Exercise for Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation Yangshen Huichun Gongj

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Functions: Dredges the channels, reinforces the kidneys, tonifies and prolongs life.

This exercise is a superior Qigong regime for nourishing the kidney and building up the health in the old and middle-aged. Methods

1. Preparation. Stand quietly with feet shoulder-width apart. Allow the hands to hang naturally, and keep the neck and spine straightened as if supporting an object on the head. Your knees should be relaxed and slightly bent, while the toes clutch the ground. Keep your tongue against the palate; your eyes should look ahead but see nothing. Breathe evenly, with the mind concentrated on the Dantian. Stand this way for 3-5 minutes (Fig. 52).

2. Contracting the Anus and Guiding Qi. Proceed from the last stance. Use reverse abdominal respiration. During inspiration, apply the tongue against the palate and shrink the neck, raising the shoulders slightly. Pull in the chest

Figure 52

Figure 52

and abdomen and contract the anus, while lifting the heels slowly to stand on tiptoe and direct the Qi to circulate along the Du Channel up to the top of the head. During expiration, relax the anus, the abdomen, and then the whole body. Your heels should fall slowly onto the ground while directing the Qi along the Ren Channel down to the Dantian, Do this exercise 8 times. When directing Qi upwards, do not concentrate the mind too hard. Think that it is circulating correctly whether you feel it or not. Hypertensives may just think of the point Yongquan (K 1) without directing Qi to circulate upwards.

3. Infinity Pattern Shoulder Movement. Proceed from the last stance. Relax and breathe naturally. Turn the shoulders in an infinity pattern (figure-eight pattern) with the waist as the axle. Male practitioners should turn the left shoulder first and female should start with the right (Fig. 53). Turn the shoulders 8 times in each direction, according to the health status of the individual.

4. Rounding the Crotch and Shaking the Body All Over. Place the feet apart a little wider than shoulders-width, slightly contract the muscles of the legs with the knees pulling somewhat toward each other to round the crotch (Fig. 54). Breathe naturally, close the eyes gently, and relax the jaw. Keep the lower abdomen in a state as if you were holding back defecating. Bend and straighten the knees alternately to lead the body to oscillate up and down. Gently click together the upper and lower teeth, while either vibrating the outer sexual organs, or closing and opening them freely. Do this for 5-30 minutes each time or for a desirable duration according to one's health status.

Qigong Kidney Exercise


With its satisfactory effects for strengthening the kidney Yang and reinforcing the vital essence, Exercise for Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation is well suited for preserving the health of old and middle-aged people. It is also used to treat impotence, prospermia, listlessness, lassitude of the limbs, graying of hair, and premature senilism, hypom-nesis and other syndromes. This exercise can be done in combination with Waist and/or Abdomen Exercise. Points for Attention

For health preservation, practice the exercise once in the morning and once at night. Increase the frequency of practice if it is done to treat disease. Lead a regular life with a moderate sex life. Defecate before practice and dress in loosely fitted clothes. Be natural and quiet, and avoid negative thoughts.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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