Neutral Smile of Acceptance vs Acts of Love

To describe the spiritual quality of the Inner Smile using the western concept of "love" or even a Buddhist sense of "compassion" is insufficient, as these are colored by the association of the personal self expressing some quality or taking some outer action. This introduces an ego-centric notion, which usually involves the loving or compassionate person projecting their spiritual quality onto someone who doesn't feel loved or is suffering.

I saw this "virtuous projection" happen very graphically when I worked as a war correspondent in Africa. Many starving people needed the food aid that was donated to them. But they resented the wealthy Western donors because they felt looked down upon. Showering love and compassion on others doesn't necessarily increase their sense of spiritual dignity. If one's virtue is not accompanied by genuine humility, it can be tainted by an unconscious feeling of "I'm up here above, and you are down there below".

The essence of the Inner Smile is more neutral. The Inner Smile is probably something closer to the experience of unconditional acceptance. The seed quality of unconditional acceptance is smiled through the outer biological layers of the self in towards the core of one's being, and this generates a counter-wave of smiling energy that emanates back out from the core and flows in the chi channels of the body.

This chi in turn radiates the quality of unconditional acceptance to the nucleus of the cells and all the subtle bodies. These subtle bodies are the layers of the chi field that hold the shape of our personal physical, sexual, emotional, mental, soul, and immortal selves.

You don't project acceptance onto someone else using the Inner Smile. You don't invade others with a sense of coming from a spiritually superior place, from a more loving or more compassionate place than their wounded or suffering soul. You are more neutral, but you are beaming that neutrality as acceptance.

We are really practicing self-acceptance of our own core self, and that inner self-acceptance resonates spontaneously with the deep neutral space of being within other people and within the living world of Nature around us. Once we accept that trees and mountains and planets are conscious our own power of intelligence vastly expands to include their forms of intelligence.

A total stranger, in the presence of someone practicing the Inner Smile, might subconsciously receive a message and interpret it as something like, "This guy accepts his inner self, with all his problems and sufferings, and can still smile. As miserable as I am, I'd probably feel better if I accepted myself on that deep level, and also smiled".

In short, the stranger doesn't feel projected onto, but rather feels inspired to smile within himself. That causes the Inner Smile to spread like an infectious virus, because there is virtually no resistance to this pure level of self-acceptance. It bypasses the outer layers of ego resistance, doesn't struggle with them, but uproots them from within. It is a brilliant strategy, but skill must be cultivated to execute it.

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