Preparation Actualize a receptive natural space

Note: I use the term "actualize' rather than "visualize', because we are going beyond simple image. We are adding smell, feeling-touch, sound, perhaps even taste if appropriate. Visualization tends to be more mental, limited to the head and eyes. Actualization activates your five body intelligences (shen) fully. It requires that you "presence" your entire body into a natural scene.

There are many ways one could create a space of receptivity within oneself. I will share with you what I have found to be the most powerful method. I invite each of you to think of a natural scene that you feel really comfortable with. Choose one that makes you feel peaceful, and inspired somehow.

Please have abundant Water element in it, either a waterfall, pond, or ocean, or river. Listen to the sound of this water, drink in its sound deeply. If it is still water like a lake, drink in the sound of silence. Feel the water's quality of flow and temperature - feel yourself putting your hands, feet or entire body into the water, swim in it if you like and feel safe doing so.

Smile at the soothing presence of the Wood element - anything that is growing organically. Flowers, forests, grassy meadows; it could be tiny lichen tenaciously growing on a rock.

Also, why not put some sun, the Fire element into it? Fire is light, it illuminates our power of vision and balances it with the perfect amount of warmth you want to feel in this inner space. You might add a campfire or volcano if your scene is not daylight.

The Earth element is probably there already in your natural scene. Earth element would be the rocks, the ground, the sand beach, the mountains around you. If you are out on the open sea, it is simply the power of your body to touch and be touched by everything, including the salty water.

The Metal/Gold element is often buried inside the earth as minerals, but it is also connected with air, with the lungs, with the quality of the wind. Breath deep through your nose, and smell the purity of the chi you breathe in from nature.

Just feel the harmony between all those elements and your sensory experience of them. Feel as if nature itself was doing the Inner Smile into your five senses, awakening your five body spirits to a state of vibrant aliveness. Feel the subtle force behind Nature radiating into this peaceful scene of nature you are feeling inside yourself.

Now see yourself in this natural scene. You are sitting there in the meadow, or on the beach, or mountain top, beside a waterfall or wherever. Feel that your body belongs in Nature, is completely accepted by all the elemental powers of Nature.

Feel the purity and the calmness of these elements flowing and existing together, the sun shining on you, the spray of water, the play of light on water, trees gently waving. Feel the completeness of this experience, as nature is complete in itself, it doesn't have identity crisis about being Nature.

Optional actualization: feel yourself within this natural scene as an innocent young child, filled with Original Spirit and Original Breath, totally healthy, smiling and trusting in life, your body, and in the Life Force. Feel your young body supported by and totally comfortable with the primordial forces of Nature. That you could live in Nature and not only survive but be nourished by it richness of life and overflowing abundance of chi.

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Reiki 101

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