Smiling Chi Flow as the Silent Language of Nature

Daoism is radically different. With Tao you don't have a dogma or a deity to believe in, only a cosmology-as-collective-process to be experienced in each unique moment IN THE BODY. But they can "talk about it" with spoken language, as well as "talk to it" with non-verbal energetic language.

There is a continuous line of Tao practitioners who have developed and refined silent alchemical practices. The energetic patterns in those practices constitute a deep language in itself. This is the hidden energy language of Nature. Nature is the body of the Tao, and its movement patterns, both physical and subtle, are the embodiment of the language of the Tao.

The Daoists wisely chose the same energetic language that is used by nature - the unity of Original Breath flowing through the entire body of Nature, present in the stillness of stars. The patterns of yin-yang in sun and moon cycles, of five phase chi flow in the changing seasons and chirping of birds, the innocent smile on an infant's face - these are all the communications of a natural energetic language.

These silent energy language patterns of outer Nature are mirrored in human body nature. They enable Daoists to keep their physical and energetic body grounded and aligned to the rhythms of outer time as well as its eternal still center. They learned to listen to and observe Nature instead of projecting head trips - concepts and culturally constructed deities - onto natural forces. They preferred to deal directly with the life force and its natural bodies as the source of all spiritual power, rather than its human-invented Gods as intermediaries.

This solid grounding allowed Daoists to explore the mystical reaches of the unknown within their own bodies. Their Supreme Unknown, the "godless godhead", is not above one's head in a paradise-like heaven, but rather is right under our nose, sitting quietly inside the central energetic channel (chongmai) of the human body-mind.

The Inner Smile is the simplest of the grounded, silent energy language tools of the Tao. Every aspect of the body's intelligence (shen) and energetic function (chi) is systematically contacted, smiled to and embraced. By smiling to one's inner bodily intelligence, one is not surrendering to them. Rather one is resonating with them so deeply and subtly from one's inner heart that any resistant, struggling, unhappy aspects surrender to the spiritual center of gravity held by the heart of the inner smiling adept.

These fragmented aspects are expressions of our outer will, our human "becoming self". These are the rough edges of our personality and our negative behavior. They are slowly brought into harmony with the seemingly intangible central "being", the Original Spirit that is never born and never dies, in the language of the Tao. But it is still living quietly and silently within our body. Original Spirit never forces its Will upon us, and waits until we smile to it and invite its presence to become active within our body-mind.

Its breath or chi flow always occurs within the context of a body. It might be our physical human body, our human subtle energy body, or the body of Nature, our environment. There is no change without body, without the transmutation of spirit and breath into substance and back again. Form is equal partner with Formless. Being and Becoming, spirit and matter are the two sides of the same coin though they wear different faces.

This is where having an understanding of how the chi field works in the body is very practical. This is what I personally got from Tao that I did not get practically from yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kaballah, or Christianity. This is not to say the information is not there, but it is not clearly mapped out or accessible as embodied practice.

The simple progression of Tao is first inner smile through the body layers into the body's core, its center of Original Substance, Breath and Spirit. Then from that space yin-yang and five phase chi flow radiates out. The exact pathway in the body is unique to each person's astrology and to their situation in life.

Nobody can complete your spiritual destiny for you, but they can offer you methods to correct it within yourself. Why can't a powerful spiritual teacher do it for us? Because the missing ingredient necessary for soul completion involves personal will. If you rely on the teacher's will and skill, your own skill and will is weakened. So you can get inspiration from a transmission to speed you on your own path, but not completion.

Strengthening personal will depends on having a personal body. Hence the radical Daoist conclusion: cultivating the physical body and its inner space is the doorway to enlightenment and immortality. No body, no more cultivation possible. This is the opposite of most other eastern approaches that believe the body is crude and an obstacle that needs to be dropped by the soul as quickly as possible so the soul can fly to a happier heaven.

The Daoist approach is to cultivate heaven-on-earth. It allows individuals to adapt the spiritual tools of the path to their individual needs. Some need to go fast, they apply the tools such as the Inner Smile in a yang fashion. Some need to go slow, they smile in a yin way. Those are the fire and water paths I discussed earlier. That is why I stress the Inner Smile can be used as a yin method, a yang method, or as a wu wei method.

It's why the Inner Smile is even more powerful when connected to practicing the Five Animals chi kung or the Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, Fusion or Kan & Li inner alchemy practice. Each tool gives you more specific ways to accelerate the completion of your will, your shaping the flow of chi as a rhythm in time. When your river of chi flows in a different direction, your destiny is altered.

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