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How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You

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Q How can the Inner Smile help married couples having difficulties

My wife and I use the inner smile all the time. If we get into a position of difference, and are heading into a possible argument, we have an agreement that either one of us can stop the dialog from deteriorating into disharmony by placing their hands over their heart and smiling. That is a signal for the other person to relax and smile, find their heart center, before continuing the dialog. That is what mediators do, and it can eventually work, whether in divorce or business, but the inner smile is deeper and faster. Even if you use outer mediation techniques, the Inner Smile will speed them up.

Whats So Bad about Feeling Good

In the early 1970s, when Hollywood first began to make movies for television, I discovered a show called What's So Bad about Feeling Good , and it has since become one of my favorites. It starred Robert Morse and Mary Tyler Moore as two hippies living in New York City. The story begins with a sailor in South America who smuggles a toucan aboard his ship, headed for the States. Unbeknownst to the sailor, the toucan is carrying a highly contagious virus. Unlike the West Nile virus, this unique microbe makes people euphorically happy. By the time the ship gets to New York City, the entire crew is floating on cloud nine. fear-based virus. It spreads through rudeness, sarcasm, impatience, negative conversations, catastrophic news headlines, and any other means it can use to proliferate. But like the character whom Mary Tyler Moore played, we don't have to be passive victims to this virus. We can make a conscious choice to become unstuck and start moving. What's so bad about feeling good...

Second Brain Chi Kung Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Power of the Inner Smile

Tan Tien Breathing

The process of internal transformation in the Universal Tao practice starts with the Inner Smile down to the lower brain located in the lower abdominal area. It is the key practice for keeping Chi pressure in the Lower Tan Tien and the whole body, and it is the most effective practice for keeping all energy path routes in the body open. Although the Inner Smile at first sight would appear to be an easy practice, it actually represents a great challenge. It holds in all its apparent simplicity a highly concentrated way to change our whole attitude towards life and towards ourselves. Yet, at the same time, it is the key to shifting and transforming our inner disposition and attitude so that we open ourselves to the ability of flowing with the stream of life. Also, it helps us not to push against the river and use force on ourselves and others. It trains us to accept ourselves and thereby others so that transformation can come from within and not from above or outside, as we raise our...

What is the Inner Smile

The Inner Smile is a simple, effortless Daoist (Taoist) meditation on how to live with an open heart. You can practice it sitting quietly, or while engaged in everyday activities. The Inner Smile challenges us, in a series of smiling baby steps , to unconditionally accept every aspect of our body, mind, and spirit. The Inner Smile connects our biological self, our psychological self, and our spiritual self in a practical way. It ingeniously captures the power hidden in our natural impulse to smile. It doesn't try to fix anything or ask any part of us or others to change. It relies on the power of non-verbal communication coupled with a clear mind intent to creatively find the harmony hidden within everything. To paraphrase Lao Tzu, the Inner Smile does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone . The Inner Smile cultivates the spontaneous nature of our inner heart to accept all experiences in life at their most profound level. This may sound a bit abstract. Our western minds demand more...

Chapter Seven Conclusion Inner Smile as Path to Enlightenment

Tao Inner Smile

In mother's womb to Original Spirit in the cosmic womb of the wuji, the Supreme Unknown. Spiritual rebirth then takes us back into Creation, but this time the ego is consciously fused with the will of Original Spirit and thus becomes Eternal. Photo author with Daoist adept Lehechun in the famous Green Goat Temple, Chengdu, China. Lihechun cultivated his serene Inner Smile during a year long retreat in a cave on Mt. Huashan. The application of the Inner Smile is endless, from the simple to the sublime. Before I eat a meal, I inner smile from my heart into the food on my plate to make it easier for my body to energetically digest whatever chi it has to offer me. I feel it raises the vibration of the food, it awakens and enlivens it. Animals are very sensitive to human energetic shifts, and many use the Inner Smile to communicate with their pets. But the Inner Smile was originally transmitted by the Tao hermit One Cloud as a tool for enlightenment, as the linchpin of his Seven Alchemy...

Does Lao Tzus Tao Te Ching mention the Inner Smile

As far as I know, the Inner Smile is not mentioned by name in Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching (Daodejing). But if you have training in Daoist meditation, it is easy to understand the parables of Lao Tzu as practical teachings rather than as mystical poetry or intellectual philosophy. The scholar Harold Roth has shown conclusively in his book Original Tao that Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching was a meditation The Tao Te Ching, supposedly written by Lao Tzu about 400 BC, says the Tao is huge, it's vast, it covers all the universes, yet at the same time it's tiny, it's smaller than the smallest thing, and it doesn't judge any of the 10,000 creatures. Can you live without judgment it asks. Living without judgment is what the Inner Smile embodies total, in-the-body acceptance of destiny as it arises each moment. The challenge facing the Daoist adept is to internalize that radical, total openness to life inside their Energy Body. The Inner Smile is the simplest Daoist method to do that. The Inner Smile...

Inner Smile Root of the Root

But some things are more important than others. So I am very glad that Michael Winn chose to write more deeply about the Inner Smile, because it is so close to the root of the root. By this I mean the Inner Smile is so close to the root of inner alchemy, and inner alchemy is the root of all the other Tao systems, even the I Ching. Lao Tzu says that the man of knowledge acquires something new everyday, and the man of Tao lets go of something new every day. The man who practices the Inner Smile is a man of Tao. I feel Michael Winn is both a man of knowledge and a man of Tao. His writing will help people to understand why the Inner Smile is so important, and how it simplifies so many other good and useful practices. The Way of the Inner Smile takes the theory and the practice to a higher level of understanding. It has many new insights, and reveals how his own teaching skill has matured. He has taught many Westerners and figured out how their minds and bodies can most easily absorb Tao...

Chapter Five Guided Inner Smile Meditation

Dylan Eakin

Deep meditation allows the heart's inner soul to radiate an inner smile as an expression of self-realization. My kriya yoga teacher was allegedly in nirvakalpa samadhi for 45 years at time this photo was taken. Swami Hariharananda's powerful inner smile gave him the aura of a spiritual Santa Claus . He recently shifted dimensions at age 96.

