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Normally you are smiling and you feel your eyes smiling outward, feeling this light and things radiating, Imagine that your eyes turn inward and you smile backward into your head brain. As the golden light floods in, we smile it into the left side of the brain, and concentrate all this smiling energy in the left hemisphere of the brain. Smile to all those billions of brain cells on the left side, feel them all lighting up like little stars inside the inner sky inside our head.

Feel the billions of little neurons firing with joy at being smiled at. Allow yourself to feel those billions of neurons are actually smiling back. This left brain is supposed to store your verbal and mathematical-music patterns. You inner scientist, your inner writer and inner musician live here. Smile, then feel and listen for the response. It may include beautiful music, or the celestial music of the spheres. One minute silent practice.

Now shift awareness and smile to the right half of the brain. Notice that it is different than the left half. It may be cooler and darker at first. This right brain is supposed to control your spatial and geometric skills. It's also the inner artist, the inner dancer, where you paint and birth new movement patterns. Smile, then feel for the response. It may include a feeling of your energy body dancing beautifully with total freedom. One minute silent practice.

Now invite the left and right half of the brain to smile into each other in the center of your brain. The left and right brain hemispheres smile at each other and find some common ground, some beautiful meeting space where they flow together. Biologically, this meeting place is the corpus callosum, the crossing point for the two hemispheres in the cerebral cortex, the upper brain. Energetically, it is the meeting space of yin and yang in your head, neutralizing each other, fusing into the center of the "self-awareness" center of the head. Smile from this center, and feel for the response One minute silent practice.

From this stage you normally progress to Step Two, the heart and vital organ smile, described below. As an alternative to explore, you could apply the left brain-right brain technique to the heart and belly brains. The energetic field (dantian) underlying each of our three brains is polarized into a right, left, and central core channel. We are most familiar with the head being divided into right and left brains, but you can smile into the left and right channels of the heart and belly brains as well.

This deep "core channel smiling" can activate love-hate polarities in the heart-feeling brain, and pleasure-pain polarities in the belly-sensing brain. By shifting to an inner smile of unconditional acceptance in the center of each brain/dantian, deep divisions within our psyche can be healed. This practice lays an excellent foundation for Fusion of the Five Elements Level 2 practice, where the Eight Extraordinary Channels are mapped in detail and opened more thoroughly.

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