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The Inner Smile is central to embracing the hidden third force in Nature, our Original Breath. Original Breath mediates between Original Spirit and Original Substance, which we experience as human spirit and human body. Original Breath also mediates between all our dualities, such as good and evil. It is able to mediate them as this subtle, self-arising neutral breath finds itself converted into all polarities by humans exercising their free will.

Of course every culture has its esoteric alchemical teachings that go beyond the good-evil duality, but they are mostly suppressed or hidden away. Or they survive as texts, but the practices and lineages are lost, so the texts remain inaccessible to the modern reader. Why did the lineages of Western inner alchemy largely die out? Perhaps due to excess secrecy by alchemists. It is my mission to help make the still living lineages of Tao inner alchemy become available as part of an accessible modern sacred science.

The great secret of all alchemists is that the third force hidden with the Tai Chi of yin and yang, the Original Breath (yuan chi), can restore our Original energetic and spiritual body (yuan jing) within the physical dimension. When this is crystallized it is known by many names: the Elixir, Golden Light body, immortal body, Immortal Child, the Pearl. Without the personal will to create this body of inner light and inner sound, the Original Breath gradually disperses.

We could go deeper into the questions raised by all this, but that is what the higher level inner alchemy courses (both live retreats or Home Study audio-video) are for. These courses take you through One Cloud's seven stages of spiritual and bodily evolution step by step. Each step has a chi kung movement practice as well as a meditation practice that helps you birth your "immortal child" and raise it to sage-

hood. There is nothing to join, and no religious or philosophical-intellectual dogma to believe in.

The sole proof on this alchemical path of the Tao is whether one feels increasing levels of higher frequency chi flow in the body-mind. This is verifiable by one's own bodily experience of physical vitality, and inner peace and joy. If you feel more harmony and balance in life, your practice is successful.

If we cannot smile inwardly and accept the underlying unity of our body and its life experiences in the immediate physical body, then replacing it with blind belief in an abstract higher Self that will arrive someday will not create that unity either. Deferring self-realization by projecting it into the future is an unconscious sabotage that separates us from our truth in the embodied present moment.

The Healing Tao practices of Six healing Sounds, Five Animals Play, Microcosmic Orbit, Fusion of the Five Elements and Kan and Li (Water and Fire) practices are all designed to dissolve blockages that separate body-mind and past-future. They all have another thing in common: they are focused on crystallizing our inner essence in the present moment. This is its key difference with the many excellent but piecemeal systems of chi kung and tai chi. The Healing Tao method combines chi kung with neidan, inner alchemy meditation.

Where do these practices lead? The human spirit evolves to become a grounded, self-realized, authentic human (zhenren). This spontaneously cultivates ethical behavior and harmony with the social whole. Practically speaking, the practices build an Energy Body that is gradually refined into a spiritual Body of Inner Light and Inner Sound. This level of practice is what makes the Inner Smile ultimately a spiritual wu wei method rather than a yin water or yang fire method for balancing our body and personality.

The Inner Smile is great for dissolving chi blockages. It is great for restoring everyday health and chi flow in an infinite number of simple but profound applications that come from unconditional self-

acceptance. But as its greatest virtue, the Inner Smile can also be a path to Enlightenment.

Inner Smile can become a Way to cultivate our humanity, the deeply embodied will of our collective human Original Spirit. Humanity is one of the Three Treasures of the Tao, along with Heaven and Earth. Humanity surely is in great need at this time of nourishing its Original Smile.

As a final smiling thought, I defer to an ancient Chinese master. Confucius, who also considered himself a student of the Tao. He had an interesting insight on smiling:

We come into this world crying, while those around us smile. We leave this world smiling, while those around us cry.

Crying With Smile Pics

90 year old Swiss lady whose smile has become part of her face.

Even though her mouth turns down, a smile still shines through.

If you choose to pursue the Inner Smile as part of your path, I am confident that you will be able to smile beyond both life and death into the heart of the mysterious Tao.

That concludes this book. I hope that as I leave you to embark upon your own path, you will explore the possibility that we are all smiling into the same inner space inside our body. For humans, that is the inner heart space of our collective humanity that joins us ultimately as one being.

Inner Smiles, Michael Winn p.s. Please feel free to send your experiences with the Inner Smile to me at [email protected]. I may include your experience in a future edition of this book. I am very interested in your own discoveries made playing with the Inner Smile. So please share! I cannot promise to reply to all emails due to volume received, but they will be read!

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