Q Whats the difference between Inner Smile as a Water Fire dissolving technique and Tao wateronly dissolving methods

But the water-only method does not specifically activate the inner Heart Spirit (which has a fiery, or at least warm nature) and does not directly invoke the yuan shen, the Original Spirit, as the source that is ultimately dissolving all false yin or false yang chi stuck in the body. So for myself, the water-only method does not penetrate as deep into my psyche as opening the smiling inner heart. This is why after several years of testing water only methods, I went back to the Inner Smile. I found for myself that the heart-felt quality of unconditional acceptance evoked by the Inner Smile is missing from a purely chi-based dissolving process. Spirit (shen) controls the quality of Energy (chi). You can have lots of energy dissolving, but still lack heart. It is the difference between martial and spiritual chi kung. The spiritual chi kung is sometimes called shengong, or skill with spirit . The Inner smile is really a form of shengong. It explores the relation between chi and shen. Shen...

Q How long do I practice the Inner Smile at any one sitting

Start with 15 minutes, and see if it naturally grows longer. You have to balance your time between moving and sitting practice. Smile inside, and ask your heart spirit how long it wants for dedicated practice. Learn to trust what you heart tells you. Sometimes a two minute quick inner smile will suffice to get you centered in the middle of a stressful day.

Inner Smile The Sages Way to Unfold

Mantak Chia Cosmic Inner Smile

It is really undefinable, because it includes everything that exists in Nature, plus everything that doesn't yet exist When Tao is applied to humans, it implies the virtue, or de , of natural self-unfoldment. Historically, the Inner Smile was a foundation practice of Daoist neidan gong, or inner elixir skill . Today, we translate neidan simply as inner alchemy , meaning the science of changing oneself in accordance with natural law, but more quickly. scientific process in the sense of being systematic and repeatable. But it is made possible only when we grasp the hidden essence of life. Once we become aware of chi flow in our body, we can shape it. The Inner Smile was the first step in seven highly secret Tao inner alchemy formulas for speeding up the stages of human spiritual development. But the Inner Smile also has a key function in formulas Two through Seven as well. It is amazing to consider that the Inner Smile is at once the easiest beginner...

Outer Acceptance vs Inner Acceptance Outer Smile vs Inner Smile

Michael Winn

I'm simply pointing out that the Inner Smile process of unconditional self-acceptance unmasks the problem of self-rejection and body-rejection at its core. It is the most direct and most effective method I have found for getting to one's inner truth and to the experience of inner peace. What is the key difference between the Inner Smile and the ordinary outer smile The ordinary outer smile has an object someone or something you are smiling at. The Inner Smile is ultimately objectless . You might temporarily start by smiling to some aspect of your biology, but you quickly go past that to the energy or the spirit behind the physical object. Once you contact your center of spiritual gravity, the inner smile radiates back out through the layers of your energy body and your biology and eventually out into the world.

Inner Smile is Its Own Reward

The Inner Smile is different than religious teachings that say you should be compassionate, you have to be good, because God ordains it or because you will not get into heaven if you are not good. There is a subtle judgment imbedded in this goodness. The message is, be good, but if you are not good in the way I decree it, you are bad, and The Inner Smile is its own reward, regardless of whether it is accepted or not, or responded to or not. In Daoist thinking, the inner smile has true de, or virtue. Virtue does not imply moral superiority, it implies authenticity and innate power. Our innate power arises from within our authentic (original) self and expresses itself functionally.

Cosmic Inner Smile

Cosmic Healing

Fig. 9.1 Inner Smile Fig. 9.1 Inner Smile The Inner Smile begins at the eyes and the mideyebrow point and moves down to the heart. As you activate the heart, the loving energy will flow out and you will feel the energy of your Inner Smile flow down the entire length of your body like a waterfall. This is a very powerful and effective tool to counteract stress, tension and negative Chi.

Neutral Smile of Acceptance vs Acts of Love

To describe the spiritual quality of the Inner Smile using the western concept of love or even a Buddhist sense of compassion is insufficient, as these are colored by the association of the personal self expressing some quality or taking some outer action. This introduces an ego-centric notion, which usually involves the loving or compassionate person projecting their spiritual quality onto someone who doesn't feel loved or is suffering. The essence of the Inner Smile is more neutral. The Inner Smile is probably something closer to the experience of unconditional acceptance. The seed quality of unconditional acceptance is smiled through the outer biological layers of the self in towards the core of one's being, and this generates a counter-wave of smiling energy that emanates back out from the core and flows in the chi channels of the body. You don't project acceptance onto someone else using the Inner Smile. You don't invade others with a sense of coming from a spiritually superior...

Smile links Inner Heart to Original Spirit

I discovered the Inner Smile links the physical body to every level of subtle body in the cosmos. It achieves this by cultivating the Original Spirit. My original experience of the Inner Smile wasn't really as inner as I first believed it was. In order to discover this, I had to work my way through the seven formulas to map out my deep inner terrain. This allowed me to experience the Daoist subtle energy cosmology -underlying the formulas - as my own inner reality. This confirmed my own observation, that the Inner Smile is both the work of the beginning practice and the flowering of the advanced practice. It's the alpha and the omega of Daoist internal alchemy. You plant the right seed by smiling to your Original Spirit (yuan shen), nourish it with water (yin) and fire (yang), and the inner essence of that seed will flower (yuan shen smiles back out from your core). The seed being planted with the Inner Smile is really a spiritual quality arising from the deepest level of the human...

