles of contraction relaxation activity, pulse and respiratory rates are keeping a steady growth on a long period of time. This is the Incremental level of strain.

Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

The key to Chi circulation is deep relaxation in order to circulate the warm current you must be calm within yourself. If you are distracted by the television, passing cars, or your unmade bed, your mind will turn outwards and you will be unable to focus on your energy. As you progress you will learn to ignore the distractions and will be able to meditate anywhere, but in the beginning choose a quiet spot and a special time. The more comfortable the atmosphere the more easily you can concentrate. should be quite straight at the waist though slightly bowed at the shoulders and neck. This minor forward curve of the upper back promotes perfect relaxation of the chest and allows the power to flow downward. In military posture, with the shoulders thrown back and the head held high, the power will lodge in the chest and fail to descend to the lower centers.

Turn Around And Chop Opponent With Fist

Tai Chi Ankle

Inner comfort, complete relaxation from head to toes. Mind in Tranquility Body in Relaxation 3. Concentrate on relaxation relieve all tension internally and externally regulate breathing try to maintain zero stillness try to maintain a rhythm that will synchronize inwardly and outwardly.

Second Brain Chi Kung Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Power of the Inner Smile

Tan Tien Breathing

Smiling and laughing Chi Kung are such a natural form of relaxation that we hardly think of them as a Chi Kung practice. Yet they are one of the most effective ways to restore the Water Fire balance in the body. By making the sound Ha , heat is released and excess fire energy is expelled,and the body is cooled and thereby rebalanced.

Why physical exercises are seldom prescribed in a conventional medical treatment

In the same time, muscles of lower limbs are also strongly mobilized in a very violent contraction. As a result thorax area and air contained by the lungs are submitted to a sudden increase of pressure, whole body's muscles are strenuously contracting and relaxing, resistance at the periphery of each blood vessel is suddenly intensified, the smaller ones are compressed, finally most of blood is under the effects of internal and external high pressure, causing further stagnation in the blood vessel which is not completely returning to the right atrium of the heart. In China, this phenomenon is called Bieqi (hold breathing). According to the intensity of Bieqi and the special effort requested in four limbs will directly influence the contraction relaxation process of all muscles of shoulder, back, chest etc. and also the amount of power requested. If the duration of Bieqi is kept on during a long time then air pressure inside lungs may increase from 13.3kPa to 33.3kPa. At this time...

The Seven Basic Stances

The level of attainment, however, is dependent upon the student's ability to align his body both within and without. It is only through relaxation that Chi will sink down to the lower Tan T'ien. This is a long process and requires the use of the mind to assist in the cultivation. The final goal is to send Chi throughout the body under the control of the mind.

How To Root In Tai

Energy Gates Qigong Images

The first essential Chi-kung skill to be developed is that of the energy root. There are several things that effect the quality or depth of the root The stance or posture, the level of relaxation in the body and mind, and the practitioners ability to intend his energy down into the earth. The energy root is basically an energy version of a tree's root structure. You develop it through learning to sink your energy into the earth much the same way as a tree sinks its roots into the earth. When done well the practitioner will seem very solid and heavy to any that are trying to move him.

Simple explanations for the quantitative and qualitative changes generated by Zhan zhuang

But if you assume ZZ, joints in your whole should keep fixed angles to assure your body to be stable and balanced. Under this condition, each part of the body is submitted to a fixed force (gravitation force), so skeletal muscles are requested for more work out (contraction relaxation) compared with ordinary standing. kinetics training more contraction relaxation cycles under mental supervision this will invariably bring your pulse and respiration rates to increase then decrease, and increase again then decrease again and so on. The same cycling phenomena for sensation of pain first pain then no pain, later pain again and later no pain again.

How come Zhan zhuang ZZ has curative effects

For a patient starting ZZ the most important is mental vacuity and posture lightness during his exercise. He should just keep on assuming his posture without moving and use mental activity for relaxation, for example he can check mentally if each part of his body is relaxed. In the beginner he will not be able to keep all his muscles relaxed but with more training his muscles will be able to get rid of the excess of strain and rigidity. During a certain period it may be difficult for the practitioner to appreciate himself his progress as everything is happening and starting inside his body. But with further training and fine monitoring of minor changes will lead him progressively achieve this first step. For practitioners with good physical condition, they can go ahead training more specifically mental activity related to cycles of contraction and relaxation, using monitoring mental and still posture lightness . This specific post standing training involves resting muscles into...

Mental deconditioning

All these sources are incessantly growing in number and in intensity. A classic example is the fear of stress and anxiety which was clinically studied with its associated body responses (especially during surgical shocks) such as sudden death or ulcers. To decondition our Central nervous system, the best alternative is to use simply our most natural response deeper mental relaxation due to the supportive action of further muscle relaxation and its positive effects of optimism and psychological well-being. By persisting in Zhan zhuang, you will acquire progressively beside a better physical condition but also a stronger mental which helps to fight again many disorders directly or indirectly induced by these V.1.2 Expression relaxation Expression relaxation is another method of mental inducement in Zhan zhuang. As an application of the principle of second signal system explained previously you can recall happy memories, situations, impressions, emotions .all which help you to be in a...

Moving Tai Chi Chi Kung

Reversed Abdominal Breathing

After you have completed your warm-up Chi Kung, stand still and close your eyes (Figure 3-55). First pay attention to your third eye (Upper Dan Tien), and bring all of your thoughts from outside of your body to the inside. When your mind is calm and concentrated, bring your attention to your breathing. If you are doing only relaxation Chi

Summary of Focus Points

Policia Nacional Mediacion

These same skills then are used to make the root dynamic. Essentially what you do is presence or send out your energy feelings to where you want to be. To do this you must apply several key principles. First and foremost Relax and create a feeling of a void or vacuum, you can not move energy without relaxation. The feelings of energy that you will presence or intend out are these relaxed void feelings. Also center your body motion from the Dan-Tien move from there. If you are stepping forward you step as if someone has a rope around your hips and pulls you forward. You move from the Dan-Tien first by presenting the energy from there. The third key would be to use the dynamic of shooting energy and springing energy into the feet.

