Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

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This complete multimedia training program is designed and guaranteed to help you live a happier, healthier, and longer life by just practicing 15 minutes a day!

  • Creator: Marcus Santer
  • Contents: ebooks, videos
  • Price: $4.95
  • Official Website: enjoyqigong.com
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Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

The Author Of The Program

Shaolin Qigong is a step-by-step program comprising videos and e-books created by Marcus Santer. He has founded a number of health and wellness programs and books as well as more than 170 blog posts on everything to do with Qigong, including Qigong healing techniques and Qigong exercise. Santer set out to help those who, for whatever reason, are unable to learn directly the principles of Qigong. That is why he created this comprehensive program, a 22 week online Qigong Secretes Home Study Course that can be consumed using streaming video services, PDF readers, and MP4 players. Between 2004 and 2009, Santer was the chief instructor in the United Kingdom for an international Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong organization. For many years, Santer has been practicing authentic Qigong and has traveled many miles just to learn and practice this technique. According to him, he loves Qigong with passion and has helped him overcome depression as well as improve the lives and health of his students. His passion is to elevate the profile of Qigong and make it a known practice like other techniques such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Reiki.

About Qigong Secrets Study Course

Shaolin Qigong was curated by Marcus Santer as a remedy to help keep you energetic, young, and live a healthy lifestyle and be happy all the time. The program includes different undertaking practices that take as little as ten minutes, and from each segment, your energy will be vitalized, setting you out for a healthy lifestyle. The program is user-friendly since it does not require you to be athletic and super-fit nor does it require you to train or take some expensive pills to get started. The creator of the program, Mr. Santer, has gone the extra mile in making sure that he is with you in every step of all exercises until you achieve your best results. The practices included in this program are not a mystery as the course consists of written instructions and video tutorials that will help you practice easily.  The exercises help you manage your vital energy (Qi or Chi), which is the life force that keeps every one of us alive.

Marcus gradually but effectively teaches you about more preparation tools so that you get the most out of your weekly training. And as I mentioned, each practice will only take you about 5 to 10 minutes a day, and that includes everything that is required.

How The Program Works

The foundation of Shaolin Qigong is to instruct you through exercises to ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle. Once you subscribe to this program, you will start receiving weekly a clear and precise video through the internet as well as easy to read instructions in PDF form which will guide you on your practice. The Qigong course has a very unique model that you can easily access, read through the steps and instructions, and apply them successfully.

Marcus Santer’s Qigong teaching method

Marcus is an experienced instructor who has traveled the world to learn from an experienced teacher, as a result, I have found that this experience has shaped his teaching style in a manner that is beneficial for learners. First, you will be impressed by his friendly and get-to-the-point approach. In the first lessons, he clearly explains the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, displaying how this holistic idea of health and disease is the consequence of energy blockages in the body and the concept of Qigong is one way of getting rid of those blockages, thus restoring or sustaining good health.

Every week he formulates an exciting handout with everything that you need on it, complete with pictures and diagrams, in addition to the information provided on a weekly video, so that you help you recap what you have learned in the week.

Along with the theory, you will also begin straightaway to learn about the patterns of Qigong, so that you don't feel like you are getting stuck in just the practical side of the program, thus giving you an early feel of the martial art world. He also inspires you to practice every day, following his structured home workouts, so that you only take a few minutes of training.

What you receive over the 22 weeks

Basically, the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course features a step-by-step description of practices that you should do in your home, to help elevate the positive energy. In it, you will find detailed and clearly explained instructions that will help you obtain the required results. In the course of the 22 weeks, you will receive the following resources through the internet:

  • 214 pages of written instructions: Written in a bite-sized chunk for easy reading and understanding, this section presents the clearest and easily digestible instructions for beginners to comprehend.
  • Over 8 hours of video tuition: There is enough evidence that supports the effectiveness of learning with pictures. They even say a picture paints a thousand words, so imagine how many words 8 hours of video at 25 frames (pictures) per second paint?
  • 5 powerful bonuses: The Qigong that Santer teaches is result-oriented, and to help cement this, he included 5 powerful bonuses along with the program. Two of the bonuses are essential tools for your own success, and very few teachers know about them and even fewer students use them. Yet these tools can literally mean the difference between your success and failure with Qigong. Additionally, part of the bonus is an Mp3 recording that will help you master one of the three core skills for Qigong. Without these skills, you are just doing gentle exercise. Marcus will show you the six essential qualities you must look for in a great Qigong teacher and share 22 pages of Qigong research that prove the effectiveness of Qigong.
  • NEW feature: In this new addition, each week's video tuition is spilled up into small bite-sized chunks rather than one huge, long video. And each bite-sized video is easily downloadable, thus allowing you to take lessons with you anywhere you go.

