Q How long do I practice the Inner Smile at any one sitting

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We just did a long guided meditation of nearly one hour (transcribed in text above). We took a lot of time to open up new pathways of inner communication, with verbal reminders of what we were doing. We were basically re-programming our energy bodies, and that needs to be done slowly and thoroughly. It is hard to meditate while reading, so some people may want to get an audiotape version so they can close their eyes and be guided. (available on www.HealingDao.com as code MC1A, or in package with videos as MP1A).

When you practice at home, it won't require this much time, since the pathway is already open, and the practice is silent. With more practice, the internal communication process of smiling gets easier and quicker.

The amount of time needed to for dedicated practice, in a place with no distractions, will vary according to each person. Don't expect that you will cover everything in any one practice session. Often you hit something deep and may choose to stay with that for the entire session. Eventually the smiling process becomes more internalized and familiar, and you will begin practicing all day long, even while engaged in other activities.

Start with 15 minutes, and see if it naturally grows longer. You have to balance your time between moving and sitting practice. Smile inside, and ask your heart spirit how long it wants for dedicated practice. Learn to trust what you heart tells you. Sometimes a two minute quick inner smile will suffice to get you centered in the middle of a stressful day.

Other times you will need much more dedicated practice time.

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