Combination activity

Hip Joints Zhan Zhuang

Combination activity is an intermediate level form of mental activity for contraction relaxation activity. It involves local parts of the body, with one joint as the axis and two bones as leverages, in combined movement of resting muscles during contraction relaxation. In fact it adds two parts of the body muscles to join this contraction relaxation activity. Combination activity should start with two points combined, for example as calf combined with thigh, then gradually increasing to three points combination, for example calf, thigh and buttock, then you continue to again increase gradually to four points combination Each time you are increasing number of combination, each time you are adding one pulling tendon sensation or Pulling-Hanging sensation, etc. which a new form of internal exercise, new internal sensation, increasing the overall quality of physical exercise. Here are some training methods 4.1 With ankle joint as axis, from heel to toe as opposite side, heel to knee as...

Squatting Chi Kung

Psoas Martial Arts

Since the beginnings of civilization, people have known the highly beneficial effects of squatting. Their bodies told them to do so and in this way they recreated a deep state of relaxation, in which the sacrum and spine open and the warm life current in the body regained its optimal free flow. As the squatting position generates a state of relaxation and stillness, it is also a natural posture for meditative practice. One sees that in many indigenous cultures people assume the squatting position precisely for that reason.

Iron Shirt and Chiropractic by Dr Michael Posner

Line Gravity

I can only do so much for a person and, in reality, one's health is one's own responsibility. Therefore the necessity for everyone to learn about structure for themselves, and to recognize what is right or wrong is essential for good health. I believe that some of the major keys to good health are proper bone alignment, muscle balance (symmetry), flexibility of joints and fasciae, proper breathing, relaxation and proper body utilization. Finally, of extreme importance, is to learn to conserve, build and store energy that is usually wasted when structural imbalance exists. I am a chiropractor who sees health to a great extent dependent on symmetry or balance of body structure and so became interested in the Chinese art of Iron Shirt Chi Kung. Iron Shirt emphasizes the importance of maintaining a bone posture in such a way that the gravitational forces acting to push us down to earth can be transmitted through the bones into the earth rather than wasting energy resisting with the...

Imagination activity

Touching activity induces in upper limbs muscles further relaxation without using force. Weaker body practitioners and beginners can place both wrists on a suitable furniture or balustrade with suitable, therefore reducing upper limbs' physical strain. Stronger body practitioners can imagine their arms pressing on a wooden balustrade, free from any burden, or imagine that they are swimming with hands on the water, receiving back its buoyancy force and preserving this Stepping on cotton activity induces further relaxation in lower limbs' muscle relax suppressing unnecessary stiffness. Assuming ZZ, imagine that feet are stepping on a soft and thick cotton mat, move slightly body leftward and rightward every 3-5 minutes, or use toes slightly grasp ground several times which is using adjustment of weight placed onto sole, experience in lower limbs all muscles relaxing contracting and any abnormal stiffness which may affect your abdomen muscles.

Sinewtransforming Exercise Yi Jin Jing

Qong Jin Jing

Yi Jin Jing is characterized by close combination of respiration with movements, putting forth strength statically (i.e., using internal force), relaxation, nature concentration of mind on Dantian, and mutual help between firmness and gentleness. The common points in the preparatory posture for perfoming the movements of each step are looking ahead horizontally, clamping the teeth tightly, opening the mouth slightly or closing it lightly, and touching the upper palate with the tongue no use of strength, no throwing out of the chest, no lifting of the shoulders, and no bending of the back natural respiration, relaxing of the whole body, concentration on Dantian.

Roberta Prada Opera Singer

As a classically trained singer, I find the Iron Shirt practices, in combination with the Microcosmic Orbit meditation and the Six Healing Sounds, to be of great benefit to my technique. Specifically, my goals for my singing include a free and easy vocal mechanism and an ability to feel grounded and centered while performing. Since beginning the Taoist practices, I have achieved the relaxation of my jaw, the lowering of my breathing, and the ability to search out areas of tension in my body, so that I can release them and allow the free flow of energy throughout my body. The more tissues resonate freely along the paths of vocal production, the more beautiful and

Zhan Zhuang and mental activity

In the beginning of ZZ training the practitioner should rather use a control monitoring mental activity, to cultivate his relaxation ability and suppress generation of random thoughts, gaining better control of his cortex-based Central nerve system, especially recommended for medical treatment and healing. For people with good physical condition, the contraction relaxation training of resting muscles, increasing the physical exertion during exercise and progressively converting resting muscles in working . This specific training will gradually strengthen body's functions and optimize his sensorial information system (human body structure). Muscles contraction relaxation in daily movement involve a mental activity will help to synthesize the complete training process they are submitted to. In the same time this mental activity will also determine what kind of kinetics of physical exertion is concerned by this contraction relaxation process.

Sensations And Body Reactions

Energy Gates Qigong Images

In zhan zhuang exercises stress is put on relaxation. But tiredness and some pain are something natural, especially at the beginning stage, when you are not accustomed with this kind of practice, and you are still not able to do the exercises properly. Gradually muscles work will change. You will learn using body structure in such a way, that strength (mainly related to opposing gravitation) is transferred through body in relatively comfortable way. You are eliminating unnecessary effort. This way you will avoid pain and too much tiredness.

Form and mind combinations

- the other type concerns a healthy practitioner training moderately his resting during muscles contraction relaxation exercise. When in post standing you are assuming a low limbs bending angle and coordinate it with partial or starting mental activity in his muscles contraction relaxation exercise, to increase quantity of physical strain. This combination is more suitable for the one who has already good basis and is increasing substantially strain, not suitable for beginners with weak body or patients.