In total, you will receive 214 pages of pdf notes, 8 hours of video tutorial, and 5 powerful bonuses.

Once you activate your 2-week test drive of the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course, you will receive another bonus, an mp3 recording of a talk titled "The 7 Secrets of High-Level Qigong “ – they include:

  1. What is Qigong– A clear explanation of Qi, without which Qigong makes no sense what so ever. What does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have to do with Qigong?
  2. How Does Qigong Work – What exactly does it do, what actually happens when you practice Qigong, and an introduction to basic TCM principals.
  3. There is Only 1 Illness– Discover how Qigong overcomes it and prevents it.
  4. How to Take Back Your Healing Power – Why all it takes is just 15 minutes a day, why there is no expensive equipment, supplements, or gym fees to pay – ever.
  5. The 3 Core Skills of High-Level Qigong – Discover the difference between Qigong form and Qigong, learn why Qigong form is so prevalent today, and learn of the skills necessary to practice high-level qigong.
  6. The PERFECT Approach To Qigong– The 7 powerful steps to Qigong practice. This tool allows you to get all the benefits of Qigong quicker and easier.
  7. Don’t Believe The Hype!– I’ll tell you who Qigong is not for and share with you the 3 major flaws of Qigong that nobody talks about. Knowing these can save you months of wasted effort.

Once your details are received, you will be taken to a page where you will complete your access to the exclusive member area. After the two-week trial is complete, you will receive a notification asking you whether you want to continue or not.

What You Learn From This Program

  • Naturally feel more energized, fresh, and alert– without drinking vast quantities of coffee or caffeine-laden fizzy drinks (and avoid that horrible ‘slump’ when the effects wear off).
  • Improve, maintain, and develop your health – without having to sweat in the gym three or four times a week. You'll avoid those expensive monthly gym fees, Ouch! And let's be honest, how often do you fancy traveling to the gym after a hard day's work? There is a better way.
  • Feel more confident– without reading a mountain of self-improvement books. Just imagine the wonderful changes you can make when you stop holding yourself back.
  • Get more done each day towards building the life of your dreams – without sacrificing time with friends, family, and loved ones?
  • Wake up your body’s NATURAL healing power– without having to learn for decades from some ‘Guru’ or ‘Master’.

 Additionally, each week you will receive clear video tutorials as well as for instructions that build systematically on the week before. This course has been structured in such a way that it is easy to follow and does not require some “quantum leaps” in your understanding.

After you complete the course, you will discover:

  • 19 of the best Qigong exercises that can help you live a happier, healthier, and longer life in just 10-15 minutes a day.
  • A powerful habit– this is one of the most powerful tools in Qigong but hardly anybody knows about it (Week 02).
  • The ONLY illness there isand how practicing the Shaolin Qigong exercises I share can help you to overcome it and protect you from experiencing it ever again (Week 03).
  • The PERFECT path to Qigongis a tool I use with my students to help them get better Qigong benefits, faster and easier (Week 04).
  • The 4 stages of Mastery(Week 04), The 3 Requirements for success in any endeavor (Week 16), The Antidote to Worry (Week 20)…
  • Each week I'll show you a new Qigong exercise and explain the main benefits you'll gain from it. I'll teach you the form first, then I'll show you how to add the breathing and I'll show you how to practice it as Qigong, not just as a gentle exercise. Using video tuition and clear written instructions, I make it as easy for you as possible.

How This Program Can Help You

Just like any other type of practice, results will vary from one person to another when you start learning the techniques of the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course. There are many ways this course can help you after you begin training. Marcus has experienced a positive transformation across all aspects of his life, and he attributes all those changes to Shaolin Qigong. He also realizes that the more you practice, the deeper and more profound the benefits of the training will become.

Below are many ways in which you can benefit from the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course.

  • Health and vitality

After staring training you will notice your health begins to steadily improve as time pass, becoming less susceptible to diseases and illness, including flu and common colds until you reach a stage where you rarely get ill.

Your posture will improve and you will begin to stand much more upright. This can be welcoming news especially if you have orthotics. You will feel deeply relaxed and stay relaxed throughout the day. The stress that is used to get in your way of life will bother you no more. You will be able to remain calm, relaxed, and stress-free under any difficult situation because you will have cultivated emotional stability and resilience.