Our Inner Family of Biological Intelligences

Inner Smile is Deepened by other Tao Practices Painting of two female Tao immortals. Deer is symbol of gentleness and the crane of long life. Behind the inscrutable2 Oriental inner smile is concealed a vast wisdom of internal energy arts and the adept1s contentment with their inner soul cultivation. There are many other Daoist practices developed over the millennia that take the Inner Smile process to a more refined level of physical and mental self-healing and soul development. They all help create and stabilize a joyful and calm inner space that smoothes the flow of our life journey. These include the rest of the Chi Kung Fundamentals 1 training in the Five Animal Frolics and Six Healing Sounds, which But without Inner Smile, these practices would not be as deep or as effective. At each level there is a chi kung movement practice as well as a sitting meditation practice that balance each other. When people ask me, what is the best way to prepare for higher levels of practice , I...

Mapping Our Body Minds Energetic Patterns

It helps to have a map of our insides before we begin the Inner Smile practice. It also helps to get acquainted with some common Chinese terms used by Daoists to describe spiritual development. The problem in English is that we often don't have the words to describe clearly what is going on inside us at a subtle level. When you smile, it is like the Sun coming out from behind dark clouds, and lighting up your earth. Only this happens deep inside you when your inner heart comes out of hiding and smiles at your sexual substance. Your body feels warm, loved, and accepted, as if it had been lovingly hugged from within. It instantly starts making healthy new baby cells Can you imagine this mini love story happening to all 80 trillion cells in the human body This is how the Inner Smile can quickly become a very tangible and powerful experience. According to the Daoists, our natural intelligence will give us the guidance we need to fulfill our human destiny in each moment. No one has a...

Smile to any Global Community

Next, let's try smiling to the global human community, which can help resolve racial and political tensions. In this sense the Inner Smile is a kind of focused prayer, but a very neutral prayer, one that prays for mutual unconditional acceptance between all beings. Once that level of inner respect is established, anything can be worked out.

Smile to a Difficult Relationship

Keep smiling to them at this deeper level. It could be a co-worker, a boss, or somebody in your family. Smile to them, radiate this feeling of peace and acceptance to their inner intelligence. We can use the inner smile to help smooth over difficult relationships. This kind of inner smile is not a manipulation. You are really sincere, your inner heart is saying I accept you, I'd like to have a smooth flowing peaceful relationship. Their personality may not be able to hear that, because of their conflict with you.

Allow Yourself to Feel the Return Smiling Wave

Thank all those aspects of the universe that have individually smiled back to us, or responded in some way to our smile. We've now radiated our smiling wave from our body center out to the center of the universal body and beyond. It's time to follow the return wave of that inner smile.

Smile to Sun and Stars

We are born part of the universal field of consciousness. So when we smile into all the beautiful stars, into the vast cosmic intelligences that live in the center of those spiraling galaxies with billions of stars, we reach them immediately. It doesn't take light years for the inner smile to communicate your smiling feeling of acceptance. It is instantaneous Let's smile to the stars, and be open to the stars smiling back to us immediately. Silent practice, two minutes.

Preparation Actualize a receptive natural space

Just feel the harmony between all those elements and your sensory experience of them. Feel as if nature itself was doing the Inner Smile into your five senses, awakening your five body spirits to a state of vibrant aliveness. Feel the subtle force behind Nature radiating into this peaceful scene of nature you are feeling inside yourself.

The Original Spirit Breath Reborn as our Inner Child

People Deep Meditation

The Inner Smile is a way to recover our natural smiling ability, and relearn to speak this silent language of the soul. The Inner Smile is based on the Daoist premise that our smiling inner consciousness generates all outer world perceptions, not the other way around. This is the major difference with western materialistic science, which posits that consciousness arises from body matter. This view leaves science stuck on a superficial physical level, manipulating surface matter without awareness of its affect on the subtle energy patterns that hold matter in place. The Daoist view is that the inner chi field of consciousness is preexisting, and generates all material and bodily forms as well as our psychic structure. If you are a self-convinced materialist, then practicing the Inner Smile is a great way to explore the chi field and challenge or test those limiting beliefs.

Taoist Flower Essences for the Emotions

Truth is, it is so labor intensive to put 72 flower essences into this one formula, that it is really just her labor of love for those willing to receive this gift. She has also developed eight special flower essence Tao Elixirs just for the Inner Smile and other Tao practices like the orbit, sexual practices, letting go with the Six Healing Sounds, etc. I use them in all my classes because I've found that people shift much more quickly into their energy body with them. These images of flowers opening within as the petals of our psyche, are images from nature, which have traditionally been used by Daoists in their meditations. They appreciate nature because their whole cosmology is about resonating with the quality of chi flow inside nature, inside trees, inside mountains, inside rivers, oceans, planets and stars. And so we will begin our journey into the Inner Smile by creating a lovely natural space within ourselves as fragrant flowers in bloom. Note many people learn the pacing and...

Chi Dissolving Process Purifies Mind Emotions

This process of accepting all the inner layers of oneself is sometimes referred to as dissolving. Dissolving is an alchemical term. The laboratory alchemist first dissolves the impurities in a substance in order to extract its original pure essence. The inner alchemist, here the adept practicing the Inner Smile, energetically dissolves the The Inner Smile combines energetic chi-dissolving skill with the psychological skill of self-acceptance. The self-acceptance works on the spiritual level of awareness that controls the flow of chi. It dissolves the old patterns of intelligence that shape our body's internal chi field, but which can become fixed and thus dysfunctional. A fighter who doesn't know himself psychologically and spiritually is dangerous, not only to others but to himself as well. The Inner Smile is a safe and proven method for keeping the chi dissolving and mind-liberating process heart-centered.

Smiling Chi Flow as the Silent Language of Nature

The Inner Smile is the simplest of the grounded, silent energy language tools of the Tao. Every aspect of the body's intelligence (shen) and energetic function (chi) is systematically contacted, smiled to and embraced. By smiling to one's inner bodily intelligence, one is not surrendering to them. Rather one is resonating with them so deeply and subtly from one's inner heart that any resistant, struggling, unhappy aspects surrender to the spiritual center of gravity held by the heart of the inner smiling adept. The simple progression of Tao is first inner smile through the body layers into the body's core, its center of Original Substance, Breath and Spirit. Then from that space yin-yang and five phase chi flow radiates out. The exact pathway in the body is unique to each person's astrology and to their situation in life. needs. Some need to go fast, they apply the tools such as the Inner Smile in a yang fashion. Some need to go slow, they smile in a yin way. Those are the fire and...

