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Ward off all forms of negative energy with Tibetan Dzi beads

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Sacred Tibetan Dzi Bead

Dzi (pronounced as Zee) is a Tibetan word used to describe a patterned agate, of mainly oblong, round, cylindrical, or tabular shape pierced lengthwise called Heaven’s bead (tian zhu) in Chinese.

This bead is a fashionable yet potent trinket that is said to host benefits for his owner.

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  • What is Tibetan Dzi BeadMeaning and explanation surrounding the Tibetan Dzi bead
  • History of the Tibetan Dzi bead
  • Benefits of purchasing the Dzi bead
  • Conclusion

What is Tibetan Dzi bead

The Dzi bead is a type of stone bead of uncertain origin worn as part of a necklace and can also pass as a bracelet. In several Asian cultures, especially the Tibet, the Dzi bead is widely believed to provide positive spiritual benefit to whoever wears it. Dzi beads are worn as protective amulets and when grounded it is a prized ingredient used in traditional Tibetan medicine.

Dzi comes in different variations with those of ancient age highly prized are made of natural agate. To date, the origin of these unique stone bead is a mystery to so many people. These traditional ancient beads are greatly preferred, the new modern-made Dzi are gaining popularity among Tibetans.

Meaning and explanation surrounding the Tibetan Dzi bead

The word “Dzi” has various meanings amongst the ancient culture, to the Tibetan, it translates to “shine, brightness, cleverness, splendor.” In Mandarin Chinese, Dzi is called “heaven’s bead” or “heaven’s pearl.”

Dzi beads are made from agate (agate is a gemstone and a common rock formation, consisting of chalcedony and quartz as its primary components, with a wide variety of colors). They have decorative symbols made up of circles, ovals, squares, waves or zig zags, stripes, lines, diamonds, dots, and various other symbolic patterns. Colors usually range from brown to black, with its patterns appearing I ivory white.

Dzi beads come in different patterns, while some patterns are more valuable and rarer than the others. The number of “eyes” is considered to have significant value and meaning accorded to each.

The idea behind these ancient gems is that they have absorbed the universe’s cosmic energy making them very powerful trinkets. They are capable of protecting its wearer against bad luck, bring good luck and blessings and improve your fortune, your bliss, and your inner ‘qi’ levels. They may be just beads to the ordinary eye, but they bring with them a lot of power for a better life and to be a better person.

History of the Tibetan Dzi bead

Dzi stones first made an appearance between 2000 and 1000 BC, in ancient India: a few hundred thousand were supposedly brought back by Tibetan soldiers from Persia during a raid. Dzi beads were believed to counteract the horrific effect of the “evil eye.” The artisans who made Dzi created amulets with “eyes” as a form of protection.

Although the geographical origin of Dzi beads is uncertain, it is now generally known as “Tibetan beads” to date. Dzi beads are found primarily in Tibet and its environs.

Benefits of purchasing the Dzi bead

The Dzi beads are said to provide a lot of benefits, these benefits are not scientifically proven, however, there is a large population of people who believe in this myth. Dzi beads are believed to:

  • Provide healing to whoever wears it
  • Protection from unseen forces
  • Helps to repel negativism
  • Helps to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance
  • Helps you in taking the right action, and helps you to make discerning decisions, unclouded by your emotions


It might seem all these myths and stories about the Tibetan Dzi bead is just voodoo nonsense. For some who believe in its spiritual properties, it is advisable to get it, also for those who don’t believe in its spiritual properties, you should get it also because of its aestheticism qualities.

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