Psychic Power Secrets Review

Every human being has an innate tendency to psychic powers, and possibly you didn’t you this. Well, it’s time you understand this and use “Psychic Power Secrets” to wake up that instinct.

Psychic Power Secrets

A package 3 downloadable PDF books, the Psychic Power Secrets contains all the actionable techniques out there that can activate your old psychic muscle.

It is meant to give you the idea that possessing psychic abilities is not impossible. Instead, these have been in nature for as long as humans have existed in the past. Our ancestors used them to influence their prey and lure them in their traps for a better chance of hunting and thus, survival.

Now, it could be your chance to develop them and use them in your day to day life to

  • Discover lost items and people,
  • Send a psychic message to someone and influence them to do your job,
  • Receive valuable advice from the spirit guides through them,
  • Decode your dreams and understand the message sent in them, and
  • Improve your lifestyle by understanding how things work around you and how you can turn them in your favor by getting all the important answers.

You reap all of these benefits at the expense of nothing at all.

  • You achieve the feat by staying at home, not even flexing a single muscle.
  • You save a lot on avoiding all the psychic hotlines you’ve been calling.
  • You can use all your psychic abilities to help the people in need.
  • You’ll never have a shred of doubt about what’s coming ahead. Instead, you’ll be ready always for the inevitable.
  • Your intuition will be developed to a great extent.

The books

As said earlier, the package has three books related to different psychic abilities. The chapters of the books are laid out very conveniently and the information provided therein is simple, easy to follow, and extremely actionable.

Here are the three books.

1. Psychic Power Secrets

The first book of the package deals with the introduction of psychic powers, their true nature, and how to develop them even if you don’t have any previous knowledge about what goes on.

Laid in 41 chapters and 273 pages, it clearly establishes your mind and makes it receptive to a life-changing experience.

Right from the first chapter, you’ll start understanding the basic of developing psychic abilities, after which you’ll be introduced to a unique set of skills needed to take a hold of your fears.

It also contains a lot of information on the mind and how its different parts work together to send waves of telepathy to your desired destination.

All in all, from intro to brain powers and beyond, the first book is a sure way to get you on the path.

Here are the details of what you’ll learn:

  • The Trance State
  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • The Spirit Worlds
  • Psychic Ability
  • Psychometry
  • The Human Aura
  • Telepathy Clairvoyance
  • Spirit Healing

2. Clairvoyance Power Secrets

Clairvoyance is not new. It is as old as humanity and now with this book, you've got a chance to capitalize on your ancient abilities. 20 chapters and 211 pages of this book will take you through all the information available and researched by the author on the topic.

Besides giving you a clearer picture of the power and presenting the techniques related to it, it also informs you of all the scientific aspects of clairvoyance.

After finishing the book, you’ll be well versed in

  • Astral senses
  • Psychometry
  • Telepath
  • Clairvoyance
  • Astral Body Travelling,
  • The Human Aura,
  • Psychic Influence,
  • Psychic Attraction, and
  • Spiritual Healing.

3. Mental Power Secrets

The third book discusses how your mind is capable of achieving unimaginable feats. It covers:

  • The Law of Vibration
  • Thought Waves
  • Mental Induction,
  • Mental Concentration,
  • Fascination,
  • Hypnotic Influence,
  • Influencing at a Distance,
  • Influencing En Masse,
  • The Need of the Knowledge,
  • Magic Black and White, and
  • Self Protection.

Bonus Book

Besides the mentioned three powerful books that could transform your life for the best, you also get a free bonus book named Psychomancy Power Secrets.

This one deals with the following.

  • The Nature of Psychomancy
  • How to Develop Yourself
  • Simple Psychomancy
  • The Astral Tube
  • Psychometry
  • Crystal Gazing
  • Space Psychomancy
  • Past Time Psychomancy
  • Future Time Psychomancy
  • Dream Psychomancy

A thin line between myth and reality

The course in question is a thin line between myth and reality of psychic abilities. As soon as you cross this thin line, you’ll be taken into a realm far fetched and extremely rare to mundane people. You will have experiences that would define your life ahead and that too, for the betterment of your life.

This is by far the first of its kind course with up to date content that cannot be found anywhere else. So, if you’re done spending hundreds of dollars on psychic calls, purchase this package and stay ahead of the curve.

Metaphysical Abilities

The psychic abilities taught by the books can be used to project yourself in the realm of astral physics and metaphysical abilities. Once you get there, you’ll experience

  • Astral projection, which will take you up and beyond to get a larger picture of everything in its essence,
  • Out of Body realm - the one of its kind everyone’s talking about. You will be able to project yourself out of your body during your dreams.
  • Lucid Dreaming will take you on a whole different journey of knowing the inevitable.
  • Channeling is yet another ability you’ll learn. You will be able to channel energies in nature for your betterment.
  • Remote Viewing - your eyes will be that of a hawk, keeping a close look on everything that’s happening underneath.

These metaphysical abilities are known to change the lives of the bearer forever. However, the impact is not only limited to individual life, but also to the lives of those surrounding you as you venture out and apply your skills to help them in a number of ways.


You must have realized by now that Developing Psychic Powers encompasses all the psychic abilities and compiles them in easy to follow books. What makes you take so long then? Hope on the bandwagon for a supernatural life you’ve been dreaming about.

Psychic Power Secrets
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