The Great Secret of Internal Alchemy

Crying With Smile Pics

The Inner Smile is central to embracing the hidden third force in Nature, our Original Breath. Original Breath mediates between Original Spirit and Original Substance, which we experience as human spirit and human body. Original Breath also mediates between all our dualities, such as good and evil. It is able to mediate them as this subtle, self-arising neutral breath finds itself converted into all polarities by humans exercising their free will. Where do these practices lead The human spirit evolves to become a grounded, self-realized, authentic human (zhenren). This spontaneously cultivates ethical behavior and harmony with the social whole. Practically speaking, the practices build an Energy Body that is gradually refined into a spiritual Body of Inner Light and Inner Sound. This level of practice is what makes the Inner Smile ultimately a spiritual wu wei method rather than a yin water or yang fire method for balancing our body and personality. The Inner Smile is great for...

Receptive Yin Smile Projective Yang Smile

In the Inner Smile process, one first must accept the inner layers of oneself. This is the yin phase of practice, meaning you approach yourself softly, with an open, receptive and nurturing attitude. This phase requires accepting one's major biological structures, one's energy channels, and one's guiding intelligences or body spirits (jing shen). Once these begin to integrate, one's inner heart opens, and the yang phase of practice may begin. One smiles out from the space of inner self-acceptance, and expands that space out into the outer world. The focus in the yang phase is again not on accepting the transitory outer appearance of reality, but on accepting its inner essence. We practice smiling to the soul of matter, which includes the soul of other people and things. During both the yin and yang phases we are working with the core energy of the soul. Both yin and yang phases of the Inner Smile evoke a smiling wave of yuan chi, or Original Energy. Yuan chi is the subtle energy,...

Step Smile swallow to bowels sexual organs

Allow your nervous system inner smile to continue glowing and radiating peace and calmness. Come back up to your eyes. This time let's gather some saliva in order to very consciously swallow it down the digestive tract. Saliva is a very precious fluid that can be supercharged with the Inner Smile. It is precious because it is a fluid imbued with the spiritual vibrations of the upper dantian, the doorway to the heavenly chi field. It may take repeated swallowing to feel warmth down in your abdomen. When you feel this warmth, you have successfully created the spiritual equivalent of what modern scientists call a fluid magnetic condenser . You have used the magnetic properties of saliva fluid as a medium for condensing the energetic and spiritual qualities of your inner smile. By swallowing it, you transport the essence of the head brain - your creative imagination - and merge it with the essence of your belly brain, your instinctual-primordial self. Silent practice, one minute.

First Guided Smile Warmup

Small Babies Smiling

Invoke your heart spirit's inner smile as a small baby. If you feel you cannot summon this, arrange to play with someone's young baby to regain contact with the feeling of original chi and spirit. This is why babies are so irresistible they are holding the memory of our lost (i.e. suppressed) Original Spirit for us. Photo Sonja Bozic The Tao, the Way, the Natural Way, is to always find harmony, and the inner smile is pure harmony because it doesn't really impose itself on anything. It occupies the space in between the extremes, so both yin and yang feel supported by its presence. A genuine smile doesn't impose itself on anybody. It's just a statement, it says I accept, I open my heart, I accept what you are and everything that is . It doesn't demand that anybody do anything. With the genuine Inner Smile, you're just smiling whether they - the world inside your body, or the world outside - smile back or not. With the outer smile you might feel compulsive or guilty because someone...

What does presence mean in smiling practice

That part of the chi field the Daoists called shen. Giving reality and trust to your shen is really what the Inner Smile is about. It's nurturing what it practically means to be present. No matter what shape, color, taste, direction, configuration, emotion, or situation the chi field has taken in any given moment, you can be present with it. Learning to accept that energetic shape - even if it is the shape of pain or failure -- that's what the Inner Smile is about. Once you've In short, all lives are happening at once, not in linear sequence. This is why the Inner Smile embraces deeply and unconditionally accepts the human body process as a microcosm of the universal body (Nature) process. The entirety of cosmic evolution is happening inside our body NOW. To the extent they remain caught in their polar identity as male-fire or female -water deities, they are able to embody only a temporary or cyclical presence. These gods can enjoy only a kind of temporary enlightenment and temporary...

Step b Smile dissolve beyond the body

Our strategy is to start with the outer smile. We first project it internally into the body, and thereby encounter the reality that everything inside our body is alive, i.e. it is also our psyche. That the body-spirits can smile back from every part of our physical tissue. This phase of Inner Smile training is a yin practice, we are dissolving inward and remaining very receptive to whatever arises, without projecting or expanding our energy body out. This is smiling movement into the core of our heart spirit and within that, our Original Spirit. This initiates a yang phase of Inner Smile practice. Skill in managing this phase of the Inner Smile is known as yang practice. It assumes we've at least partially integrated with our original nature from doing yin practice. Otherwise our smiling back outward would be identical to anyone practicing the superficial outer smile. Once we master both the yin and yang phases, we are ready to master the third kind of skill, known as wu-wei practice....

Positive Ego Negative Ego Neutral

The Inner Smile is about activating a level of inner self that is deeper than either our outer positive ego or outer negative ego. The Inner Smile begins by systematically having us unconditionally accept One minute we're an infant, next we are a child, then a teenager, then an adult - each with a different identity. The biological patterns are the most stable during these cycles of transition, and so the Inner Smile begins by connecting our biological self to the chi field inside us. This The Inner Smile is a method of progressive self-acceptance, It should not be confused with a method sometimes advocated by spiritual teachers of accepting everything outside you, everything that happens to you. That approach is focused on the outer world. The difference is crucial.