True Breath Skin Breathing

The Taoists discovered that we can learn to absorb these surrounding and universal energies through the skin and the major energy centers. Absorbing energy through the skin is called the True Breath. This powerful energetic technique requires the Inner Smile and relaxation. The more one can relax, the more the body and the skin can open to the energy around us. The practice allows one to extend the mind, to touch the force and to draw that energy back into the body.

Four keys Relax Root Breathe and Focus

Relax Breath Smooth

To practice the Chi-kung within Sil Num Tao you will start the form as usual. It is essential to remain relaxed and calm the mind throughout the exercise. Wing Chun is a soft Chi-kung system not a hard Chi-kung system. Relaxation is essential to allow the energy to flow naturally through the body. As you set up the stance, relax and allow your attention to sink into the earth. At the same time lift very slightly from the top of the head. The feeling should be one of having your head suspended from a string, while your lower body is buried in the earth. it. The image of the vacuum in the hand sucking or drawing the elbow energy to it is useful. Allow the energy to move within the arm and the body in distinct waves of relaxation and peace. It is useful to presence these waves with the inhalation of the breath. As you bring the elbow energy forward towards the hand draw the wave of chi through the forearm bones, entering at the opening at the back of the elbow. This is where your...

Da Cheng Chuan Fighing Seqeunce

How You Make Circles With Your Arms

As you practice the standing postures and movements in this book, your mind is free to roam and experience the thoughts and feelings passing through it. Keep your eyes and ear's open to whatever is happening. You can listen to music, even watch television as you practice - flowing music and non-violent channels are preferable. Remain upright, preserving your balance, and devote yourself to the inner relaxation of your being. Everything will flow from that in its own time.

Chi Kung Unconsciousness Wonderment

In Taoist practice, relaxation, inner peace or stillness is seen as a condition through which form of consciousness is suspended. We can then get in touch and feel what deep down in our unconscious or subconscious state our body tells us what signals it expresses and wants to transmit. We may call this sensitivity to the consciousness in our organs, glands, energy path routes and flows, blood, lymph, bones, joints, heart and all the other organs and parts of our body, the Chi Kung state. We cannot always live in it but once we have access to it and know how it feels to be connected with the source of our primordial life experience, we can easily return to it. transform our Ching Chi into Chi and life force Chi into Shen (Spirit) Chi. New states cannot arrive without old states departing the new grows out of the old. The old one is a condition for the transition to the new one. Relaxation in this context does not necessarily require outer forms of peace and tranquillity. Surely with...

Wild Goose or Dayan Qigong

Dayan Kong

Both Western physics and Eastern science describe the universe as a vast energy field. Dayan Qigong works to improve the various bodily functions by improving the body's electric and magnetic energy flow and capacity. The movements are organized to follow the flow of the earth's energy and to exchange internal qi (from the body) and external qi (from the earth and the universe), utilizing this energy to stimulate and balance the various functions of the body. Circulation of qi can be governed by the mind. Concentration and relaxation are essential, assuring that qi will flow strongly and without obstruction during practice

Wu Chi the first position

Wuji Posture

The Wu Chi position involves simply standing still. It is an opportunity to pay careful attention to the tensions in your body and its nervous system. At the same time it becomes a moment of powerful, deep relaxation in your day. Simple as it may seem, this opening position, correctly practised, holds the key to unlock the storehouse of your great internal energy reserves.

Clinical Manifestations

Stand in relaxation and quiescence with the feet a shoulder width apart. Keep the mind in quiesence and concentrate it on all the things in heaven and earth. Keep the head straight, close the eyes slightly, lick the palate with the tongue, close the mouth slightly, drop the shoulder and elbows, pull in the chest a little, draw the abdomen, relax the hips, make the crotch a circle, bend the knees slightly.

Personal Experiences with the Microcosmic

Master Chia When I first came to the U.S. I practiced acupuncture. In time I discovered that many of my patients had been referred to me by a doctor who was interested in Chi Kung. Whenever he had problem patients who didn't respond to conventional western medicine, he sent them to me. Many of them responded quite well to what I had to offer. Now I've been in this country for about four years and it was at least two years before I met the good doctor. He was excited about the way many of his referrals had responded. He asked to interview my students, half of which were his patients. I agreed and in time he published a book called Reports of the National Clearinghouse for Meditation, Relaxation and Related Therapies , his aim being, to interest the American Medical Community in what he called, Investigative Reports regarding meditation in relation to physical and mental health. (This report can be obtained by writing to National Clearinghouse for Meditation, Relaxation and Related...

Chapter Initial Preparations

Wushu Kung Pressure Vital Point

Iron Shirt Breathing and Relaxation You must not use force in any of these procedures. These exercises depend very much upon mind control and relaxation. In doing the chin press, which is accomplished by pressing the chin down to the chest and pushing out C-7, the chest must remain relaxed if you are not to develop chest pain and congestion and if you are to avoid difficulty in breathing. Practice the relaxation of the Inner Smile and run your Microcosmic Orbit (described briefly in this Chapter and more fully in the book, Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao). If you find yourself shaking and jerking about, just simply let it all happen. It is a refreshing experience. Tight muscles in the chest can be a problem, and so it is important to relax. It is not the muscles but this relaxation which holds the Chi packed inside. Moreover using and training the mind to direct and condense the Chi are the ultimate goals of Iron Shirt training.

L Cha Tea The Way of Spiritual Cultivation

Cangjie Animal Footprint

Imagine that you and I are together in a teahouse in a natural setting. It is a very simple house built of logs. We are sitting at the tea table, and we can see flowers and grass outside and a living stream running in front of the house. We can see the forest through the side windows. We can hear birds singing in the sunshine. Now please stop reading and close your eyes. Take some time to imagine this. Feel the relaxation, peace, and harmony in your inner world.

