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Everybody, please just fake a smile right now, put a big outer smile on your face. We are going to take the outer smile and focus it inside

us. This morning we did belly laughing. The smile is a totally different energy than the laugh. Smiling doesn't activate your belly, the smile is more coming from your heart and face. Even if you fake an outer smile, turning the corners of your mouth up activates a whole complex of muscles and glands.

If it's coming just from your face, there's a feeling of "oh I really must smile, it's socially correct, it's the PC thing to do". You're like a politician, vote for me, like me, donate some funds to my cause. The outer smile is often a manipulation.

Please shift down from your face, and start tuning into your heart. I don't mean the physical heart. In Chinese medicine they sometimes say we have five hearts. Each one of the body spirits, these inner vital organ intelligences - sometimes called internal gods because they are so powerful - if you get all five of these smiling, you begin to touch the inner heart, the Original Spirit. It is what is smiling through each one of five vital organ gods.

But Original Spirit is buried quite deep in most of us, it is what we call the Inner Observer. It never talks, so we don't know it. It is just an abstraction. So we start by invoking the more accessible spirit of the heart. Original Spirit and Heart Spirit are different, but quite intimate with each other. Invoke the purity of your own inner child.

Request internally that your heart spirit recall itself as a physical infant, when it was free from worldly burdens. It may be buried very deep, but the vibrational pattern is still present in your chi field, along with all your other life experiences.This is one way to access the pure inner smiling feeling that you once lived as your moment to moment experience.

Small Babies Smiling

Invoke your heart spirit's inner smile as a small baby. If you feel you cannot summon this, arrange to play with someone's young baby to regain contact with the feeling of original chi and spirit. This is why babies are so irresistible; they are holding the memory of our "lost" (i.e. suppressed) Original Spirit for us. Photo: Sonja Bozic

The ancient Chinese considered the spirit of the physical heart to be the emperor of this worldly bodily domain, because "he" gives life and blood and fiery yang energy to the other organ gods that were considered his ministers. The watery domain of the kidney spirit was his empress.

Let that warm feeling of your heart spirit spread inside your body, all the way down into your kidneys. Imagine the heart-husband giving the wife a warm embrace. Two minutes of silent practice.

Now let's shift to a frown. A big heavy frown, make it a deep frown, turn the corners of your mouth down, activate the inner frown. You immediately feel contracted, and your face is tense. The heart fire turns chilly, maybe even cold. After intensely frowning for a while, you begin to feel so ridiculous, for consciously causing all that self-tension, that you've got to smile to release it. So let's now release that frown.

The Inner Frown Gargoyle on Notre Dame in Paris.

Sometimes people tell me "I can't smile", they are just too uptight. So I say "Do the inner frown, take it as deep as you can go with it. They invariably get tired of frowning and start smiling. That's the yin yang effect - you go to one extreme, it flips it and comes the other way. Love becomes hate, hate becomes love.

The Tao, the Way, the Natural Way, is to always find harmony, and the inner smile is pure harmony because it doesn't really impose itself on anything. It occupies the space in between the extremes, so both yin and yang feel supported by its presence.

A genuine smile doesn't impose itself on anybody. It's just a statement, it says "I accept, I open my heart, I accept what you are and everything that is". It doesn't demand that anybody do anything. With the genuine Inner Smile, you're just smiling whether "they" - the world inside your body, or the world outside - smile back or not.

With the outer smile you might feel compulsive or guilty because someone smiled at you, and you feel obligated to smile back. With the Inner Smile, there is no hint of "I'm not going to like you if you don't smile back". So notice now if you are feeling a pure neutral smile, or one touched with effort or guilt or any other emotion.

It is a very high spiritual practice to use the Inner Smile to connect all your inner biological intelligences with all your subtle energy body levels. These subtle bodies connect you to your larger collective spirit, which is shared by everyone as the spirit of humanity. This opening of the higher subtle bodies is what happens as you train in the seven formulas of inner alchemy.

But first we have to lay down a foundation in our physical body. We are starting with the basic inner smile. Relax from our smiling warm-up for a moment. Let me give you a brief overview of how we will practically approach this.

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