Advanced Smile left brain right brain center brain

This deep core channel smiling can activate love-hate polarities in the heart-feeling brain, and pleasure-pain polarities in the belly-sensing brain. By shifting to an inner smile of unconditional acceptance in the center of each brain dantian, deep divisions within our psyche can be healed. This practice lays an excellent foundation for Fusion of the Five Elements Level 2 practice, where the Eight Extraordinary Channels are mapped in detail and opened more thoroughly.

Chapter Three Smile Softly to Overcome the Hard

Will The Inner Teeth Fall

An infant's natural inner smile is one reminder to adults of what they have lost and are spiritually seeking to restore. Photo Sonja Bosic celebrates her 1st birthday with an ecstatic Inner Smile. Her mother Emilee says Sonja's spirit first came to me in vision at a group Daoist meditation a few days before I conceived. I did Inner Smile with her all through pregnancy. Since she was born, I feel her Inner Smile beaming back to me in each moment The Inner Smile is considered primarily a water or yin method of Daoist inner alchemy. It is a soft method, and Daoism has always emphasized that softness overcomes hardness, that water can erode the hardest stone. Because the original chi field of the Tao Dao flows like a great subtle ocean of energy, from which everything is born, Daoism itself is often called the watercourse way. But one should not confuse or elevate this use of yin principle or soft methods such as the Inner Smile as an argument that yin methods are superior to yang or fire...

Tai Chi Harmony of Cosmic Being

Golden Embryo Taoism

Energetically, the Inner Smile asks us to accept that our personal inner Being is part of the Original Spirit (yuan shen) of the Tao (Dao). According to ancient Chinese thinking, Original Spirit exhaled the Original Breath as the pure, non-polar breath of the Cosmos. This breaths follows the cosmic law of the Tai Chi principle of harmony. Its invisible guidance deep inside our body is why we constantly seek harmony in our everyday life. Smiling Lao Tzu (Laozi) rides on an Ox. Ox is the symbol of worldly burden, the earth element, and of the human soul riding atop its physical body. The Tao sages in China are usually depicted as smiling. This is an Inner Smile, suggesting that no matter how bad the worldly burden becomes, the Tao within their inner heart will remain an eternal source of smiling joy. The ultimate purpose of the Inner Smile is to bring this underlying tension into consciousness, embrace it, and harmonize it. Smiling is a method to smooth out this tension that is...

Q I have struggled with boredom and depression for a long time Do I need to try harder for a breakthrough

Again, don't struggle with the boredom, it will win that game, and drag you down into its pit where it is also trapped. Just relax and alertly smile to it until the next layer opens up. Be patient. The Inner Smile can open all Inner Doors. When it opens up,, you don't feel struggle, you don't feel like life is out to get you or someone else is out to get you and stifle your creativity. Then you feel you are smiling from the inside-out, your natural and true self. When you are smiling from the outside-in you are still in a state of separation. But that is what people call normal reality here. They grow up with it, with living a numb life. They get used to it and actually defend it. Sometimes they defend it by attacking someone who doesn't buy into their reality. Best way to defuse that Inner Smile. The Master of the Inner Smile has no enemies.

The Smiling Inner Heart of our Energy Body

Sexual Drowning

Thanks to ancient Tao masters passing down their tradition for thousands of years, we now know the secret of the Inner Smile is hidden within our inner heart. The inner heart is not the physical heart, and it is not the emotional or feeling heart. There is a third heart , just as there is a third eye . This inner heart is a portal to direct experience of what is called soul , a concept in the West that has successfully eluded all definition. The ancient enlightened masters gave us a very specific map of the Inner Smile's pathway within our body. It arises like a wave from the inner ocean of our unknown and unborn self. Before it gently splashes onto the beach of the outer world, it passes through many subtle layers of body-mind consciousness that they mapped out in great detail. This mapped out network of energy meridians and spheres of psycho-spiritual essences hidden within our physical body is known to Tao adepts as the Energy Body. The Inner Smile is a way of awakening and...

Step Smile to the throat heart and vital organ spirits

Use the Inner Smile to direct the fusion of the left and right brain and central corpus callosum to flow down through the mid brain and low brain stem, smiling down into the throat, dissolving any blockages in the thyroid and parathyroid glands. These control your body metabolism. 30 seconds silent practice. The heart spirit radiates its Inner Smile like an inner sun, shining its acceptance, its feeling of peace and bliss and total acceptance to all the other body gods, the inner family members. Feel all the other vital organ spirits smiling back to the heart. Everyone feels alive, they feel the same heart joy collectively. Smile again, feel for the response. One minute silent practice.

Tao Cosmology Unfolding the Original Trinity

The Inner Smile becomes an act of Original Will when it is used to align our human ego with Original Spirit, and our human physical body with Original Substance. This is how the Inner Smile can be used as an Enlightenment practice, to help us experience more fully our true and original presence here in the flesh. The Inner Smile is silent, heart-centered, and effortless, which allows us to penetrate into hidden, silent levels of our deep core in a way that mantra, visualization, breathing techniques, movement methods or simple empty-mind meditation may not achieve. It is especially not easy to grasp our Original Substance and feel it in the body. Of course, there is no guarantee of enlightenment, which in the end is only definable and knowable by each person. Thus each person needs to apply the Inner Smile differently - as a yin practice, a yang Remember, the Inner Smile is not directed at any one physical object, but at any aspect of the chi field that we are able to resonate with....

The Confusion of Spoken Language Spiritual Being vs Bodily Becoming

This gets to the heart of the difference between the Inner Smile as a deliberate exercise of EMBODIED inner will versus simply surrendering our will to an abstract inner being or abstract God or other disembodied deity or Savior. When we surrender to an abstraction, we are really just projecting our chi into it to try to make it more solid or powerful. The purpose of having a method like the Inner Smile is not so that you can fix yourself, since the self isn't broken. But humans are still evolving, just as Nature itself is evolving. Daoist inner alchemists are not trying to save their soul, they are simply trying to speed up its natural maturation process. The Inner Smile gives us a new communication pathway between the different dimensions of the self, between the becoming and the being aspects.

