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In the Inner Smile process, one first must accept the inner layers of oneself. This is the yin phase of practice, meaning you approach yourself softly, with an open, receptive and nurturing attitude. This phase requires accepting one's major biological structures, one's energy channels, and one's guiding intelligences or body spirits (jing shen). Once these begin to integrate, one's inner heart opens, and the yang phase of practice may begin. One smiles out from the space of inner self-acceptance, and expands that space out into the outer world.

The focus in the yang phase is again not on accepting the transitory outer appearance of reality, but on accepting its inner essence. We practice smiling to the soul of matter, which includes the soul of "other" people and things. During both the yin and yang phases we are working with the core energy of the soul. Both yin and yang phases of the Inner Smile evoke a smiling wave of yuan chi, or Original Energy. Yuan chi is the subtle energy, literally the subtle breath of our yuan shen, or Original Spirit.

Let me clarify yin-yang theory. The idea is that there are an infinite number of polarities around a single central neutral pole. This central axis is simply called the Origin. In the human body it is called the "chong mai" or core channel. Around our personal core channel are a huge number of physical, sexual, emotional, mental, environmental, ancestral, astrological, and soul layers of tension. You could label these polarities anyway you want, call it body vs. mind, etc.

The Inner smile gently gathers your personal polarities to the inner heart in the core channel where the positive and negative flows of chi neutralize each other. Just to be realistic, it will take a while to get to the true core. But all that matters is that your smile is taking you deeper towards the center of your being. From that center, you can spontaneously balance and harmonize the polar forces that expand out from the core of your Being into successive layers of your Becoming -

your body, your personality, your thoughts, feelings, spiritual insights, your worldly desires.

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Finding Your Confidence

Finding Your Confidence

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