Sei Ping Ba Fen Ma


Unicorn's step

Translation: From the position SEI PING BA FEN MA, your left leg advances and stands in front (of the right one), the position SHAN MIAN SEI PING BA FEN MA -"A fan before the face in Stable Eight Fen Stance of a Horse" is formed. Both fists raise up from behind and move forward, reach the level of your mouth where they are aligned and stop. A "crossed" position is formed: the right arm is outside, (your fist) is hooked toward yourself (inside), the left arm is inside and press forward (to the right arm). You utter "WU" through the nose.

Execute left and right position of "A fan before the face", "bridges", arms, steps in the same way, but to the opposite side.

Comments: You are in the stance SEI PING BA FEN MA (pos. 45). Shift body weight to the right leg; at the same time the left foot moves along an arc from the left to the right, passes in front of the right leg and descends to the ground on the right from the right foot at a distance of one step approximately, its toe is turned to the front. At this moment the heel of the right foot takes off the ground, the main weight of your body is on the left leg. Your knees are brought together, the right knee sets against the calf muscle of the left leg. This method of movement is called QILING BU -"Unicorn's step". When moving the left foot, its sole slides over the ground, that means that the foot should not be raised

Xie Stance

too high; the step is quick, but firm; the legs are bent in knees: in each phase of the movement the center of gravity is at the same height. Then, without stopping in the position QILING BU, you turn about on your soles and take the stance SEI PING BA FEN MA. At the same time your arms with an increasing effort move from your back from down upward to the position "A fan before the face". In the final phase of the movement you utter "WU" and shut off air in DANTIAN (see details in the comment on pos. 22). Then you repeat positions from 36 to 46 inclusive to another side: the left leg steps to the left, the torso turns to the left etc.

Position 47.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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