Smiling is Non Dualism Made Simple

The Inner Smile is very simple in itself, but it affects many complex layers of our biology, psychology, and our higher subtle bodies - our spirituality. The Inner Smile is about getting this inner ocean of chi to radiate out through the layers of our internal energy bodies, and through all the dense physical layers of the body. With practice, the Inner Smile ultimately penetrates out past the skin to radiate pure coherence into the outer chi field of the natural world. Remarkably, it does this without using concept That is because the Inner Smile arises from the heart, which doesn't think in images and concepts. It perceives by direct resonance and sharing at deep levels of feeling. The outer smile, by way of contrast, is the head brain responding to something in the environment. The outer smiles says something like, hi, I'm OK, you're OK, please don't bite me . Or please like me, because I like you . There is a subtle duality here, ego vs. the world as something separate from the...

The Six Bowels Sexual Organs

Mantak Chia Inner Smile

All three diagrams are the original method of Inner Smile, from Awaken Healing Energy of the Tao, by Mantak Chia. Aurora Press, 1983. inner smiling (right). All three diagrams are the original method of Inner Smile, from Awaken Healing Energy of the Tao, by Mantak Chia. Aurora Press, 1983.

Step Smile to the spine nervous system

Spinal fluid is very sensitive and very potent. Spinal fluid is just your blood serum, with the red blood cells filtered out in the brain. You could say it is the blood of your nervous system. We are in effect washing the spine with the Inner Smile, one way to practice what was called bone marrow washing by the Daoists. The blood in your body circulates to the brain, is filtered into the spine as purified fluid and charged by its spiritual fire, and then recirculates back into the body.

Smiling Builds Trust in Original Substance Body

The Inner Smile helps develops a kind of faith that is energetically embodied and personally experienced internally, not projected into an abstract external deity. Now it becomes clearer why we smile to the five vital organ intelligences, to all the physical parts of the body, and harmonize their smiling response. We are grounding our faith in spirit given bodily presence. Smiling is a kind of silent talking. There is no need to surrender individual will in the Tao inner smiling process - only to harmonize and focus the five outer wills of the vital organ spirits so they come into alignment with our self-arising Original Will. In this sense, all five of the individual ego-wills are strengthened by the Inner Smile, but only when they come into harmony.

Smile into the Room

We can direct our inner smile anywhere outside of our skin boundary that we choose to. This is possible because chi is the medium carrying our inner smile. All local chi flow, meaning our personal energy body, is fed by the universal chi field pulsing into us each moment. We can consciously reverse this chi flow into our physical body, by simply directing our local smiling chi wave to flow back outside us. As it flows back, we can focus it anywhere in time and space. Do not confuse this inner smiling process with simply thinking about someplace outside our body. The Inner Smile has captured our body's intelligence and substance and fused them, and that is what we are riding back out into the universal chi field. Thought is a form of chi, but it lacks the substance, or jing, which the body's intelligence has.


Special deep gratitude to Mantak Chia, who inspired me to explore the path of Tao. I especially thank him for sharing a transmission of Daoist Hermit One Cloud's simple smiling presence. Thanks to many other spiritual teachers in this lifetime, especially my Mother and Father, whose inner smile at my moment of birth was so precious. I offer Supreme Ultimate thanks to the Tao, for making the Inner Smile the true response to getting the Cosmic Joke.

Chapter Four

Webkinz Wolf Pack

Overview of Inner Smile Practice A former student of an overly stern zen Buddhist teacher came to learn the Tao Inner Smile. Several years ago her group of very strict zen sitters received a visit from Thich Nat Hanh, the famous Vietnamese Buddhist. Noticing the serious looks on their faces, he told them When you sit, smile. This infuriated them. But it made her laugh and she promptly quit the group. The best way I've found to learn the Inner Smile is start with the outer smile. Go with what you already know, it's easier. You are forced to start with the outer smile anyway, because most people don't actually have access to the inner level of their heart spirit. It is still unconcious. So in the beginning fake it, later you'll make it

Realm of Consciousness

It is usually pretty easy to point out the traits of a person chronically Holding Down low self-esteem, humble, depressed, ashamed, etc. It is not all negative though, because those who experience this Holding Pattern on a regular basis unconsciously use it as their survival mechanism, which allows them to cope with the challenges of life. You, too, can experience it by invoking the corresponding state of mind if you keep telling yourself and others, I'm not good enough

Out of a Rut into a Groove

You feel a sense of liberation when you're free from the rut of despair and perhaps feel even more freedom when you're in the flow of life. Attitude is the first step to get you out of the rut and into the groove. What is the winning attitude to make this happen Any thought, feeling, or perception that unlocks you from the bondage of fear or anger (and all of the many ways that either of these emotions can manifest). A winning attitude is not a feeling of competition. It is a sense of self-reliance and empowerment.

Relaxation activity

We all know that reaching durable peace of mind in not something so easy to achieve. Some beginners due to a lack of self confidence will even feel very long only one minute of Zhan zhuang, as their mind is easily distracted and invaded by mixed thoughts or feelings. In this point they cannot relax their mind and gain a state of tranquility.

Mind Eyes Heart and Intention YI

The basic teachings are all in the Microcosmic Orbit, the Cosmic Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds. As long as you are alive and healthy, you are able to draw in energy from the universe and nature. The stronger the battery, the better it is able to store this energy. If you're weak and sick, you have no way to draw any energy from nature or the universe. When the cells stop drawing in energy, life ends. If you have perfected these practices, you have all the personal physical, mental and spiritual power that you need. Everything comes together. Your mind is aware of the original force. From the knowledge of Oneness, you are inwardly aware of your mind, senses and heart you are outwardly aware of the universal energy. Now you are capable of receiving the abundantly available healing power of the universe you can tune into everything, inwardly and outwardly in all directions. This is what we are here for to heal and become whole again. We have higher goals to reach. The foundation...

Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Universal Tao Practices

Universe Yin And Yang

It is in the Cosmic Inner Smile that the heart of Tan Tien Chi Kung as an active energy meditation practice lies. It prepares the ground for all other Universal Tao exercises. The presence of inner peace determines to what extent exercises will be effective. Fig. 6.2 Cosmic Inner Smile Fig. 6.2 Cosmic Inner Smile While the Cosmic Inner Smile, the Healing Sounds and the Fusion practices generate new fresh energy, they also need to be nurtured by fresh energy which can only come from good Chi pressure.

Tan Tien Chi Kung and Natural Breathing

Natural breathing becomes possible when emotional fixations and entanglements are overcome so that you feel at peace with yourself, relaxed, calm and happy. To induce this process, the practice of the Inner Smile, the Healing Sounds and Fusion are of crucial significance. They help to clear the energy reservoirs and pathways and also enhance the state of receptivity of the organs, glands and cells as well as of the bones, so that the flow of Chi can enter and do its work.

True Breath Skin Breathing

The Taoists discovered that we can learn to absorb these surrounding and universal energies through the skin and the major energy centers. Absorbing energy through the skin is called the True Breath. This powerful energetic technique requires the Inner Smile and relaxation. The more one can relax, the more the body and the skin can open to the energy around us. The practice allows one to extend the mind, to touch the force and to draw that energy back into the body.

Chapter Developing a Daily Routine

If you practice the Six Healing Sounds (as described in Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality) just before going to bed, you will sleep more soundly and awaken earlier and more refreshed. Upon awakening, do not suddenly jump out of bed. Allow your engine (your body) to warm up a little first. Switching into high gear as soon as you get up can be disruptive and damaging to your entire system. If you are in the habit of bouncing out of bed in the morning as soon as you awaken, even though you may experience vitality lie in bed awhile instead and practice the Inner Smile, allowing the energy to flow into your Microcosmic Orbit, and you will be amazed at how much your health and overall progress will improve. Continue with Chi Self Massage (as described in Chi Self-Massage The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation). If you are pressed for time, practice Chi Self-Massage while sitting on the toilet seat. It is not necessary to set aside time to do these practices since you can combine them...

Chi Kung as Self Actualization

Eight Immortals

In its original meaning Te is defined as a process of alignment from within and it presupposes independence and self-reliance one's own mind and body is a field of energy and consciousness and the source of entering into alignment with the Tao. This explains the great sense of independence by Taoist practitioners and communities over the centuries and their reliance on inner rather than outer authority, knowledge and power. This is obvious from the striking tales and legends about the lives of the Immortals.

Chi Kung Unconsciousness Wonderment

The unconscious and subconsciousness were relegated to the position of states which interfered with these values. Chi Nei Tsang, the practice of Internal Organ Massage, plays an important role in helping people to rebalance their emotions CNT helps to connect with the subconsciousness in the belly as a source of self-esteem, power and peace. Historically, withdrawal has always been associated with meditative practice, as a mean of getting in touch. Yet meditation can also serve to make one better able to live in the world, in a state of Chi Kung. One is in touch with one's true self, from one's Lower Tan Tien and center and grounded, so that one is not too much affected by the storms of life one is able to move into one's center where stillness reigns. Tan Tien Chi Kung is a precious practice to create a state of energetic self-reliance and to get in touch with one's hidden reservoir of high frequencies and energies.

Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Alchemical Process

Tan Tien Love

In the Healing Sounds practice, we have learned that the Inner Smile heightens the activity of the thymus gland, the gland of the heart and the seat of loving and love Chi. The heart is capable of producing 37 layers of magnetic fields. The thymus gland produces the T-cells and killer cells which ward off and destroy cancer and other dangerous cells. Fig. 1.6 Inner Smile spiraling out to the Universe as the heart radiates out power to the Universal magnetic fields. Fig. 1.6 Inner Smile spiraling out to the Universe as the heart radiates out power to the Universal magnetic fields.

Starting and Resting Position Wu Ji

Clear you mind and set aside the work and worries of the day. Smile Refer to Mantak Chia's comments on the Inner Smile. Keep your head up and look forward. Your eyes should be open, with a soft and wide angle focus. Breathe in and out in a relaxed, easy, and regular manner. Keep your lips parted slightly.

Chapter Initial Preparations

Wushu Kung Pressure Vital Point

You must not use force in any of these procedures. These exercises depend very much upon mind control and relaxation. In doing the chin press, which is accomplished by pressing the chin down to the chest and pushing out C-7, the chest must remain relaxed if you are not to develop chest pain and congestion and if you are to avoid difficulty in breathing. Practice the relaxation of the Inner Smile and run your Microcosmic Orbit (described briefly in this Chapter and more fully in the book, Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao). If you find yourself shaking and jerking about, just simply let it all happen. It is a refreshing experience.

Cosmic Healing Chi Kung in the Universal Tao System

Cosmic Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds Your increasing level of skill in the Universal Tao system will reflect immediately in your Cosmic Healing Chi Kung practice. Furthermore, you will discover that you can incorporate many of your Universal Tao practices directly into your practice of Cosmic Chi Kung. We will give you a simple combined practice of the Cosmic Healing Chi Kung, the Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt and the Sexual practices. 3. We learn to transform our Chi into more beneficial energies. For example, through the Taoist Sexual Chi Kung practices taught in the Universal Tao (the course known as Healing Love through the Tao), we can transform sexual energy back into basic life force Chi. Through other practices (such as the Inner Smile, the Six Healing Sounds, and Fusion of the Five Elements) we learn to transform negative emotional Chi into positive virtuous Chi. Thus Chi is not only the foundation of our health it is also the basis of spiritual...

Genuine Pleasure from Qigong

From the viewpoint of energy expenditure, I recommend Standing Zen, unless you are full of energy and eager to practice asceticism. If you do want to practice asceticism, remember that this practice is not itself the goal, but is only a means of approaching the goal. Some ascetics with great self-confidence and hard training, begin competing with one another. When they do this, however, they begin to rely on their own power. This is different from advanced qigong training, in which the Macrocosmic Orbit method eventually allows you to receive qi energy from space and release it to patients. In my own qigong classes, I have found that some ascetics have a hard time sensing qi with the Macrocosmic Orbit method, while some beginners who know nothing about qigong are able to master the Macrocosmic Orbit method quickly. There are some people who practice rigorous asceticism. When they are close to death, they may finally become aware of external qi, but this is a long and unnecessarily...

