Position Jing Hong Lian Yi

A frightened Goose flaps the wings

Translation: You are standing in a straight position as shown in the previous picture, both fists are raised at the level between your shoulders and cheeks. Unclench both fists simultaneously, then the palms separate and move to opposite sides from the shoulders from up to the right, to the left and downward with a "cutting" movement. When they reach the level of the waist they stop. The fingertips face outside, the wrists butt the pelvic bone, the elbows are moved back into a prop-up position. You make a exhalation with the sound "TI" through the mouth.

Comments: The movement is carried out at the maximum speed, the palms descend along an arc: at first they move from the position above the shoulders to the center of your breast and then descend to the left and to the right to the waist with a cutting movement. In the final phase the upper part of the body slightly bends to follow the arms.

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