Q I have struggled with boredom and depression for a long time Do I need to try harder for a breakthrough

Again, don't struggle with the boredom, it will win that game, and drag you down into its pit where it is also trapped. Just relax and alertly smile to it until the next layer opens up. Be patient. The Inner Smile can open all Inner Doors. When it opens up,, you don't feel struggle, you don't feel like life is out to get you or someone else is out to get you and stifle your creativity.

You just appreciate whatever floats up, and say, "OK this is a flow, this moment this is happening, it might look good, it might look bad or boring, but its still a flow of life." The smile is always very neutral, it is engaged but not entangled. It has a nice warm heart behind it, but it is not attached and certainly not co-dependent on anything or anyone.

The smiling wave of acceptance is arising from the Source within yourself. Sometimes it helps to say to yourself, as you are smiling your

way through some blocked energy pattern: "I accept you, no questions asked,, no judgment". That is especially useful when you are so depressed that you don't feel like you have a real smile happening inside you.

Sometimes you must accept an even deeper movement into contraction and darkness. You don't fight it, just follow it neutrally to its maximum yin state. When it hits bottom, it will expand back out naturally into lightness. But the real point is that you are embracing the process from a neutral point, an inner heart that is neither light nor dark.

The advice I am giving for boredom can be applied to any other chronic emotional state, anger, jealousy, fear, etc. Underneath all these states of feeling separate is the harmonious level of your inner being, waiting to be embraced by your smiling intention. Then the dark clouds in between dissolve and you feel the inner sunshine again.

Then you feel you are smiling from the inside-out, your natural and true self. When you are smiling from the outside-in you are still in a state of separation. But that is what people call normal reality here. They grow up with it, with living a numb life. They get used to it and actually defend it. Sometimes they defend it by attacking someone who doesn't buy into their reality. Best way to defuse that? Inner Smile. The Master of the Inner Smile has no enemies.

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