First Strike by Swat Team Leader Review

First Strike by Swat Team Leader

We might find ourselves in compromising positions that may need quick reactions. We may not be prepared to face them since come abruptly. As a result, we need to act quickly in order to save ourselves or our partners out of the situation. Todd Lamb, a former Special operator in the Canadian Forces SSF and now a leader of one of the most prestigious SWAT teams, highlighted some key points on the First Strike that may be of help to some violence faced in the real world. He explains that when a human being finds himself in a compromising situation that has his/her life and those of their loved ones at stake, he or she will have instinctive reactions generated from their human genes. While society has taught us to be meek and turn our other cheeks whenever stricken, the creator of this self-defense mechanism suggests otherwise. He explains that not unless you awaken the dormant instincts, you will have difficulty in saving yourself when harm approaches.

How Special Forces, Law Enforcement and Personal Protection Professionals learn to fight

Most people think that people in the Special Forces spend years training for the lethal martial arts techniques that they use in case of violence in the society.  The truth is, they only rely on some techniques they learn for a few weeks, not years, that enables them to encounter the violence efficiently and quickly. Todd Lamb, together with Ari Knazan, a Personal Protection expert and a martial arts teacher, is on a mission to motivate people to regain their hidden strengths in preparation of facing any encounter ahead since they come when we least expect them.    

Martial arts demand a lot of discipline and it really helps in self-exploration. Moreover, it has rules but not everyone abides by the rules in the real world. This is why Todd Lamb explains to us how to respond to forces faced when there is an encounter hence he gives out techniques that are passed down from generation to generation with perfection known as combative.

How World War 2 combative reveal the simple but terrible effectiveness of instinctive fight skills

It is evident that when someone throws an item at you, you will respond by jerking your hands up without even thinking about it. This was realized by the Shanghai Municipal Police, who are the pioneers of the modern SWAT Team, the reactive action that formed the basis for the approach to violent encounters.  The Shanghai officers, under the guidance of renowned fighters in Japan and China, combined practical techniques according to human instincts together with Shanghai gangster fighting techniques and did a field test of the result in many documented encounters. This real-world fighting has evolved over the years and it is referred to as “combative”.

After their return to their homes, Shanghai Municipal Police veterans were recruited to train Special Forces teams in the World War 2. This new combative method produced the highest number of documented skills only weeks into the training. It is important to learn these techniques since you will eventually have the power to face any encounter that comes your way. Furthermore, you will also be able to put out the confidence hidden from within you.


Most men may tend to say that violence can never hit them. This is the worst form of thinking. It is indeed the quickest way to make you and your family the next victims to the violence in this ill society.  You need to arm yourself in the best way possible for your own benefit. Violence never waits for you to be prepared. In fact, it lingers just around every corner ready to attack. This is why you need to learn the special tactics so as to make the First Strike just in case it comes knocking at your door.

Ending the conflict before it actually begins

Before you encounter violence, you might have seen it coming. Therefore, you need to put your instincts together and get ready to tackle it correctly. You might need to end it before it actually starts by avoiding it or being the first one to apply the First Strike move on the encounter.


Every man would like to receive attention while walking in a room. This is most likely to happen if you wear your confidence. A small, slim man can command people and they listen if you have the self-confidence. Furthermore, due to the self-confidence and a few tricks learned here, attackers can stay a mile away from you since they fear how you are going to tackle them suppose they try attacking you.

There are a number of benefits in learning these tricks and techniques. You will be saving your life and those of your loved ones. No man would want to be beaten to the pulp and left lying down on the ground unconsciously. In addition, one might end up in hospitals with broken ribs or ruptured skins incurring hospital bills. Why wait for things to get wild? Take action today! Buy this product and learn the tactics to be fully armed for whatever come your way.

First Strike by Swat Team Leader
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