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The common cold, known as URI (upper respiratory infection) refers to inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by viruses or bacteria. The disease often occurs during climate changes or decline of the body resistance. TCM regards the common cold as an invasion of wind-cold, wind-heat, or seasonal pathogenic factors.

Symptoms. Symptoms of the wind-cold are headache, nasal obstruction with watery discharge, sneezing, chilliness, anhidrosis, cough with thin phlegm, soreness of the joints, a thin, white tongue coating, and a superficial, tense pulse. Symptoms of wind-heat type are headache with fever or sweating, dry mouth and sore throat, yellow nasal discharge, yellow sticky phlegm, a thin and yellowish tongue coating, and a rapid, superficial pulse.

1. Self-Treatment with Qigong Exercise. Assume a sitting or lying posture. Pinch and knead the acupuncture points Yintang (Extra 1), Taiyang (Extra 2), Quchi (L.I. 11), and Hegu (L.I.4) with the thumb. Practice Head and Face Exercise and Nose and Teeth Exercise. Dredging the points Fengchi (G.B. 20) and Tianzhu (U.B. 10) as described in the Neck Exercise. Finally, dredge the Three Yang Channels of the Hand, the Three Yin Channels of Hand, the Three Yang Channels of the Foot, and the Three Yin Channels of the Foot as described in Shoulder Arm Exercise and Exercise of the Lower Limbs.

2. Treatment with Outgoing Qi. With the patient sitting, pinch and knead the points Yintang (Extral), Kangong, Quchi (L.I. 11), and Hegu (L.I.4) to open up the points and normalize the functional activities of Qi. Use the Flat Palm gesture and pushing-pulling manipulation to emit Qi toward Yintang (Extra 1) and Taiyang (Extra 2). Use the pulling-guiding manipulation to guide Qi to flow downward along the Ren Channel and the Stomach Channel of Foot Yangming to both feet. Three to seven repetitions of these techniques will expel wind-cold or wind-heat out from the feet along the channels. Press and knead the points Fengfu (Du 16), Dazhui (Du 14), Fengmen (U.B. 12), and Feishu (U.B. 13). Emit Qi toward

Dazhui (Du 14), Fengmen (U.B.12), and Feishu (U.B.13) using the Flat Palm gesture and the pushing-pulling manipulation. Guide the Qi downward along the Urinary Bladder Channel of Foot Taiyang with pulling-guiding manipulation. Stop guiding when the functional activities are balanced). Finally, press and knead Fengchi (G.B.20), Dazhui (Du 14), Fengmen (U.B. 12), Quchi (L.I. 11), and Hegu (L.I.4), as well as both arms.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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