BRowing Testing force

The focus of Lower limbs testing force training is to strengthen contraction relaxation ability of foot and shank muscles. It is in fact an answer to the general saying information relies on how foot is stamping . For every movement, in normal situation, just one part of all your muscles is really involved in the contraction relaxation process, all these active muscles are called working muscles . What about the others muscles Most of them are resting so we call them resting muscles . During this training, you should deeply concentrate your mental up to its highest degree, use your mind to control consciously these resting muscles and request them to perform contraction relaxation cycles, in the same time to develop in your cerebral cortex new conditioned

Being Relaxed and Tranquil Naturally

Relaxation, a principle in qigong exercise, means both physical and mental, for only when one is relaxed mentally can he be so physically. However, relaxation here does not mean slackness or inattentiveness,but means relaxation with attentiveness, relaxation with tension and tension without rigidity, dominated by the conscious mind. Relaxation and tranquillity are mutually promotive proper relaxation often results in tranquillity and tranquillity can 154 facilitate good relaxation. Both the relaxation and tranquillity mentioned above should be achieved naturally,so should the regulation of posture, breathing and mind concentration.

ZZs benefits on circulation system

In post standing, as muscles are exercising contraction relaxation there is no suffocation phenomenon, also no have breath difficult phenomenon the inner pressure in thorax and abdominal cavity' will not suddenly increase. After physical exertion (5 to 10 seconds), there will be no enlargement of right atria as in suffocation situation HR is directly descending.

All kinds of amazing psych abilities developed because they practised Qigong

Kate Britton Qigong

The qualities of movements are believed to determine how the Qi circulates. The softer and more gentle the breathing and the movements are the deeper the Qi can penetrate into the body and organs promoting good health and longevity. Continuous movements help prevent and remove blockages. Fast movements can be used to generate power but relaxation is essential. Fast tense movements can damage the body and ultimately block the development of Fajing. It is this incorporation of Daoyin and Tuna techniques that forms the basis of Taijiquan being considered a Daoist martial art. The most important techniques that Taijiquan takes from Tuna are the relaxation and slowing of the breath and the small and large circulation techniques. These techniques are associated with Daoshu - the arts of the way, rather than Daojiao - religious Daoism. Taijiquan is not a religious practice of itself, though the physical techniques developed in Taijiquan can be used to complement a wide variety of spiritual...

ZZs effect on muscular system

But in Zhan zhuang exercise you can also use contraction relaxation movements with mental activity to train extensors, it is called also extensor training or mental training of resting muscles. This special physical training is not very easy to understand especially in the beginning of your practice, after time spent to experiment by yourself all internal changes occurring with ZZ you will then gradually understand it. In your ZZ training program you can dedicate separate time for flexor training and extensor training or practice both simultaneously. When you will be able to reach a high level of training, all your muscles tendons will be contracting like one, at that time you will be able to issue an explosive whole body power which is particularly important in combat. By better control of muscles contraction relaxation process, you will be able to improve your general muscle tone which consolidate the explosive whole body power discussed previously but also much more suppleness...

Reactivation and Regeneration

As a result of this process towards inner relaxation and balance, the body can start to function in a qualitatively new way it needs to rely less on external air intake and more on the Chi from within, the original or prenatal Chi. Breathing becomes again a natural rhythmic process which goes by itself and which creates the right pressure needed for the body to function optimally.

Crazy Little Thing Called Stress

There are many definitions of stress. Each definition depends on which expert (e.g., psychologist, sociologist, physiologist, or theologian) you talk to. The word stress comes from the field of physics. In the simplest terms, stress is the force or pressure applied to an object, enough to bend or break it. If you have ever been emotionally distraught or overwhelmed beyond belief, you surely know what this feels like. Professionals in the field of medicine tend to see stress as wear and tear on the body, and sure enough, there is a strong association between stress and disease. Therapists and counselors in the field of psychology define stress as the inability to cope with problems, as well as the loss of emotional control. People with a more spiritual approach say that stress is the absence of inner peace. Quite honestly, all of these insights together, when examined through the mind-body-spirit equation, only begin to approach the essence of what stress really is. Ironically, stress...

The Secret of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi practice

Relaxation is Yin and tenseness is Yang. When you relax, your body and mind are calm and the Chi can be led into the organs and marrow. Relaxation is therefore Yin. When you are tense, the muscles are manifesting their strength and the power is demonstrated on the surface of the body, so tenseness is therefore Yang.

Regulation of Breathing

Abdominal respiration also known as abdominal breathing is developed gradually under the guidance of the will until it occurs naturally. To train abdominal respiration, one uses the consciousness to relax the abdominal muscles so that the abdomen expands naturally during inspiration and contracts during exhalation. The contraction and relaxation of the abdominal muscles are intensified gradually and naturally through practice. Forced exertion must be avoided.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chi Kung

Fire Ancient Chinese Writing

For this, the mind has to undo itself from that which prevents it from inner relaxation, as true attention and mindfulness can only With the center in the Lower Tan Tien, the body can move in perfect alignment with gravity. It can only do so if the breath is kept low and the diaphragm finds itself in a relaxed state, as it responds to the relaxation in the Lower Tan Tien. Such a process towards relaxation is the very aim and art as a play of movements to become a child again, finding joy and delight in the practice for its own sake. It is the process of rhythmic movement and relaxation from the Lower Tan Tien and in line with gravity, which makes the Earth energy bounce up. Water and Fire can gradually enter into balance. In this connection, it is interesting to know that the original Chinese character for Chi was written as no fire and the Chi Kung practitioner in those times was aiming at achieving a state of no

Alleviating depression

Penis Breath

So how can we come to balance You have to bring your body to . 1 point between consciousness and unconsciousness, when you are neither awake nor collapsed. By practising Qigong you first reach a level of relaxation, then you come to the balanced state that will open your Prenatal Qi. At first you find your body relaxes. Then you become used to the exercise and you come to a point where you can do the movements without thinking -where you can forget everything, even yourself

Combining Active Exercise with Inner Health Cultivation

Active exercise means a series of procedures controlled by consciousness during qigong exercise in terms of determination of a proper posture, adjustment of the body, achievement of internal and external relaxation, regulation of respiration, as well as the elimination of distracting thoughts. The saying that active exercise is vigorous breathing (wu huo) , means to conduct breathing training under strong domination of consciousness. Inner health cultivation refers to the static state one falls into after active exercise, in which one carries out wen huo breathing (gentle breathing), feeling relaxed and comfortable, with his will and respiration feeble and faint.

