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Bring your awareness back up to the golden egg of liquid light atop your head. Feel that it is now vibrating with all the smiling chi from the head and heart and vital organ spirits. Allow it to flow down into your eyes, and smiling and washing them out. Let the vital organ spirits keep smiling to each other, having a friendly little party going on down below.

Smile from the eyes through the optic nerve, in the back of the head, into the occiput, the indentation in the back of the head called the jade pillow. Breathe and smile the golden liquid light back and forth a few times between the eyes and jade pillow. Your eyes have 70% of the nerve cells in your entire body.

Daoists say the eyes are the most yang organ in the body. That means there is a very high concentration of chi that needs to flow to them, to nourish that eye function of being a major gateway between our inner and outer worlds. But the eye-nourishing chi doesn't come from the head, it comes from the kidneys and lower dantian, so we need to connect this line down below.

Connect your eyes to the low brain, the brain stem, and then smile down the spine. Begin smiling down the spinal cord, the tube that runs down the center of your vertebra. Smile into the spinal fluid that fills it.

It may feel like a Christmas tree lighting up millions of little nerve endings fed from the spine, all of them lighting up as you smile inside them. Feel them beaming back as clusters of little lights, little bursts of joy followed by feelings of calmness and inner peace.

Merge with your cerebral spinal fluid, bathe all your nerve endings, which might be a little frayed, a little stressed, until the whole spine is filled with this golden light bathing it, flowing down through it, all the way down to the tailbone. You may begin feeling a deeper level of calmness than you have experienced for quite a while. Silent practice, one minute.

Spinal fluid is very sensitive and very potent. Spinal fluid is just your blood serum, with the red blood cells filtered out in the brain. You could say it is the blood of your nervous system. We are in effect washing the spine with the Inner Smile, one way to practice what was called "bone marrow washing" by the Daoists. The blood in your body circulates to the brain, is filtered into the spine as purified fluid and charged by its spiritual fire, and then recirculates back into the body.

This is a very alchemical process that is totally missed by western medicine and psychology. But it is one of the keys to balancing the yin (blood) and yang (chi) systems of the body. Blood becomes chi flowing into the meridians through the spinal pathway, chi becomes blood by the reverse process. We will go deeper into this mystery with the microcosmic orbit.

Be aware of the golden egg atop your crown. Feel the continuous flow from above of golden liquid light, as if from heaven, flowing down your spine and filling each vertebrae, one at a time. Sometimes you will find one vertebrae or a couple of them are numb, you can't even feel them. It's OK, just fill them with the smiling golden light, smile from within the numb area, and let it be, put it on automatic dissolve.

We're not impatient with any part of ourself, we just allow those resistant, wounded, numb or unfeeling aspects to just "be" if it doesn't want to communicate with us. You smile to those dark aspects of yourself, holding the space of total acceptance for them to dissolve into, then you move on.

Let the Christmas tree, the golden lights strung along our spine, radiate a smile out from our spine to our whole body. Feel the smiling golden light flowing to the nerve cells everywhere in our body. There are major nerve plexuses one the inner side of the spine, i.e. between the spine and the front of the body.

These nerve bundles radiate to billions of nerve cells in every little inch of skin, inside our organs, and embedded in our bones. Bones have nerves in them also, they are alive and can feel. Just smile inner peace and calmness to all the nerve cells everywhere. Feel your nerve endings smiling back to you from every part of your body. Silent practice, two minutes.

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