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Thanks to ancient Tao masters passing down their tradition for thousands of years, we now know the secret of the Inner Smile is hidden within our inner heart. The inner heart is not the physical heart, and it is not the emotional or feeling heart. There is a "third heart", just as there is a "third eye". This inner heart is a portal to direct experience of what is called "soul", a concept in the West that has successfully eluded all definition.

The ancient enlightened masters gave us a very specific map of the Inner Smile's pathway within our body. It arises like a wave from the inner ocean of our unknown and unborn self. Before it gently splashes onto the beach of the outer world, it passes through many subtle layers of body-mind consciousness that they mapped out in great detail.

This mapped out network of energy meridians and spheres of psycho-spiritual essences hidden within our physical body is known to Tao adepts as the Energy Body. The Inner Smile is a way of awakening and harmonizing our Energy Body. As the smiling wave arises within it can be guided to effortlessly "float loose" our deep sexual, emotional, and mental patterns, which are basically frozen energy.

Sexual Drowning

The ability of this smiling infant to swim underwater totally free of all fear of drowning is akin our innate ability to smile and float in the sea of our Original Energy (yuan chi).

Smiling can melt energy patterns that we might feel are stuck or frozen inside us. It can reach and dissolve patterns that have frustrated other forms of therapy, if done with proper focus.

The Inner Smile is a gentle tool, but so profoundly subtle it can probe powerfully into the depths of our unconscious, where few can reach. It can dissolve patterns without struggle, as it does not encourage divisive attitudes (me vs. them) or attempt to "kill" the sick energy. If you attack your problems, they resist even harder.

The Inner Smile operates by embracing the aspects of our pain or dysfunction from within. It awakens our core sense of unity, and activates the inner will of our heart. Inner Smiling causes the sick energy to spontaneously shape shift. By smiling, we are really just liberating the inner will of our stuck energy to become functional and free.

The Inner Smile is just the first step on an amazing journey to the experience of your true self and to the core of the "multi-verse"- the multiple dimensions of Nature's grand unity.

I hope you will join the growing global community of seekers of the Natural Truth. Tao offers a practical way gain the freedom needed to experience all levels of your reality. I hope that you grow to love and trust the Inner Smile as much as I do.

Michael Winn Asheville, North Carolina Spring Equinox 2003

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Become A More Spiritual Person Today

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