Automatic Circulation Exercise Zhoutian

Zizhuan Gong also Fu Lun Zi Zhuan, or Xing Ting)

Functions: Increases circulation and mental activities. Method

Sit or lie supine. Relax all over, breathe naturally, apply the tongue against the palate, and concentrate the mind on the navel. Concentrate on the navel as the center of a circle and imagine moving the abdominal muscles during inspiration. During inspiration imaging moving the abdominal muscles from the center point clockwise to a point above the navel. During this part of the movement one should silently say, "The white tiger is hiding in the east." During expiration continue the movement to complete the circle while silently saying, "The green dragon is hiding in the west." Continue this movement around the naval 36 times starting with a very small circle and gradually making it larger each time. The circles should expand from the navel until they cover the flanks and xiphoid process. Repeat this process in the opposite direction starting from the center point beneath the navel moving in a counterclockwise direction to the point opposite the starting point below the naval. During this part of the movement- inhale and silently say, "The green dragon is hiding in the west." Complete the circle counterclockwise during expiration while saying, "The white tiger is hiding in the east." Practice the counterclockwise movement 36 times. Starting with a large circle and gradually make it smaller, returning to the starting point directly under the navel. Beginners may first try to direct Qi to rotate by means of respiration and movement of the abdominal muscles. As soon as they are skilled, they will be able to direct the intrinsic Qi to rotate around the navel by will alone. To complete this exercise, rub the abdomen clockwise and counterclockwise for 36 times in each direction. Application

Automatic Circulation Exercise may be used for rehabilitation, general health care of the aged and middle-aged, and disease prevention. This exercise yields good therapeutic effects for diseases of the digestive system such as gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, enteritis and hepatitis. To treat syndromes such as abdominal distention or pain, impairment by overeating, and constipation, practice the circle clockwise 81 times. For deficiency syndromes manifested by diarrhea, poor appetite and weakness of the limbs, practice the circle counterclockwise 81 times. Better results can be achieved if the exercise is practiced together with the Abdominal Exercise.

Points for Attention

Practice the exercise 2-4 times daily for health preservation and 4-6 times for treatment of diseases. This exercise can be practiced flexibly outside of regular practice hours. For example, it can be practiced after work or when the symptoms of a disease become severe, in which case it can be done until the symptoms improve. Persistent practice of this exercise should help regulate the Yin and Yang of the body. Keep yourself relaxed and comfortable during practice. Avoid forced holding of breath and mental strain. Be sure to defecate or urinate before doing the exercise. Any desire for defecation or urination may lead to diseases caused by mixing clear Qi with the turbid Qi. Keep a balanced diet. Overeating may cause stagnation of Qi while hunger may result in weakness of in motion.

Fire Up Your Core

Fire Up Your Core

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