Circulation Exercise Zhoutian Gong

This exercise is also known as Large Circulation of Qi (Da Zhou Tian), Small Circulation of Qi (Xiao Zhou Tian), and Exercise for Formation of Active Substance in the Body (Net Dan Shu). Only Small Circulation of Qi is described in this section.

Functions: Strengthens the immune and circulatory systems and preserves health. Method

Sit cross-legged on a bed or upright on a stool. Pull in the chest and keep the spinal column straightened. Keep your neck straight (by picturing a light object on the head) and your shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes slightly and stick the tongue against the palate. Breathe evenly and concentrate the mind. Use abdominal respiration at first and then change to reverse breathing when you become familiar with the exercise. Respiration should be adjusted so that it is fine, gentle, soft, and long. Concentrate the mind vaguely on the Dantian. The movement of the abdominal muscles should be coordinated along with the breathing, which should feel lively and at ease. After a certain period of training, you may feel a kind of warmness in the Dantian, which will increase in intensity as you practice. When enough warmth has been accumulated, a flow of the hot Qi can be felt. With your mind, follow this energy from the along the Du Channel via the acupuncture point Huiyin (Ren 1) and the coccyx, upward to the vertex (top of the head) and cheeks, along the Ren Channel down to the chest and abdomen, and finally back to the starting point, the Dantian. This completes what is known as the small circulation. After the exercise, you should always concentrate the mind on the Dantian for a while to move Qi back to its origin. End the exercise by rubbing the hands and face.

Chapter 3: Various Qigong Exercises Application

Circulation Exercise is used mainly for rehabilitation and health preservation. It is also taken as a basic exercise for treatment of chronic diseases.

Points for Attention

Practice Circulation Exercise 2-4 times a day, 10-60 minutes each time. Increase the frequency and duration of your practice based on your own condition. Before doing the exercise, loosen the waist belt, defecate completely and stay lighthearted. Never practice when you are too full or hungry. The effects of this exercise can only be achieved naturally. Do not force yourself to gain quick results.

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