Preparatory Practices

Always start with warming the stove at the abdomen and direct the fire down to the sexual center to transform the sexual energy. Next practice the Cosmic Inner Smile. The Cosmic Inner Smile is a powerful relaxation and self-healing technique that uses the energy of love, happiness, kindness and gentleness as a language to communicate with the internal organs of the body. Each organ corresponds to a specific element and color. For example, the kidneys will consist of the element of water and the color blue. The heart will consist of the element of fire and the color red. This makes it very easy to guide the healing power into each organ by using the appropriate color. The practice also aids the transformation of negative emotions into positive virtuous energy. This transformation is a very powerful Chi Kung practice. A genuine smile transforms negative energy into loving energy that has the power to relax, balance and heal. By learning to smile inwardly to the organs and glands, your...

Chi Kung and the Rise of a New Perspective

One of the subtle wonders which may happen is that you decide to start with the practice of Tan Tien Chi Kung and train in learning to differentiate the activation of different points of the anus. You coordinate the contraction of the anus and the perineum so as to seal the pelvic floor. This creates the internal pressure through the creation of the Chi ball needed for our health to open the way for self-reliance, self-healing and self-realization.

Healing and the Development of the Mind

If you have practiced martial arts seriously over a long period of time, you will notice precisely the moment at which you finally progress to a higher level. And any improvement will bring joy and increased self-confidence. But sooner or later you will discover that there are always people who are at much higher levels than you. This may not prevent you from enjoying the feeling of achievement. I know that thinking about the significance of healing lessened my exhaustion. But somehow I also always knew that my healing power was not completely natural. When I mastered the Macrocosmic Orbit method, I finally comprehended why I had been so exhausted before. External qi released through my Microcosmic Orbit was making me exhausted, because it was like discharging my own electric power. Certainly it is possible to release a strong healing energy with training in the Microcosmic Orbit method, but there is a limit. When you reach this limit, you will feel a lack of qi and become exhausted....

Skating on the

Disfraces Morados

Men, by nature are yang (hard, active, aggressive etc.) and need 'Yin' training (soft Qigong and meditation) to achieve balance. Women, being more Yin (soft, passive, gentle) would benefit immensely from Hard Qigong. Level 1 alone promotes boundless vitality (youthful vigour), good circulation, inner strength and physical prowess and boosts self-confidence. These benefits are available to anyone who is serious about studying

Cell Breathing

Cell Breathing

The second thing is to keep your cells free of excess emotions. Develop the skill of acting positively to situations, rather than reacting, especially negatively. Don't allow anyone to make you sad and unhealthy. Some people like to say, You make me angry, or You made me worry. We cannot allow other people to make us so emotional. We do not need to accept the negative emotions that other people try to dump on us. Cellular and psychic boundaries are related. Negative emotions disturb the cells' ability to absorb Chi and to generate the energy necessary for healing. We need all the Chi that we can get. Learn and apply the Six Healing Sounds, the Cosmic Inner Smile and the Fusion of the Five Elements meditation to transform negative emotions into personal power.

How to use this Book

The foundation of all practices in the Taoist System, the Micro-cosmic Orbit Meditation, is the way to circulate Chi energy throughout the body and is described in my book, Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao. This practice is followed by the meditations of the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds, set forth in my book, Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality. All three meditations are emphasized throughout the Taoist System. The practices of Iron Shirt Chi Kung are very powerful and therefore very effective. To insure that you carry them out properly, prepare yourself first by learning the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds. These will enable you to identify and eliminate energy blockages that may occur in your Iron Shirt practice during the learning stages.


Jaw Dislocation

Inner Smile While practicing these structural alignment exercises, also practice the Inner Smile. If you can maintain the Inner Smile while practicing vigorous exercises like Iron Shirt and the Warrior Poses, you will be able easily to maintain it during times of emotional challenge as well. Remember that the face is not only the primary expresser of body language, but also returns to your system the very emotions it expresses outwardly. When you practice the Inner Smile, let all of the facial muscles relax. This relaxation can be seen and felt particularly around the eyes and mouth. Feel the eyelids subtly close slightly as the area around the eyes relaxes, and the space between the eyebrows widens. Let the eyes be gently receptive to incoming visual stimuli. Feel that sights and sounds flow into their respective organs, rather than being grasped for outwardly. Allow the nostrils and sinuses to subtly widen, creating more space for the breath to enter the body. Let the outer...


Fosa Temporal

Suddenly I came to understand a few things which are so simple and so important, and that's what I am going to share with you. It started in 1994 in Los Angeles when a clinical psychologist there, Dr. Rhonda Jessum, wanted to start testing me. I agreed to do the testing, but the machines at that time didn't tell me much. However, it was discovered that when I did the Inner Smile meditation, my brain waves went down dramatically -but at the same time, my 'beta' waves increased to a very high level. That means the waves showed that I could be driving a car, but that my brain should have been resting and sleeping. So the researchers said, Hey, how did you do that I didn't understand either - because it was not clear to me either. Cosmic Inner Smile Cosmic Inner Smile Fig. 3.16 Alpha and Theta Waves increasing during the Cosmic Inner Smile Meditation. Fig. 3.16 Alpha and Theta Waves increasing during the Cosmic Inner Smile Meditation. It's interesting because the energy I have been...

Part IV

The Microcosmic helps the body resist sickness by keeping the energy in harmony. The inner smile is the model of loving yourself with pure, unconditional love. By practicing the inner smile and circulating chi in the Microcosmic Orbit we come to understand our body on a deeper level and learn to create love, respect and self-esteem within ourselves. Our body is potentially a perfect machine to serve our mind and spirit. But we can have a perfect machine only if each part functions harmoniously with the others.

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