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Allow your nervous system inner smile to continue glowing and radiating peace and calmness. Come back up to your eyes. This time let's gather some saliva in order to very consciously swallow it down the digestive tract. Saliva is a very precious fluid that can be supercharged with the Inner Smile. It is precious because it is a fluid imbued with the spiritual vibrations of the upper dantian, the doorway to the heavenly chi field.

We need to gather a pool of saliva first. Move your tongue around your mouth - that will activate the salivary glands to secrete, snakelike, from two little holes beneath your tongue. Move your tongue around your mouth as though you were washing it out, massaging your gums with your tongue. Gather a large pool of saliva without swallowing it.

The movement of the tongue imitates eating, and activates a digestive reflex to product the saliva needed for swallowing. Saliva is considered to be the "water" of the third eye or crystal palace. This water, also called the Jade Elixir or Golden Elixir, is swallowed to vibrationally connect it to the middle and lower dantian. To further spiritually charge the saliva, you smile the liquid golden light from the egg above your crown (representing the crystallized chi of heaven) into the big pool of saliva gathered in your mouth.

Now tighten your neck muscles as much as you comfortably can, and then swallow the saliva down in a single gulp. The physical compression of the throat allows you to grasp the chi in the saliva and further condense its essence. By tightening the neck muscles you draw more blood into the neck, and the chi in the saliva and the blood mix together.

Feel the warm energy of this super charged mixture of the essences of your blood, chi, and saliva as it flows down your esophagus, past your heart, small intestine, stomach, the large intestine, all the bowels, down into the lower dantian cauldron.

It may take repeated swallowing to feel warmth down in your abdomen. When you feel this warmth, you have successfully created the spiritual equivalent of what modern scientists call a "fluid magnetic condenser". You have used the magnetic properties of saliva fluid as a medium for condensing the energetic and spiritual qualities of your inner smile. By swallowing it, you transport the essence of the head brain - your creative imagination - and merge it with the essence of your belly brain, your instinctual-primordial self. Silent practice, one minute.

The mouth, esophagus and digestive tract is like a long tube. This tube connects the upper brain at one end, down past the middle heart and lower belly brain. It radiates from the lower dantian into all your sexual organs and finally out the other end of the tube, into your rectum and anus.

Physically, this is a series of ring muscles, from lips to esophagus to stomach to anus. These ring muscles pulsate in waves of expansion and contraction, expressing the cosmic yin-yang pulsation. This chain of ring muscles allows our primitive physical self to squeeze and grasp in order to extract the pure essence of something and discard what is not useful.

But we are different from primitive amoebas who have the same swallow reflex. As the substance - the golden elixir saliva fluid -- is pulsing through the body's ring muscle tube, it is refined alchemically in each energy cauldron, the three dantian, the three energetic brains of the body-mind.

By smiling into your bowels and sex organs, you internally embrace the "dirty parts" of yourself. You are lighting up your internal dungeon with a burst of fresh air and warm sunlight. You smile into the darkness and neutrally accept the piles of emotional-psychic garbage and physical toxins that most are afraid to look at, much less smile and embrace with an open smiling heart.

Men also smile into the penis, testicles, prostate gland and bladder. Women smile into the ovaries, vagina, uterus, bladder and breast glands. Embrace and accept whatever state you find your sexual energy and reproductive functions.

Just shock them, say to them "hey, I'm here to smile and accept you and thank you for just being part of me". There are probably parts of you down there that nobody's ever talked to. They are not used to communicating with what your head brain arrogantly calls the "conscious self". There is a conscious self below as well, it just does not care about naming itself with concepts, and so the head brain ignores and judges it. Silent practice, one minute.

Your bowels and sex organs may be a little too shy to smile back right away. There will be much shock and disbelief, as they try to figure out if you are for real or not. So don't demand any response, just smile sincerely and listen with an open heart. It may help if you let them know you have dropped all past judgments about this part of the body being "dirty" or "lower". You are smiling and embracing everything that you've buried in your deepest closets, in the darkest basement of your psyche.

The truth is, you've buried a lot of your power in the darkness and your fear of the darkness. It is like treasure half-buried in the mud of old emotions and sexual impulses that you were unable to digest previously. You fumble around at first until you find the light switch.

With each smile, you learn how to let the liquid light from the golden egg atop of your head flow down the central tube into your psychic dungeons below. With repeated swallowing, this liquid light flows down and fills up all of your bowels, sex organs and the entire lower half of your torso.

You turn your psychic dungeon into an internal sun-bathing room where you polish up the buried treasure with a beautiful smile on your face. Allow yourself to feel how incredibly lucky you are to have recovered these lost fragments of your self.

Silent practice, five minutes.

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