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Now add to this natural scene of calm and peace in nature the memory of the most high, beautiful experience you have had in your life. Take a moment of peak experience, bliss, enlightenment, just a wonderful feeling of any point. And if you can't think of one, you can

just invent one, or you can imagine the highest experience possible that you desire for yourself.

Perhaps you are feeling totally enlightened, or deeply connected to the mystical ocean of pure being. You may find it helps to hold the memory of yourself as an infant, when your own Original Spirit was strongly present in natural innocence, as a seed or core element of later experiences of bliss. Perhaps your peak experience is a feeling of sexual orgasm and deep completion. Whatever it is for you, let the vibration and quality of that feeling be infused into the nature scene within you, and into your body in that scene. Silent practice, two minutes.

Now imagine that there is an energetic golden egg above your head, like a glowing full moon pearl. Gather the physical scene from nature, with all its peaceful feelings of harmony and your highest experience of bliss, and absorb them into the golden egg or pearl atop your crown. Feel all the images of natural elements, the rivers, mountains, streams, forests are dissolved into light essences contained inside the egg. The image of your self and your most blissful moment, your truest self, even if imagined, dissolve into light essence and are also concentrated inside this egg. Feel it begin to shine down into your transparent body below.

Silent practice, two minutes.

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The Power Of The Present Moment

The Power Of The Present Moment

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