Step Smile into the Three Brains

Smile into the essence of all that natural peace and personal bliss on top of your head, melted into a golden egg made of warm, glowing, liquid light. Let this warm liquid golden light begin to dissolve and flow down through your brain, to your third eye. If it spontaneously changes color, allow that new color to remain.

As an alternative, you may prefer a more dynamic form of internal imagination. You may try a vortex of spinning golden light entering your third eye between the eyebrows. This spinning creates a suction that helps some people feel a movement of chi.

If neither of these methods works for you, you can also imagine that you are smiling into a mirror, into your own smiling eyes. Then you shift into your mirror-image eyes, and smile back into your physical eyes and third eye. This mirror self represents your energy body, and like the other practices, feel the smiling eyes beaming golden light into your brain.

We will begin to wash this golden light from the upper brain down through the heart brain, into the belly brain. We will do this repeatedly, creating an energetic pathway of light, a feeling of lightness from our crown down the center of our body to our belly. The liquid quality gives the feeling of texture, of bliss, and warmth washing through us. It first dissolves the contents of your head brain. The entire inside of your head melts into this golden light. When the head is completely melted, it pours down your throat, into the center of your chest.

The melted light of your head-thinking brain dissolves into and merges with your heart-feeling brain. You feel them both glowing together, and then they slowly begin to pour down into your solar plexus and wash down into your belly. The combined melted light of the head and heart dissolve into the belly-sensing brain. All three are merged into one, and begin to glow warmer and brighter inside your lower abdomen. And you are smiling, accepting all this.

If you feel like it, repeat this process, smiling to the upper brain, smiling to heart brain, smiling to the belly brain, feeling them melt and pour down the core channel to your center of gravity at the navel, in the very center of your body. The head and heart are left feeling cool and open, the belly warm, full, and glowing.

The egg of golden light flows down and washes away your physical tension as well. Put a physical smile on your face, it makes you more receptive. Feel your inner heart beginning to open to match this feeling of the warm golden light flowing through you down into the belly. Two to five minutes silent practice.

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