Even if you are occasionally get knocked off balance, you will understand clearly what to do in order to return to the place of balance and composure.

  • Peak performance

The practices included in the Qigong Secrets Home Study will help you generate a lot of good quality energy. This will help you create a clear mind and ability to stay focus, thus increasing your performance in whatever you do. However, this does not mean that you will always be good at what you do but will always be able to perform at your peak, which is the most important thing.

  • Longevity

When you start doing the trainings, though this may vary from person to person, you will start to feel fitter and healthier than you have ever felt before. You will begin to let go of your addiction and other vices that interfere with the quality of your life.

  • Expanded awareness

Even without trying to achieve or do anything, you find yourself experiencing expanded awareness – more self-aware, in interactions, and opening up to the marvels of the Universe. This awareness allows you to be mindful of how you respond to life, thus enabling you to improve the quality of your interactions. It will lead to greater love and compassion in your life and those around you – friends and family as well as the world in general. The knowledge will expand your world view and outlook on life.

Since we live in an expanding Universe and the expansion of consciousness is essentially linked to our evolution as humans, we are at the edge of that very expansion and personal evolution, which are important contributors to the expansion of consciousness.

  • Spiritual cultivation

Qigong Secrets Home Study Course can also be a spur for an internal exploration into the nature of life. It will help lead you towards a better understanding of your spiritual essence as well as your Self. This will happen even if you don’t have any faith.

  • Boost your circulation

The exercises that you will learn from this program combines relaxed stretching with long, slow diaphragmatic breaths. And by working your whole body, the blood is gently moved through the veins and arteries, ensuring appropriate and efficient circulation as well as nourishment of the body tissues. When you coordinate the movements of your body with long, slow controlled breaths, you shut-off the flight or fight system (sympathetic nervous system) while the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for digestion, rest, and heal is engaged. This activity slows down the heart rate while lowering the blood pressure. And because the exercises shared by Marcus Santer are gentle, this program can be safe even for those with cardiovascular problems or limitations.

  • Stimulates peristaltic movement

During these practices, you will be using an extended diaphragmatic breath to connect your lower stomach, which usually holds the deepest and sturdiest energetic centers of your body. By pushing your stomach out as you breathe in, and pulling it in as you breathe out, you kindle three essential physiological functions in your body. First, as your diaphragm descends while your belly expands, your lower lobes of the lungs are filled with oxygen that is sufficiently supplied to the rest of the body.  Secondly, the descent of your diaphragm results in contractive pressure on your internal organs, thus helping them flush out toxins.

Last but not least, the oscillating movement of the diaphragm helps stimulate the digestive gut, allowing food to move swiftly along its path.

  • Help calm anxiety and stress

For most of us, the mind is usually stuck in one of the following places – either they are leaving us filled with irritability, anger, and stress, or dragging our past into the present. Or sometimes they are spiraling into the distant future, leaving us consumed with anxiety, overthinking, and worrying. But just like seated meditation, Qigong Secret Home Study Course incorporates soft flowing body movement combined with diaphragmatic breath to link the mind to the present, where you will find stillness, quiet, and peace.

The Disadvantage Of Qigong Secretes Home Study Course

The only undesired side effect of this program is perhaps the uncontrollable involuntary move, though there are also extreme side effects such as mental illnesses.

How Qigong Secrets Home Study Curse can change your life

There are a lot of things you can learn from this program, including two of the most talked-about forms – Lifting the Sky and Butterfly dancing. These two involve simple movements that can help you achieve if not all, some of the benefits of Qigong mentioned above. Marcus Santer, the creator of the product, provides you with a progress tracker to help chart your mood as well as overall health.

You will enjoy the gentle movements and stretching, especially after a long day of work of sitting in front of a computer or behind a desk. If you have been feeling the desire for personal growth and becoming calmer, being able to put life into perspective, and generally be happy, you should try this program. I don’t mean that it is designed only for people who are depressed and messed up, but since we all can suffer from life pressure and sadness, this course can help a lot and turn you into that person that you feel you need to be.

This program is extremely user-friendly, which means that even beginners can start without any problem. It contains simple instructions that are easy to follow and understand and even those who are already practicing it can still access the course to sharpen their in-depth understanding of the technique.

