Mapping Our Body Minds Energetic Patterns

It helps to have a map of our "insides" before we begin the Inner Smile practice. It also helps to get acquainted with some common Chinese terms used by Daoists to describe spiritual development. The problem in English is that we often don't have the words to describe clearly what is going on inside us at a subtle level.

"Subtle energy" is not an ordinary part of western culture, and the language around "energy", "soul", "spirit" all tends to get blurred into one fuzzy concept. The Daoists had very specific technical terms so that a practitioner could focus their intention with greater refinement and thus intensify the effect.

Our personal sexual essence or body substance (jing), is said to hold all the imprints of our energy patterns. It is sexual because it is how you reproduce your body cells. This subtle substance - perhaps best described as the substance from which our DNA and RNA are made - instantly feels nourished by inner smiling. Think of your body and its sexuality as your earth.

When you smile, it is like the Sun coming out from behind dark clouds, and lighting up your earth. Only this happens deep inside you when your inner heart comes out of hiding and smiles at your sexual substance. Your body feels warm, loved, and accepted, as if it had been lovingly hugged from within. It instantly starts making healthy new baby cells! Can you imagine this "mini love story" happening to all 80 trillion cells in the human body? This is how the Inner Smile can quickly become a very tangible and powerful experience.

When our body substance feels accepted, we can then spontaneously and naturally grow into a strong healthy presence or spirit (shen). Spirit needs a body in order to experience itself. Our spirit is constantly dissolving the old "body pictures" and creating fresh new identity at the cellular level. This deep natural intelligence is called Original Spirit by the ancient Daoists. This innate intelligence should not be confused with brilliance of intellect or IQ.

According to the Daoists, our natural intelligence will give us the guidance we need to fulfill our human destiny in each moment. No one has a better or worse destiny than anyone else, and somehow all six billion of our human destinies on this planet are harmoniously linked together, even though we often cannot see how that level of our collective intelligence functions. The Inner Smile is the human interface between our personal Earth and our personal Heaven. Ultimately it will put us into contact with the center of collective human consciousness.

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