Basic Principles of Qigong

When practicing Qigong, relaxation must be both physical and mental. However, relaxation does not mean slackness or inattentiveness. Instead, it refers to a balance between tension and suppleness dominated by the conscious mind. A major goal of Qigong is to re-establish a natural harmony between being and moving which often gets lost through daily activity. In this state of harmony there will be no tension, but the energy within the body will be activated and the mind will be fully engaged.

Coronary Heart Disease

1) Relaxation Exercise and Three-line Relaxing Exercise Adopt the lying posture, and do Relaxing Exercise or Three-line Relaxation Exercise. Breathe naturally. Practise 3 to 5 times a day, 30 to 60 minutes each time. See the previous sections of hypertension disease and apoplexy. The patient can practise these as auxiliary means of relaxation Qigong. Practise them 1 or 2 times a day, 30 to 40 minutes each time. Refer to Chapter Two for practising Qigong. When choosing the specific Qigong exercises, he or she should mainly choose the quiescent ones, and the motion exercises should be used only as auxiliary ones. Because under the state of quiescence and relaxation, the total consumption and heart load decrease, the ischemia and hypoxia of the heart can improve relatively. However, adequate motion exercises can improve blood circulation, strengthen the heart and lung functions and stimulate the coronary artery

Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung

To teach Tai Chi beginners how to regulate the body, breathing, and Yi.sOnce you have grasped the idea of Chi, you then start to learn how to regulate your body. This includes how to relax the body from the skin to as deep as the internal organs and bone marrow. Through this relaxation you are able to feel and sense your center, balance, and root. You must also learn how to regulate your breathing - normal abdominal breathing for relaxation and reverse abdominal breathing for Chi expansion and condensation. Most important of all, you must learn how to regulate your mind until it can be calm and concentrated without disturbance. All of these criteria are the critical keys to the correct practice of Tai Chi Chuan. If you start learning the Tai Chi sequence without having already done this basic training, you will be preoccupied with the complicated movements, and will only be able to perform them in a superficial way. 5. Tai Chi is soft, and does not use the muscular tension which most...

An Explanation Of The Ten Fundamental Principles

Tai Chi Chuan Movements Advanced

This procedure is created by the use of the mind. The mind imagines the upper psychic center to be light and the lower psychic center to be heavy. The result of the movement of the mind and the correct body position is relaxation. When there is relaxation the Chi will sink down to the lower psychic center. The body must be held straight and there can be no use of physical strength. If the body is not aligned the Chi will not sink down and there will be no relaxation. If the movements are not from the sacrum the Chi will not circulate harmoniously.

Inner Health Cultivation Exercise Ne jyang Gong

Use abdominal respiration. Inhale though the nose and direct Qi down to the Dantian-, exhale through the mouth. Hold the breath with the tongue stuck against the palate, while silently speaking the appropriate words as discussed above. Release the tongue when you finish the words and begin again for another round. End this exercise in the same way as Psychosomatic Relaxation Exercise.

Transpersonal Psychology

The theory of the subconscious as formulated by Freud is familiar to most people today. During meditation, when the mind is in a state of deep relaxation, thoughts and images rise to the surface from the subconscious, allowing awareness to take place. Throughout my career I have continued to study Freud's theories of the subconscious, Jung's collective unconscious, and works in transpersonal psychology by Ken Wilber and Stanislav Grof. I believe that qigong training involves much more than just becoming physically healthy. It is an effective method to pursue the question that is so central to transpersonal psychology, Who am I. To my way of thinking, the study of transpersonal psychology is essentially the study of the exchange of qi. When you realize that qi is present everywhere not only within yourself and everyone else, but also within many other life forms and that you can understand other beings more profoundly by exchanging qi with them, you are likely to find the field of...

Exploring torso alignment

Ask your practice partner to test your stability by gently pushing your hips from one side and then, with an equal amount of effort, from the other. Notice whether your stability is more challenged when being pushed from one side versus the other. Then slowly shift your weight side to side in order to feel which side habitually bears more weight. Notice an increase in tension in the side muscles when shifting the weight off Center on that respective side, as well as relaxation when returning to the Centered position. As you experiment with slowly rocking your pelvis, pay particular attention to the position of your center of mass associated with relaxation of both sides, for this is where your torso is most aligned and Centered.

Types of internal martial art power

Metallurgy Taoism

Correctly applied, internal mingjing power is invisible to the eye of an untrained observer. In fact, the performance may even appear soft or weak, although in reality it may be surprisingly powerful. Internal power like this is relaxed and doesn't require foot stomping or added torque to achieve effect anymore than the pro-golfer needs stomping or added torque while performing a swing. Controlled relaxation is important and tension, especially that which is characterized by grunting and the appearance of excessive muscular tension, is antithetical to the development of this type of power. It is very recent that medical science and psychology have begun to understand that the mind, mental-emotional and physical body function intercon-nectedly as a total unit. For example, a now common therapy for the treatment of phobia is to train patients in physical relaxation techniques. Irrational fear, as any fear, is strongly associated with physical tension. It is essentially impossible to be...

Your Natural Strength Sports

As Zhan Zhuang works on your entire energy field it helps to break the vicious cycle of nervousness and physical tension. The benefits of your training will start to show themselves in those moments that require concentration and relaxation at the same time, such as hitting a golf ball, serving a match point in tennis or scoring a goal in soccer. are overstimulated, otherwise they will remain tense and you will tire rapidly. If you have mastered the technique of relaxation, you use much less energy and do not suffer from rapid fatigue. The training in muscular contraction and relaxation (pages 88-89) automatically develops this skill. Having mastered the foundations and done your warm-up exercises, you should pay particular emphasis to going as low as possible in the postures. Take care not to let your knees bend forwards over your toes. If you feel pain or trembling in the legs, relieve it by going still lower While holding the deep positions, scan your upper body for tension and...

