4 Week Meditation Course For Healing Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Meditation Course For Healing Depression, Anxiety and Stress

About 4 Week Meditation Course

The 4-week Meditation Course for Healing Depression, Anxiety and Stress is a product by the Natura Holistic College and Institute. As the title reveals, the program takes 4 weeks, after which you will start feeling calmer and less anxious

The Creator of the Course: 4 Week Meditation Course for Healing Depression, Anxiety and Stress is formulated by a holistic institute called Natura Holistic College Institute, which is one of the top platforms for learning meditation, chakra balancing, life coaching, reiki among many other modalities. The institute has over 1000 students and holistic practitioners in stations all over the world. The college was founded by Julie Jenkins and Colin Cooper.

What You Get From the Course

4 Week Meditation Course is dispensed on a weekly basis so if you purchase the product, you will instantly get access to the Week 1 material. The first batch of the course will lay down the guidelines as well as present you with everything you need to get started with depression and anxiety reduction. It doesn’t matter if you are a meditation novice, as the course includes useful calm and relaxing audios that will help put your mind at ease. The course material is also easy to understand and follow. Below are what to expect every week for 4 weeks:

Week 1

In the first week, you will explore the advantages of mindfulness and meditation on your physical and mental health and how it engages the brain and reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. You access a guided relaxation meditation that will immediately have you feeling calmer and relaxed. The first week is about setting the stage for being calmer and decreasing stress hormones. Material to help you in the first week includes:

  • Worksheets-Encompassing the definition of meditation, stages of the mind, the importance of relaxation, and stage one of the mind: the normal mind.
  • Videos-Welcome Video (1 min), and what is mindfulness (1.8mins)
  • Infographic-Showing the 6 different meditation poses
  • Audios-Includes how to prepare for meditation (4mins and 33secs), and guided relaxation meditation (9mins and 04secs).

Week 2

Week 2 covers the rules and guidelines that will help you become successful with your Mindfulness Meditation Practice. The course will take you to your ‘Sacred Space’ where you can escape to find tranquility and peace. You will also be able to release the toxic such as tension and anxiety brought about by stressful situations. You receive the following in week 2:

  • Worksheets comprising of benefits of meditation, rules of meditation, how to recognize and deal naturally with stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Audios with guided meditation, finding your sacred space (8mins and 27secs), and reducing stress (16mins and 27secs).

Week 3

At this stage, you will start learning about the goals of meditation as well as the advantages of “not giving up”, like any other obstacle in life. You will also learn how to utilize your brain to your advantage when dealing with difficult situations. Another important thing you will come to learn in week 3 is how sometimes it can be hard to let go of sate you have used to living in. It is all about the journey to the present at this level and learning to bring things to perspective. Materials in week 3 are:

  • Worksheets with word of warning, meditation and religion, and the Present Moment Meditation.
  • Audio with guided meditation – “A Journey Into The Present Moment (11mins and 47secs).

Week 4

The last stage of the course and of the journey to a relaxed and calm life, week 4 involves a variety of ways you can meditate. You will receive the following materials in the last week of meditation:

  • Worksheets with types of meditation including Walking Meditation and how it works, Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Guided Visualization, Where to From Here and Mindfulness.
  • Audio with guided Mindfulness Meditation (8mins 24secs).

Benefits of 4 Week Meditation Course For Healing Depression, Anxiety and Stress

The course has numerous benefits, including:

  • It has a well-documented proof that it works and is backed by popular institutions such as Harvard University, APA, and Deepak Chopra
  • It is very easy to understand, follow, implement, and most importantly, it is private
  • It aims at bringing the life you once enjoyed back
  • Taught by certified meditation instructors with a combined experience exceeding 40 years.

Who Can Use the 4 Week Depression Course?

The course is obviously not for those who are not willing to try something new, or who can’t give their mind and heart to the relaxation journey. So who is the course intended for?

  • Anyone who wants to live a fuller and healthier lifestyle
  • Those who have been in constant struggles with negative feelings, anxiety, and stress and can move forward with their lives
  • If you desire a calmer and happier life
  • Anyone who is currently taking meditation for anxiety or depression and would like to try something new or better option.


I have seen positive remarks about 4 Week Meditation Course For Healing Depression, Anxiety and Stress, but that is not the only thing that makes us give it an upvote. The fact that the course is being taught by certified meditation teachers, and is from a reputable institution, we think you should try it too!

Meditation Course For Healing Depression, Anxiety and Stress
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