Outer Acceptance vs Inner Acceptance Outer Smile vs Inner Smile

I don't mean to imply the outer acceptance or outer smile method is not useful. To love others truly you must first accept them for who they are. Otherwise, you are only loving your projection of yourself as savior to them. Outer acceptance certainly can be an extremely beneficial process to most people, and might ultimately lead them to inward acceptance of themselves.

We are talking about two doorways here, the inner and the outer doorways of our psyche. Both doors need to eventually be opened, but the inner doorway is the most critical. The danger here comes from the illusion of opening the outer door only, and believing that is sufficient. Unconditional acceptance of people and events around you should not become blind acceptance.

This kind of open acceptance of the outer surface of people and events can sometimes lead to dangerous suppression of needed inner powers of discrimination. Outer acceptance doesn't really deal with the massive layers of unconscious body-centered issues that await completion.

I'm simply pointing out that the Inner Smile process of unconditional self-acceptance unmasks the problem of self-rejection and body-rejection at its core. It is the most direct and most effective method I have found for getting to one's inner truth and to the experience of inner peace.

What is the key difference between the Inner Smile and the ordinary outer smile? The ordinary outer smile has an "object" someone or something you are smiling at. The Inner Smile is ultimately

"objectless". You might temporarily start by smiling to some aspect of your biology, but you quickly go past that to the energy or the spirit behind the physical object. Once you contact your center of spiritual gravity, the inner smile radiates back out through the layers of your energy body and your biology and eventually out into the world.

So you end up smiling like a glowing lamp, shining out from the open space within yourself, at the insides (i.e. the "subject")of all objects in the world. So you end up smiling from your inside to the insides of everything else. Wrap your mind about that one. When you get to the guided meditation you will understand better.

Michael Winn
Michael Winn practicing Outer Smile. Both his monkey (yes, it's alive) and his mind are smiling sincerely, but it's a smile produced on demand. Photo taken at "Azure Truth" Tao sacred mountain in Sichuan, China. Calligraphy on T-shirt: "Tao".

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