Guided Inner Smile Meditation

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Preparation: Actualize a Receptive Natural Space Use Positive Memory: Supercharge your Mind Space

Yin Practice:

Step 1: Smile into the three brains Step 2: Smile to the heart and vital organ spirits Step 3: Smile to the spine & nervous system Step 4: Smile, swallow to bowels & sexual organs Step 5: Smile to bones, blood, flesh, & cells Step 6a: Smile, dissolve your entire physical body Step 6b: Smile, dissolve beyond the body

Yang Practice:

Smile into your Aura

Smile into the Room

Smile to a Friend

Smile to a Difficult Relationship

Smile to your Local Community

Smile to Planet Earth

Smile to Sun and Stars

Smile to the Dark Ocean Beyond the Stars

Allow Yourself to Feel the Return Smiling Wave

Gather the Wave of Smiling Chi inside your Body

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