Introducing moving and nonmoving

When the human body is moving (from a place to another) or his limbs are changing postures such as, hand and foot bending and or stretching, walking, running, jumping, getting up, bowing, rotating, shifting position, climbing etc. actions, all movements generated in these sports are characterized by the forms they produced, they are subjects to be random movements . Random movement is the combination of excitation form cerebral cortex and contraction relaxation of skeleton muscles. When the movements of the four limbs are daily happening, level of excitation in cerebral cortex decrease and the same time muscles are requesting progressively the minimum power to achieve this daily task (such as normal walking for example), while the rest of the body is relatively calm. Human body in lying, sitting and standing position is normally using the minimum muscular tension to maintain the posture without exerting powerful cycles of contraction relaxation, under these conditions pulse rate keeps...

Preparatory Practices

Always start with warming the stove at the abdomen and direct the fire down to the sexual center to transform the sexual energy. Next practice the Cosmic Inner Smile. The Cosmic Inner Smile is a powerful relaxation and self-healing technique that uses the energy of love, happiness, kindness and gentleness as a language to communicate with the internal organs of the body. Each organ corresponds to a specific element and color. For example, the kidneys will consist of the element of water and the color blue. The heart will consist of the element of fire and the color red. This makes it very easy to guide the healing power into each organ by using the appropriate color. The practice also aids the transformation of negative emotions into positive virtuous energy. This transformation is a very powerful Chi Kung practice. A genuine smile transforms negative energy into loving energy that has the power to relax, balance and heal. By learning to smile inwardly to the organs and glands, your...

Chapter Six Holding Patterns

As we discovered earlier, tension is a process that requires doing, sending signals through the nervous system to tell the muscles to contract. It cannot be undone by doing more, because relaxation requires you to stop sending these signals rather than doing anything extra. Letting go of tension requires being attentive to the tense area of the body. This will help you realize that you have been doing something and choose whether to keep doing it from now on. Do you

Application To The School Of Wu Kam Chin

Unlike Indian Yoga, which is based on individual and static postures, Tai Chi Ch'uan consists of unbroken rhythmic movements that flow with complete relaxation. This flowing relaxation benefits the entire body simultaneously. Through proper breath control and concentration, this flowing relaxation will result in complete mental control, physical and emotional well-being and inner peace. To achieve these benefits, however, Tai Chi Ch'uan must be studied under a qualified teacher and practiced consistently for an extended period of time.

Direct Raise and squat method

Muscle contraction relaxation intensity through deeper mental activity, achieve hand foot connection, upper lower limbs full synchronization, muscles unified as one, and among these Obtaining the Wu is the most difficult, without a rigorous and technical training it is very hard to reach it. Both feet are separated by distance larger than shoulder width. Both hands stretching horizontally at shoulder level. Both feet are bending knees and squatting downward just once, and after directly raising also just once.

Three Secrets of Practicing Qigong Effectively

Our bodies naturally direct us to the emptiness. When we get sick, for example, the first place we go is not to the hospital, but to bed. Wrhen we sleep, we feel relaxed and peaceful. We bring our mind and body into the emptiness. Everybody does this automatic meditation without noticing it during sleep and periods of deep relaxation. Most of our daily energv blockages arc opened and resolved in this way The deeper you go into the emptiness, the faster your body will heal. By practicing Qigong we go into the emptiness where we effortlessly balance the Yin and Yang, the female and male energy. As the balance of energy comes back, the body heals.

Form MindPowerQiSpirit Harmony

A practitioner with strong body can involve considerable power in his training, but if he does not combine it with mental activity, his contraction relaxation process cannot be fully controlled, i.e. he cannot use his power effectively. During muscle's contraction relaxation activity, the energetic consumption requires more oxygen as we presented in the previous chapters. But as you cannot stock oxygen in the body but just supply it from breathing, it is precisely this breathing function which might limit your physical activity when you are requesting high amount of power in your exercise.

Review of Core Tai Chi Principles

A review of the basic principles of T'ai Chi movement is in order at this point, because without a firm grasp of these basics, you are not doing T'ai Chi, just a slow-motion dance. With the principles in mind, however, you will enter into the magical world of healing and relaxation, of spiritual cleansing, and of greater everyday optimism. The knees should be slightly bent, not as if you are being crushed under a two-ton weight, but comfortably. The main idea is to get away from locking the knees, a common practice in many people. Recall that energy will not flow through a locked joint, and that relaxation is practically impossible to achieve if you are holding tension in your joints. The best way to determine the proper amount of knee bend is to first lock the knees. Then slowly unlock them until the feeling of tension behind the knee disappears. Usually this is a matter of moving the knee forward perhaps 1 inch.

Qigong Acupuncture

(1) The Psychosomatic Relaxation Exercise Sit or stand quietly. Relax the body in an orderly way from the head to the chest, the abdomen, the back, the waist aad the lower limbs and lastly relax the epigastric region again, imagining quiescence when inhaling and murmuring relaxation when exhaling, for 5 10 minutes.

Maintaining your health

KEEPING AN EVEN TEMPERATURE Don't let yourself become extremely cold or hot. When you go out in winter and summer, protect yourself from sustained exposure to temperature extremes. In summer, if you are very hot and sweaty from exercise, keep your clothes on until you can cool down naturally, wash, and change. Don't strip off and let all your perspiration evaporate in the air. When you are hot and thirsty, don't take ice-cold drinks. They may be pleasant in your mouth, but they are a tremendous shock to your digestive system. As a general principle, it is best never to drink them. You should drink liquids at room temperature or, for relaxation, hot water or hot tea. RELAXATION BEFORE YOU SLEEP Before sleeping, spend a minute or two massaging your abdomen. This brings many benefits to your digestive system and other internal organs. Place one hand over the other on your belly and make 36 anticlockwise circles and then 36 clockwise circles. You can do this standing, sitting, or lying...

