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• SAVE $90. ($190. retail)! Our most popular package.

See Testimonials & Details below.


• SAVE $90. ($190. retail)! Our most popular package.

See Testimonials & Details below.

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• Ocean Breathing, Five Animals, Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile

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• Open Chi Flow in the Microcosmic Orbit - 10 Best Methods Guided Meditation + 5 Chi Kung movements.

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• Five Animals Do the Six Healing Sounds 2 hr. video

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Testimonials for Michael Winn's Chi Kung Fundamentals Products

I would like to tell the whole world to get this video

"I'm writing to call your attention to my whole-hearted rave about Chi Kung Fundamentals #1 home study course, which I just now posted on our Forum "Tao Speaks!" You might enjoy seeing it, and thanking Michael Winn on my behalf. As my fellow forum members know, I was expected to die at any moment from the severity of my asthma.

I am 68, and also have emphysema, and this video, more than any other source has improved my health, mental and physical, remarkably. I am able to do my own shopping, for the first time in ages, can walk half a mile without creating an emergency for myself, can get around the house and yard without the ski pole I'd relied on. I wish I was a faster learner, but this has been so amazing. Thank you so much!" In Tao -- Sister (Kate Hawthorne)

Sister Kate's review of Michael Winn's Five Animals Do Six Healing Sounds, from Tao Speaks! Forum:

"Each animal play has a particular emotional problem it is expected to dispel. In his system, Tiger (white, lungs, cloud) dispels grief; Bear (blue, kidneys, ocean) dispels fear; Deer (green, liver, vegetation) dispels anger; Crane (red, heart, fire) dispels self-judgment; and Monkey (yellow, spleen, sun) dispels worry. Interesting to me, because from the emotional perspective, this lists problems I have had, in order of severity, AND it lists the exercises, for me, in order of difficulty.

I had no problem with Tiger and Bear. Deer is very awkward for me. Crane! you have to stand briefly on one leg and then the other for this, and I have always had a problem with balance, which has worsened radically in recent months.

Well, first I was able MIRACULOUSLY to improve my balance very much, THEN I was able to release self-judgment, and THEN I was able to do the Crane reasonably well, at least for a brief period. As to Monkey, tonight was the first time I was able to do it at all, and suddenly it made sense and was easy and fun. Leaving me still with Deer, in the middle, residual anger to shed.

I am so happy about all of this, and I would like to tell the whole world to get this video and do these exercises. I have NEVER had any medicine so therapeutic in my life. I have been bursting with this, and that's why I just had to post it. Happy, happy, hopeful of attaining true Qi in one lifetime." Sister (Kate Hawthorne) —

I just forgot about my asthma, and it started to disappear like magic!

I had asthma problems. I tried doctors, yoga, etc. nothing helped. I took Chi Kung Fundamentals from Michael Winn. The guy got me laughing and moving and breathing like I never had before. He was great. I just forgot about my asthma, and it started to disappear like magic! Later, I taught my mother the Six Healing Sounds. She is pushing 75. This boosted her like a rocket, and a lot of her pains went away. Amazing stuff! Powerful!!!! J. Carruthers — N.J.

Succinct, comprehensive, consistent explanation of Daoist (Taoist) thinking

I have been studying tai chi for 13 years, first yang style, then chen, then began doing chi kung almost exclusively after studying with Grandmaster Feng in Illinois in August 2000. During these years of practice, I have gathered bits and pieces of information about energy development, daoist thinking, and modes of practice (sitting, standing, forms, etc.).

What has been missing for me is the big picture, a way to put it all together, that is presented to me in a way that I, an English-speaking westerner, can understand. In your workshops, which I've just taken in fall 2002, you have provided me with this missing piece. Here is what keeps me coming back:

1. Succinct, comprehensive, consistent explanation of Daoist (Taoist) thinking. I have tried to get this from my Chinese teachers, and could just never before (primarily due to language barriers & cultural differences) see how it all hung to gether (yin-yang theory, five phases etc).

2. Explanation of the "why" and the "how" of the physical practices. For years I have heard, "focus on your dan tien" but I never understood why or how. I am now able to feel movement in and through my dan tien that

I have never felt before. Your portal concept was revolutionary for me!

3. Simple movement practices that give quick access to practices such as the microcosmic orbit. I have been practicing the orbit for a few years now, but after learning your form in Chi Kung Fundamentals, I can feel the orbit much more clearly, have a better understanding of what was blocking it before, and how to unblock, also a better understanding of how to teach it to others.

There is much more that I could say, but this is a good start.

I'm really glad to have someone of your teaching ability who is willing to share!!

Sandra F. Seeber, MA, MAEd, LPC — President, Synergy Clinical & Consulting Services,

Inc., Winston-Salem, NC

And some kudos from Michael's Kan & Li Retreats

His course was fantastic! Michael Winn is an extraordinary teacher - a modern day Taoist master. Having undergone the Tibetan three-year retreat, I was able to appreciate these profound energy and mind techniques as truly unique and transformative. ANYONE on any spiritual path can benefit immensely from Michael's gentle, yet powerful wisdom teachings. Dr. Asa Hertshoff, —author of "Homeopathic Remedies" and "Herbal Remedies".

Michael Winn is a creative force, an embodiment of the spontaneous soul of the Tao. Expect the unexpected with him. He teaches alchemy formulas, yet is deeply embedded in the Cauldron of the "No Formula" tradition. He gives emphasis to BE HERE NOW. A masterful sage who fills the Cauldron with the rich ingredients of boundless love, soul, and humility. I have covered the metaphysical globe over many decades. I developed a powerful "spiritual crap detector"

in the process. His workshop passed the test. It added a tremendous dimensional enrichment to the unfolding of my global quest. Aida V. Nelson

Michael Winn is a Taoist Sage. His understanding and competence are really amazing. He really lives what he teaches. Jose, —from Spain

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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