Step Smile to bones blood flesh cells

Let's smile into everything else in our body that hasn't felt our smile of unconditional acceptance. Smile the golden liquid light down through the bones, filling your entire skeleton with pulsing light. Feel the big arm and leg bones expand into large tubes filled with liquid light. Let that feeling expand into the pelvis, spine and ribs, the skull. They may feel lighter, less dense, as you smile into them.

Smile into the bone marrow inside the bones, beam a deep smile of unconditional acceptance into the marrow. The bone marrow is where you manufacture your blood, and your blood carries the chi of your ancestors. So you are sending a signal to your bloodline, that you accept who they were and still are deep inside your bones. Silent practice, one minute.

From the bone marrow, expand your smile into the blood and all other fluids inside the body. Accept this inner ocean, the medium in

which all our solid parts float and are nourished. Smile from the heart pumping the blood out through the arteries, and back in through the veins.

Smile into the spleen regulating the lymphatic fluids of your immune system. Then smile to the connective tissue that sheathes your entire skeleton, and holds the muscles and organs in place. It stops us from looking like a limp bag of bones.

The fascia or connective tissue is your flesh, a major part of your earth element. Feel the smile dissolving tension hiding in your fascia and muscles. Your whole body feels lighter and more relaxed, supported from within by this golden smiling energy. This fleshy, whole body sense will make it easy to expand out to your largest organ, your skin.

Smile to your skin, appreciate its ability to breathe through its thousands of pores, and still hold a boundary for your entire body. Smile to all the little hairs all over your body, and to the thicker hair on your head. Let them light up, like smiling antennae.

Smile into your bones, blood, flesh and hair simultaneously. It may feel like your whole body is filled with smiling waves of light and deep acceptance of your animal body and how marvelously intelligent it is, just as it is.

Now shift from the surface antennae of the hairs on the outside of your body, to the cells as antennae inside of your body. Smile to the nucleus of each cell, and feel all 80 trillion of them lighting up and smiling back. Their collective smile creates an exquisitely subtle but powerful feeling of bliss evenly spread throughout your body. Silent practice, one minute.

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