2. Key to the Inner Smile: Self-Acceptance

♦ Positive Ego, Negative Ego, Neutral Ego

♦ St. Francis of Assisi: Punishing the un-Holy Body

♦ Outer Acceptance vs. Inner Acceptance,

♦ Outer Smile vs. Inner Smile

♦ Receptive Yin Smile, Projective Yang Smile

♦ Chi Dissolving Process Purifies Mind & Emotions

Chapter 3 3. Smile Softly to Overcome the Hard

♦ Smile links Inner Heart to Original Spirit

♦ Neutral Smile of Acceptance vs. Acts of Love

♦ Smiling is Non-Dualism Made Simple

♦ What does "presence" mean in smiling practice?

Chapter 4 4. Overview of Inner Smile Practice

♦ Simple Guided Smile as "warmup"

♦ Over View of Body-Smiling Pathways:

■ The Three Brains

■ The Five Vital Organ Spirits

■ The Spine & Nervous System

■ The Six Bowels & Sexual Organs

■ The Cells, Connective Tissue, Skin & Bones

♦ Inner Smile is Its Own Reward

♦ Taoist Flower Essences for the Emotions

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