Exploring the flexibility of the obliques on the ground

Now, let's explore the flexibility of your obliques (side muscles). Sitting with your legs spread wide apart, bring your left foot toward your crotch and bend the whole torso to the opposite side, reaching with the left hand over your head for the right foot, elbow pointing up. If you feel like you need more challenge, you may hold onto the left knee with your right hand while bending to the right. Following the rhythm of your breath, rock the whole body back and forth while turning the entire leg so that the foot rotates between eleven o'clock and one o'clock. Alternate the legs by pulling the right foot toward your crotch and straightening the left one, reaching for the left foot with the opposite hand. For greater relaxation of the obliques, add the imagery of your breath flowing in and out of your body through a point on the side at the end of the twelfth rib.

Regulating the Body Tyau Shenn

Regulating the Body is called Tyau Shenn in Chinese. This means to adjust your body until it is in the most comfortable and relaxed state. This implies that your body must be centered and balanced. If it is not, you will be tense and uneasy, and this will affect the judgement of your Yi and the circulation of your Chi. In Chinese medical society it is said (When) shape (body's posture) is not correct, then the Chi will not be smooth. (When) the Chi is not smooth, the Yi (Mind) will not be peaceful. (When) the Yi is not peaceful, then the Chi is disordered. (* 12) You should understand that the relaxation of your body originates with your Yi. Therefore, before you can relax your body, you must first relax or regulate your mind (Yi). This is called Shenn Hsin Pyng Herng, (*13) which means Body and heart (Mind) balanced. The body and the mind are mutually related. A relaxed and balanced body helps your Yi to relax and concentrate. When your Yi is at peace and can judge things accurately,...

Meditation Exercises

In this section, we will learn eight different meditation techniques, two each from four different categories of meditation. The categories used here will be breath counting, visualization, relaxation, and healing. Once again, realize that there are dozens of categories of meditation, and that this section is meant to be only a sampler of the available techniques. If you wish to explore these methods in more depth, New Page Books has many meditation titles available. Relaxation Meditations As you inhale, you can feel yourself lighten a little bit and begin to feel as if you are floating upward. On the exhale, you once again feel the pull downward, as if you could not get out of your chair even if you tried. This is what true relaxation feels like as if you are melting into the ground. The second relaxation meditation is the Stomach Softening meditation. Assume your beginning position, and watch your breath for a few minutes. Then focus your attention on your stomach. Is there any...

Regulating the Mind

Regulating your mind means using your consciousness to stop the activity in your mind in order to set it free from the bondage of ideas, emotion, and conscious thought. When you reach this level, your mind will be calm, peaceful, empty, and light. Then your mind has really reached the goal of relaxation. Only when you reach this stage will you be able to relax deep into your marrow and internal organs. Only then will your mind be clear enough to see (feel) the internal Qi circulation and communicate with your Qi and organs. In Daoist society it is called Nei Shi Gongfu (f* k ), which means the Gongfu of internal vision. When you reach this real relaxation, you may be able to sense the different elements that make up your body solid matter, liquids, gases, energy, and spirit. You may even be able to see or feel the different colors that are associated with your five organs green (liver), white (lungs), black (kidneys), yellow (spleen), and red (heart). Naturally, it will take a lot of...


Meditation is often understood from the outside as a form of relaxation. According to this it enables you to escape from stress for a while, put yourself at ease, and increase your attention span. Doctors sometimes recommend it for people who suffer from depression or neurosis. This view has it that meditation is for those who have difficulty finding rest or who want to come to terms with an experience that has left them unhappy.

Group Practice

In regards to the style of Qigong to study, the first thing is to always try to find a qualified teacher and a qualified system of Qigong to study. Asking the questions of where and with your teacher studied, what is the lineage of the Qigong and who was it created by, will start you on your way. You should also look at the teacher and the students as to whether they are healthy and of good nature. You will become like your teacher, so you should choose your teacher wisely. In regards to what kind of Qigong to study, I think it may be simpler to give you some ideas of what kind of Qigong would not be suitable. Any Qigong in which there is any kind of visualisation would not be good. Visualisation, particularly if the teacher is inexperienced, can easily cause Qigong side effects. Visualisation can also cause more tension on the brain, so instead of creating relaxation, you are forcing it keep working instead of letting go.

Shoulder Strike

Swarovski Crystal Cinderella Slipper

Before practicing The Dragon, which opens the energy pathway of the spinal column and stimulates your central nervous system, you must do the warm-up exercises that loosen your shoulders, hips and knees (pages 20-25). Then stand in Wu Chi for five minutes, working on inner relaxation and establishing a deep connection with the energy of the earth.

Linking activity

Linking activity is even a higher level form of mental activity during contraction relaxation exercise than the previous ones. It requires all parts of whole body resting muscles to interconnect as learnt in previous level, but now they are required to behave a unique entity, freely stretching tendon, mentally enlarging the internal amplitude, extending force, as interconnecting to some external objects in front of your body. Now it is precisely this link between your body and some external objects which should be contracting than relaxing after contracting again, and so on.continuously alternating without exaggeration (to avoid oxygen debt) contraction relaxation, combination, stretching tendon and linking activities. I repeat again without exaggeration to strictly avoid suffocation. This is extremely important to strengthen your imagination and to prepare your mental for combat. Even more crucial than previous level, you should have perfectly master all previous levels of mental...

Swimming Skill Arts

Swimming Dragon Gong

Meditation is also one of the most important aspects of doing Tai Chi. Tai Chi has an attitude of uncovering the stillness within motion , and it is only through meditation that we can realize this. It grounds us, teaches us to center ourselves both emotionally and physically, shows us how to Be in the moment, and builds up tremendous leg strength from the inside out. It is through doing meditation that our Tai Chi movements will be filled with relaxation and that flowing, beautiful grace that it is known for.

