Special deep gratitude to Mantak Chia, who inspired me to explore the path of Tao. I especially thank him for sharing a transmission of Daoist Hermit One Cloud's simple smiling presence. Thanks to many other spiritual teachers in this lifetime, especially my Mother and Father, whose inner smile at my moment of birth was so precious.

Thanks to my many other Tao masters, and the countless generations of Tao adepts before them. To the chi kung and inner alchemy masters going back thousands of years into pre-history, for sharing their smiling "aha" - their discovery on how to best cultivate chi while staying grounded in the body.

Eternal gratitude to my partner Joyce Gayheart for being such a beautiful heartfelt smiling presence in my life. Thanks to all my Healing Tao and Universal Tao colleagues and students who have devoted themselves to spreading their smiling presence in the human community.

Deep appreciation to the Tao Immortals, the Earth, Sun, Moon, Planet and Star beings for their gentle smiling guidance on my journey into the Great Within and the Great Beyond.

I offer Supreme Ultimate thanks to the Tao, for making the Inner Smile the true response to getting the Cosmic Joke.

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