Smile to a Difficult Relationship

Now let's take someone you have some difficulty with. It could even be the person you consider your worst enemy. This means your subconscious body spirits and theirs, your underlying personalities, are not getting along. We smile and ask our inner spirits could contact this difficult person at the same inner level. Just smile, as if saying,"Even though we disagree about something, at core I accept you totally".

Keep smiling to them at this deeper level. It could be a co-worker, a boss, or somebody in your family. Smile to them, radiate this feeling of peace and acceptance to their inner intelligence. We can use the inner smile to help smooth over difficult relationships.

This kind of inner smile is not a manipulation. You are really sincere, your inner heart is saying I accept you, I'd like to have a smooth flowing peaceful relationship. Their personality may not be able to hear that, because of their conflict with you.

But energetically they can hear it, so subconsciously it may translate into a shift in their personality. Just take the most difficult relationship you have and ask what part of that person or what spirit or what vital organ might be really in conflict with you, and smile to it.

There is some deep part of even your worst enemy that is not in conflict with you. It may even join you in smiling to the vital organ spirit within themselves that is struggling with you. Everyone subconsciously wants peace and harmony. Holding deep tension shortens our life and eats away at the quality of our life. Smile to your enemy, and be open to discovering they are also you're your inner friend. They may smile back. Silent practice, two minutes.

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