Testing Strength

If you will notice that it is very difficult for you to relax while doing this kind of exercise, concentrate rather on the more basic exercises, which put the main stress on relaxation, or while doing the moving exercise, give up trying to feel overcoming resistance, and focus on feeling relax, especially at your joints. Or try to work with extremely slight and subtle feeling of elastic resistance, as if you were playing with soap bubbles.

Penetration Punch

Hard Qigong

In this section I have covered only a few of the easier punching techniques from t'ai chi. There are others of course but they should be taught personally. I have covered more than enough punches to cover any situation. Practice on a bag by yourself at first to understand about timing and don't go too hard at first. Learn about relaxation and centrifugal force. Then ask someone to throw a few different attacks so that you are able to try them out in a more realistic situation. Keep in mind though, that nothing will prepare you for a real fight. So just because a few of your techniques start to work don't become over-confident.

Internal Movement

Zhanzhuang Book

At the very point when you start to feel the pain in your muscles, use your mind to tell them to relax (see Chapter 2). This enables oxygen-rich blood to continue to circulate freely through your system at an enhanced rate, rather than being blocked by tense muscles. It also triggers muscle fibres that have not yet been brought into play, and these help carry the load borne by the fibres that are approaching exhaustion. Until you have mastered the art of using your mind to control the tension in your muscles, you can reduce the tension by moving your mind from the pain (see p. 52). Combining this with the correct breathing and relaxation exercises already described in Chapter 2, enables you to hold any of the Zhan Zhuang positions far longer than you could ever imagine to be possible.

Skating on the

Disfraces Morados

Everyone understands Qigong is concerned with relaxation, health, and healing. Chinese culture embodies the concept of yin and yang, so there must be two sides. Hard Qigong covers strength, stamina, and conditioning. Ideally the two methods should complement each other to make the training complete. To experience only one side is to know only Level 1 movements are dynamic and exciting. Names such as 'Dragon Twists with a Pole', 'Demon Enters the Sea', 'Sparrow Hawk Dodges Away' and 'Hurricane' etc. encapsulate the essence and nature of these exercises. The movements feature relaxation (Yin) while breathing in, and tension (Yang) when breathing out and using the energy.

Karen Anderson

Qigong Iron Crotch Exercise

I have had an interest in Chinese culture and philosophy for many years and I became interested in Qigong practice in the early 1990s. In my work as a physiotherapist I had been looking for ways to integrate western medicine with eastern health practices. Qigong seemed to be a very good method for relaxation and health improvement. I had the opportunity to attend one of Sifu's courses in Goteborg some seven years ago. His method of teaching was refreshingly natural and skilful at the same time and I understood at once that this was something for me. The first time that I saw Sifu demonstrating Wild Goose Qigong it brought tears to my eyes. At that time it seemed impossible to imagine myself going through those beautiful flowing movements but I was deeply inspired to try. That inspiration has continued and I hope to continue learning, practising and polishing for many years to come.

Qigong Treatment

Qigong treatment has a good effect on high blood pressure. It can effectively induce relaxation effect and dissipate some of the mental strain factors causing high blood pressure. By relaxing, keeping one in quiescence and adjusting the cerebral cortex's function, the function of the vasomotor centre can be adjusted and the elasticity of the small arteries can be improved. In this way it is helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure. In addition, its effect of lowering blood

Standing Post Qigong

Stangind Qigong

Standing Post also helps the body's natural healing process. By promoting positive relaxation we promote blood flow, oxygen intake and so on. This has a positive effect on recuperating from injury or illness - note however that in case of fever or high temperature it is best not to practice. One other cautionary note - in the early stages of pregnancy it is best to avoid practice (at a later stage it should be OK, but practice only lightly, do not bend the knees too much). Of course, in any such cases you should always follow the advice of your doctor.

Hendon Seminar

Qigong is very good because it will not only works on one organ but the whole body. So not only will the kidneys be strengthened, also your heart and lungs. When the heart is strong, you will know your direction and when the lungs are strong, you will not be depressed and your outlook will be positive. When we do the Qigong movements and connect them with breathing and relaxation, we are balancing the blood and Qi in the body. The channels will be smoothed and acupuncture points opened so we can receive more Qi nature. Because you also worry a lot, this can also affect the spleen. All of the body is like a universe and what affects one thing, will affect the rest. The Qigong meditation will help calm your mind and so you will worry less and less and begin to see things differently.

The Inner Depths

Zai Feng Tai Chi Push Hands

The essence of this practice and the deep source of its power is the internal relaxation emphasized by Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai. You should regard the relaxation process described in Part One as the inner work that you need to accomplish in all the postures and movements throughout this book. As described in Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai's poem in the Introduction to this pad of the book, there is an inner and an outer aspect to this practice. Ensure you are standing in the correct posture and remain completely still. Then work carefully through your body to release any accumulated tension in your muscles. You can guide yourself through this progressive relaxation using the outline on the facing page.

Visits the UK

Meditation Health

Professional practitioner or teacher, suggested reading and details of contact for related organisations. The recording itself serves not only as an accompaniment to the practice but also as music for pure relaxation (RRP CD 12 MC 7.95 + 1.95 p+p). Using the spine in this way relates to the Daoyin practices which traditionally used back bending exercises to squeeze the Qi about the body. The adaptation of Tuna - deep breathing exercises from Taoist and medical traditions - was also important. They utilise abdominal breathing for relaxation, health preservation and increased circulation of Qi. For Chen Wangting the Tuna breathing meant on the one hand that the Taijiquan practitioner's body would be helped to relax and on the other In Xuan Ming Dao Qigong study, prior to beginning the Qigong practice, students strive to attain a level of relaxation, quiet and naturalness. This approach assists students in preparing for the practice by beginning to physically and mentally prepare...

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