In the last lesson (week 22), the author will work with you to explore what will happen to you next now that you have come to the end of the course. He is open for contacts and you can get in touch with him any time to inform him how you are getting on with the practice and life in general.

Disclaimer From Marcus Santer

” This course is designed to provide information about the subject matter covered. Every effort has been made to make this course as complete and accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes both typographical and in content. Therefore, this course should be used only as a general guide and not as the ultimate source of Shaolin Qigong. Websites and e-mails listed in this course were correct at the time of printing. The purpose of this home study course is to educate and entertain. The author and the publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this home study course. This course, and any associated website, are provided for information only. It should not be treated as a substitute for medical, legal, or professional advice. All information is provided in good faith and is researched to the best of my knowledge”

What Other Users Are Saying About This Program

My Honest Opinion

In today’s frantic, distracted world, it may seem counter-cultural to purposely slow down a bit and breathe. So a product like Qigong Secrets Home Study Course can be a welcoming product for anyone. While there are plenty of other Qigong courses out there, there is something about how Marcus Santer teaches that benefits all his students. The product itself is great, but the teaching is Marcus is what makes it an extra-ordinary Qigong curse. Many people have enrolled in this course and have seen tremendous results in a very short time, and there is no reason to think you too can’t benefit from it. As far as my opinion goes, I highly recommend this product for anyone seeking to learn how to relax and enhance their energy levels

Yes, I Want Qigong Secrets Home Study Course!

Frequently Asked Questions

The product is 100% natural and safe, with no side effects. This system has been designed to work for everyone regardless of age, gender or current weight. Users can get a 100 percent money-back policy if the product does not work.
Some sites will try to draw you in by claiming you can download Marcus Santer’s Qigong Secrets Home Study Course for free. Their page titles might be something like, “Qigong Secrets Home Study Course Free Download PDF“. Then, you get to the site, and they try to justify it by saying it’s “risk-free” and then point you to the website where it’s $4.95. Well, to me risk-free and FREE aren’t the same thing! While you can technically try Qigong Secrets Home Study Course risk-free because of the 60-day money back guarantee, you still need the money up front to buy it in the first place so it isn’t free. Qigong Secrets Home Study Course is not a free program and any site claiming a free download is either not being totally honest with you or is providing illegal copies, neither of which is good.
This is indicative of sites that usually use a title to their page that says something like, “Qigong Secrets Home Study Course: Another SCAM!?!” or “Qigong Secrets Home Study Course: Is Marcus Santer a Scammer?” or something of that nature. In other words, when you search for Qigong Secrets Home Study Course in Google or another search engine, these sites show up with those types of titles in the listings. Sometimes these sites will also use what I call the “Fear Factor” in their headlines which is something like, “Qigong Secrets Home Study Course: OMG So Bad!”. This is often nothing more than an attempt to draw you into their site by making you think they used the product and had a really bad experience with it. How do I know these are fake and not real scam alerts or legitimate complaints? Because the title cries SCAM!!!!! or a really horrible experience, but then you go to the page and read the review and it’s always an extremely positive, glowing review about how great Qigong Secrets Home Study Course is. In these instances, they only use the word SCAM to try and draw you into their site because they know if they say something is a scam or a terrible program, you’ll probably click on their link to find out more about it, right? A legitimate bad experience or a real scam alert to help protect consumers is one thing, but don’t fall for this type of trickery and trust your gut when the headline/page title and review don’t match. No real Qigong Secrets Home Study Course review will cry SCAM or claim it’s a terrible program in the title only to offer up a review that says the complete opposite.
Another version of this same thing is the fake discount. “Buy through this link for 50% off”. Guess what, when you click the link, you go to the website where it’s $4.95, just like it normally is. I actually first noticed this one on YouTube where people were making short 30 second videos claiming they found discount links to Qigong Secrets Home Study Course. However, every time I checked one out, it was a huge disappointment and offered no discount at all. I’ve never claimed to be a super genius when it comes to math, but something about the numbers just stinks…let’s see…$4.95 minus 50% discount through your link = $4.95! Don’t fall for these fake discount claims. One last thing I’ve seen in regards to this is that sometimes people will try to inflate the value of the program on their own site to make it appear like they are giving you a discount. For example, they’ll say something like “Qigong Secrets Home Study Course is normally $20, but buy through my link for $4.95, a savings of 75%! ” Just another lie you should watch out for. The price will always be $4.95 unless Marcus Santer decides to change it himself. If he does, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!
  • Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

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