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Our personal biological intelligences (jingshen) are linked to our vital organ functions like the heart, kidney, liver spleen, and lungs.

These organs and their energy meridians are controlled by different kinds of intelligence. In this Daoist theory, tested over thousands of years of practice, the whole body thinks, feels, senses, and knows -not just the head brain.

Our whole-body brain includes many different kinds of intelligence. Think of it as your inner soul team or family. Each kind of intelligence has a different job to do. Some times these intelligences work together, sometimes they fight. Our body-sexual intelligence asks, who is a good partner for me or my children? What does my body need to heal? Our social intelligence asks, how do I make friends and function in groups?

Our creative intelligence is looking for new ways to exercise its imagination, in everything from deciding what clothes to wear to creative projects. Our spiritual intelligence has the ability to perceive ordinary reality from the soul level, which gives it a very different information than what our senses offer.

The goal of Daoist meditation is to live in dynamic balance. This requires getting our entire family of inner biological intelligences to smile to each other. The goal is not to sit in emptiness, but to cultivate our Authentic or True Self (zhen ren), which always seeks harmony.

Inner Smile is Deepened by other Tao Practices

Painting of two female Tao immortals. Deer is symbol of gentleness and the crane of long life. Behind the inscrutable2 Oriental inner smile is concealed a vast wisdom of internal energy arts and the adept1s contentment with their inner soul cultivation.

There are many other Daoist practices developed over the millennia that take the Inner Smile process to a more refined level of physical and mental self-healing and soul development. They all help create and stabilize a joyful and calm inner space that smoothes the flow of our life journey. These include the rest of the Chi Kung Fundamentals 1 training in the Five Animal Frolics and Six Healing Sounds, which teach us how to communicate more deeply with each aspect of our normally unconscious five major biological intelligences (wu jingshen).

Then in Chi Kung Fundamentals levels 2, 3, and 4 we learn basic energy pathways in the body of the Microcosmic Orbit, and Internal Chi Breathing and Rooting. Once you have this basic grounding, Fusion of the Five Elements helps you balance your emotions and activate hidden psychic power channels. Healing Love (sexology for health and bliss), Dream Practice, and Water & Fire Alchemy (kan & li) are all optional higher stages that allow you to have truly marvelous experiences most people have never even dreamed of.

But without Inner Smile, these practices would not be as deep or as effective. At each level there is a chi kung movement practice as well as a sitting meditation practice that balance each other. When people ask me, "what is the best way to prepare for higher levels of practice", I usually tell them to practice the Inner Smile more deeply. A state of total openness is the best way to learn something new. Smile to your rigid boundaries, open to a new level of flowing chi harmony.

These Daoist practices, refined over thousands of years of testing, help us to gather the essences of the outer macro-cosmos (Nature) into our personal micro-cosmos (body). This is a fancy way of saying that they help us grasp the relation between our physical, tangible self and our intangible, cosmic self.

It is truly wonderful to do the Inner Smile in combination with dynamic chi kung or sublime alchemy meditations. Yet the Inner Smile is also a simple, fun, and easy "stand alone" practice. It can be even more than that. The Inner Smile can be a complete path unto itself, if you choose to make your only practice.

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