Dentists Be Damned Review

Who Is The Creator Of This Product?

 Dentist Be Damned is credited to Alice Barnes, who is not a dental hygienist a dentist but she w has made some significant impact in the medical field. Despite the facts, she is not a dentist she has vast experience in dental, which has helped her to launch this product. Toothache is significant problems for many people and may create some discomfort to someone who has a toothache.

 According to her, there are several things that one need to know, and he or she will never step in the dentist office. Over the years, the author has been consistent when it comes to her teeth, which has made her develops this product, which ensures that you get rid of the toothache.


Why Should You Trust This Product?

 Everyone who has ever experienced could ascertain what it means to have a toothache. It makes one feel uncomfortable and uneasy, but the major problem would be if the patient does not like visiting the dentist. If your condition is like that, then worry no more since Dentist Be Damned is here to helps you solve this problem once for all. According to her, it’s about 15 years since she last visited a dentist to have a removal of the teeth.

The reason why we should trust this product is that in the past 15 years Alice has been using this product and she has not had any toothache or cavity problems thus giving full credit to this product when it comes to getting rid with a toothache. Besides that, she has been able to maintain some dazzling teeth which attract the attention of everyone which get attributed to this product.

  This product has been used by many people who have been a victim of persistent toothache, which creates a lot of confidence about the product. One important thing that everyone should consider is that the dentist is out to make some good profit from your teeth, thus can't share any views other than the removal of a tooth. However, for this product, it's the home-based remedy which could be used by anyone to get rid of the pain without taking advantage of getting more money. 

This show some trust about the product and the need for everyone to consider using this product to get rid of toothache.


About The Product And What It Includes

 This product is the home remedy of getting rid of teeth ache once for all without necessary visiting the dentist. Some people fear the dentist who makes them live with the pain for long, which creates a lot of discomforts. However, if you experience pain in your home, the product shows some of the ways you could get rid of the pain in a simple step:

  • Step one: Use Over- the Counter Painkillers
  • Step two: Follow, use of clove oil
  • Step Three: Use of Capsaicin
  • Step four: Use of Tobacco


When you have a toothache, the first thing you should consider is looking for a painkiller which will help relieve the pain for some time. Reducing the throbbing would help one to reduce the pain, which would ensure one get rid of the pain. However, it is good to take due diligence when it comes to painkillers. Most of the people are used to the painkiller, which would make them have a stomach ache.


 This oil is made from the cloves, which are the most readily available remedy which everyone has when it comes toothache. However, this clove oil does not work efficiently but work similarly to other painkillers. Many people have not embraced this clove oil, but it can help relieve pain when it comes to toothache. However, it is good to note that clove oil like painkiller only works to relieve the pain.


 This is standard chilli which is available in the chilli peppers. It is commonly found in the kitchen, and anytime when you have a toothache, it is good to rub a little bit on your aching tooth which would work effectively. However, it is good to precaution of the chilli before one should be ready to control the chilli pepper.

 This one would work efficiently compared to the clove oil and also over the counter painkillers. Many people have been using the chilli pepper and have worked effectively, thus making it reliable. 


This is the best solution when it comes to reducing toothache pain. One needs to open cigarette and siphon some tobacco and take onto your mouth where one is expected to mix with saliva, thus moistening the mouth. After ensuring that the mouth is moist enough, one needs to add some more water and swish on your aching tooth for about 40 seconds and then spit it out.

 Unlike other methods of reducing the pain, this is the most common one which is close to solving the main problem. By the end of the day, this is just a small remedy to reduce the pain, but you have not yet eliminated the problem.

However, the above three-step would help one to reduce the pain but not solving the cause of the pain. The toothache is mainly caused a bacterial infection which causes pulp, and then tissue which holds the tooth gets affected, which in extreme case the pain. In any case, we only think about eliminating the pain, but we forget to solve the problem permanently, which is eliminating the tooth infection.

In other words, it is all about looking for the root cause of the infection and deals with it. When one has a, and he or she has tried ways of reducing pain, but there is a need to solve this problem permanently, he or she should consider the following:

  • Having root canal and also dental bills
  • Taking good care of your teeth

Having A Root Canal

 The cure to toothache and other infection in the teeth has a root canal. The moment you decide to visit the dentist, he or she would have a root canal on the aching teeth which would solve the problem permanently. This is the best solution when it comes to toothache since it would eliminate the tooth and reduce possible infection to other teeth.  However, there are people with dentist phobia they can solve teeth problem by using below method.

Taking Good Care Of Your Teeth

 This is a natural way of preventing and also protecting toothache to any person out there. When it comes to eating one should ensure he or she takes diet, which would strengthen the teeth and make them healthy. In addition to that, one should avoid sugary things which would cause decay of the teeth.

What Problem Can The Product Help To Solve?

 Dentist be damned is here to help people who have been suffering from toothache relieve the pain using the favourable method, which is friendly. Toothache would cause a lot of discomfort to many people; thus, there is a need to have proper consideration of these people and develop good measure which would ensure one heal such infection causing toothache.

 This product helps to solve toothache problem both partially and also permanently depending on the choice of the person. For instance, if the patients are looking for a way to reduce the pain, he or she would consider them, but that will be a solution. The four-step would only help the patient to prolong the pain and manage the pain as you focus on the significant solution.

When it comes to permanent solution the product suggests two which include visiting the dentist and have a root canal and to those with dentist phobia they need to take good care of their teeth and that will make them avoid toothache and also the dentist.


  Dentist be Damned available in the E-book format for people to access and download the book and have the tip of what the product is all about. Then moment one purchase the e-book he or she would obtain the book through smartphone, computers and other e-readers. Once you purchase the e-book, it will come with some bonuses which include:

  • How to prevent and also cure canker sores
  • How to get free of the lousy breath


 Many people suffer from canker sores, which is more painful to them and stays for a more extended period. After your purchase, the e-book this guide would be an essential guide on how to prevent these sores from coming. This would help many people who have been a victim.


 Lousy breath is a collective issue for many people and creates some humiliation point to the victims. Sometimes we lose close people and loved due to smelling mouth. No one is willing to face you when you have this problem.

 However, this could get resolved with this guide in place which ensures one get some guidelines which would eliminate bad breath. This is a social problem which affects many people in society, but the e-book comes with this guide, which would help. It is everyone who wishes to have some dazzling good smelling teeth.


  This product is intended to target those people who have a toothache. Toothache is a significant problem for many problems due to the discomfort it causes. The product offers both ways of reducing the pain and also getting rid of the toothache.  Those looking for a permanent solution should either take good care of their teeth or have a tooth canal.

This product is not a newbie since it has been there for the past 15 years and has been used successfully. It is good to note that one does not need to have technical skills or intermediate level to use this product. With good access to the product through the e-book, it would help one access the toothache cure.

Dentists Be Damned
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