Position Er Hu Qian Zong

Two Tigers cover up their traces

Translation: From the first position JIAN LI - "Greetings" continue the execution. Both hands are clenched into fists, turned before you (with the centers of palms) back. Do not stick out your breast, do not raise your shoulders, look straight forward, both legs are upright. Pay attention to concentration of force LI in both thighs, the head is as if a cap weighing 1000 jins1 lies on it. The mouth is closed, breathe in and breathe out through the nose three times, maintain stable posture, (then) arms will do the next movement.

11 jin is approximately equal to 500 grammes.

Qigong For The Feet

Comments: After a greeting gesture

(pos. 1) clench your left hand into fist with force, turn the fists with the centers of palms toward you and pull them to your waist. Simultaneously with hand movements the left leg is moved back to the right one. It is position ER HU QIAN ZONG - "Two Tigers cover up their traces": the fists are on the sides of the waist, their back side faces the ground, the feet are in parallel with each other, the distance between them is about one fist. Requirements to the coordination of different body parts are as follows:

the shoulders are lowered and slightly moved forward, the breast is bent inward, the diaphragm is in its lower position (that corresponds to "stomach" breathing), the stomach is strained and "filled", the hands are tightly clenched into fists. The tongue should touch upper palate, the mouth is closed, the teeth are clenched without effort, the chin is slightly drawn in, the look is strictly forward. If you imagine vividly enough that you carry some weight on your head, the position of your head, neck and upper part of spine would adjust themselves correspondingly.

The lower part of the body: the thighs are strained, the buttocks are pulled in, the pelvis is put slightly forward and up, due to it the lower part of the spine is straightened and is on one vertical line with the upper part of spine and the neck. The knees are straightened, but not completely. Try to cling to the ground with your toes (however, do not bend them), it helps "to take root". At the start it demands some conscious efforts, but after some practice you will take the right posture automatically.

After it, breathe in and breathe out three times, at this time your fists are moved back and down at the level of the coccyx. The fists are moved through three stages when you breathe out, they are immovable when you breathe in. The movement is executed slowly and with some effort: just imagine that you try to bend a thick iron wire. At the end of the third exhalation you take position 3: your fists are clenched with effort, your wrists are bent towards the inner side of the forearm, the elbows are directed backward. All the above requirements to the stance are maintained.

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