Smile to the Dark Ocean Beyond the Stars

We can just as easily allow our inner smiling wave to flow beyond the stars, beyond the galaxies and black holes out there. We can smile to the field of pure space itself, the dark velvety part of the night sky which is just pure dark energy, pure potential, waiting to be tapped by us. Remember, it may look like an empty void, but its actually "open space" filled with unborn chi, like a pregnant cosmic womb ready to birth future galaxies and life forms. That cosmic womb contains the primordial seeds of your future thoughts, feelings, and sensations - all waiting to be downloaded, like cosmic interactive patterns that you will use to shape your identity.

This in effect means we can smile into other dimensions. There are invisible dimensional boundaries that may keep out large particles, but not a spiritual wave of smiling consciousness. Let's now smile into the inky blackness of space, into spiritual realms where we might receive guidance, or messages, or whatever we are open to.

Let's remember that smiling is just a way to take our inner heart and focus it wherever it is needed, to radiate total unconditional acceptance. So as we smile to other dimensions of our self, let's be open to receiving that unconditional smiling acceptance in return. As the other-dimensional smiling energy flows in, our local mind, in order to make it more recognizable, may shape it into a voice, an image, a feeling, a thought or a sensation. Silent practice, five minutes or longer.

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